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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 300: Silvaria World Institute


Way above the ground where the clouds roam about, floating around like nobody’s business. Gentle wind would blow occasionally. The sky looked like it’s a suspended ocean. There seemed to be no life here. At least, the people of this world didn’t know about it.

This world without boundaries experienced a ripple in space-time. The ripples undulated and dissipated the clouds. The ripples’ true identity is a gigantic magic formation.

An airship appeared from within the magic formation as it flew towards another end of this borderless space with incredible speed.

The destination: A collection of buildings that looks like a city.

“We are here! It’s Silvaria World Institute!”

On the deck of the airship, a girl with tea-colored hair pointed at the buildings which rivaled cities with an excited demeanor.

The people behind her, her comrades flinched and they joined her in gazing upon the city, they exchanged smiles with each other at the sight of the majestic buildings.

Only one of them, a girl with pink hair seemed truly relieved that the airship is going to land soon. She wiped away the sweat on her anguished face.

“Finally, I am this close to caving in…”

The girl with tea-colored hair hammered her palm and laughed.

“Alright, I almost forgot you had acrophobia…”

The girl with pink hair froze up before she forced a smile.

“Maybe you shouldn’t say it if you already knew…”

A thought occurred to the girl with tea-colored hair.

“Hey, didn’t you consume some medicine for acrophobia? Are you still afraid of heights?”

The pink-haired girl protested with a face that looks like she would cry if she had any tears to spare.

“The effect is about to run out soon!”

The girl with tea-colored hair laughed, she promptly stopped when the pink-haired girl glared at her. The pink-haired girl uttered a hmph and she looked at the buildings they are slowly approaching. She got elated at the thought of finally touching the ground.

“I wonder how Fei Fei, Lulu, and Lirin are doing over there?”

The only male in the group finally showed some movement. He had a cute little girl in his arms whos exquisite countenance must have been the work of gods. He looked at Silvaria World Institute and the corner of his lips elevated into a wide smile.

“Silvaria World Institute, at last, moi is here…”

Yeap, you guessed it, Wu Yan & co returning from Toaru Majutsu no Index.

The members of this group: Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Astrea, Shokuhou Misaki, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou for a total of 10 people.

“Is that the super Silvaria World Institute you were talking about?”

Kinuhata Saiai gawked at the sheer size of that institute that looked more like a city than an institute.

“It’s super huge, that place is comparable in size to Academy City!”

Shokuhou Misaki grinned at the sight of the Silvaria World Institute.

“A place of learning that rivals Academy City?  Interesting, much more interesting than Tokiwadai!”

Frenda tugged at her beret while being overwhelmed the scene before her.

“Holy moly, are all schools in Isekai worlds this gigantic?!”

Wu Yan shook his head and denied her fantasy.

“Nope, there’s only one such institute in Silvaria. Silvaria World Institute was formed in a joint venture between the 3 great empires: Ailu Empire, Baruba Empire, and Feia Empire. Surely, given its sponsors, the school must be of a world class standard? How can any average school in your mind possibly compare?”

“I see, so there’s only one academy like this in the whole wide world?”

Shokuhou Misaki grinned.

“So that’s the reason for its size…”

Flandre-chan who kept sticking to Wu Yan stuck out her head and gazed upon Silvaria World Institute before she excitedly tugged at Wu Yan’s shirt.

“Onii-chan, is that giant building fun to play with?”

Wu Yan squeezed her little nose while laughing.

“Flandre-chan, that’s not a place for you to play with. Well, not that I doubt you would be able to wreck it…”

A world-class institute befitting its name. Its sheer scale is only to be expected.

This place is where the strongest and the brightest talents from all the empires and its respective territories would gather.

A place that would house all the world’s talent.

Given how many geniuses there must be here, the competition would be fierce as heck. Naturally, this is where one would find the majority of supers out there.

Those without power or deep potential cannot hope to stay here for long. It’s a hell for weaklings and a paradise for the strong.

Luckily, it’s just an educational institute and not a battle arena. If it were, thousands would die in the daily battles where only the strong and talented would survive.

Not that it mattered to Wu Yan & co.

Wu Yan’s group had a low of tier 6 and a high of tier 9 where the strongest is is Flandre-chan.

As a tier 9, this place might as well be a playground to Flandre-chan so Wu Yan was reasonable in saying that Flandre could go nuts and nothing would happen to her.

At least, Wu Yan hadn’t heard from Fei Fei or Lulu regarding anyone who had attained tier 9 in Silvaria World Institute, excluding the old ones, of course.

In Silvaria World Institute, you either graduate as an accomplished person of power or you get fired, it’s as cruel as it is simple.

Those that are older than 25 years old and still in the academy are the teachers. The weakest tier among the teachers is tier 7 while those of more elite potency achieved tier 8.

Those who managed to achieve tier 9 sits upon the school board as members of the board in Silvaria World Institute. The member on this board is currently 20.

Flandre-chan could easily rank at no.13 amongst the members. It might seem like a low figure but this Board is made up of the strongest members coming from Ailu empire, Baruba empire, and Feia empire.

Among the members, the clan leaders of various family like the former family head of Lorie family, Lulu’s grandfather.

Other members include the strongest among the no.1, no.2, no.3 families of the various empires.

Finally, the 3 emperors of the 3 empires who reign over the school as the 3 Deans.

Without a doubt, if Silvaria World Institute is counted as a faction, it would no doubt be the strongest faction in the entire world of Silvaria. It’s basically a coalition made up of the 3 empires that rule this world.

The only higher institute of learning in Silvaria made by the cooperation of the 3 greatest empires, possibly the strongest organization in the entire continent. These are all reasons it had the name of the world in its name.

Since it is still an educational institute, naturally, it can’t be treated as a political unit.

Breeze your way through the people in this school and one might just stand atop everyone except for the 5 demigods alive somewhere in this world.


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