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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 301: Arrival! Reaction! Movement! Warning!


In the first place, it’s because of Lulu and Fei Fei that Wu Yan & co came here.

The two girls had invited Wu Yan to come to Silvaria World Institute. He is older than Lulu but he is similar to Fei Fei in the sense that he is not 25 years old yet.

As long as he is younger than 25 years old, with his strength, it is still possible for him to enroll as a student in this super-sized academy.

Even if the student is only tier 1, a level 1 by System’s standard, one could still enroll here.

However, whether or not said student can endure the competition is another thing. Resilience and potential, without even a scant bit of either of them, nobody can stay here.

They would be laughed at so hard they won’t have the state of mind to stay in school.

Yes, they are those with an exceptionally thick face who stayed in the Silvaria World Institute until they are 25 years old. But, that says nothing about their ability to pass the graduation exam. If they can’t, their thick face would be shaved thin with all the derision and sneers they would garner.

This is nothing to Wu Yan & co. With their individual power, they would be at the forefront of their peers if not at the very top.

They had returned to Silvaria for a few days now. Due to the vastly different time dilation of 1:100 in Silvaria’s time to transcript world time. A long period for Wu Yan & co in Toaru Majutsu no Index is only slightly more than 1 day’s time in Silvaria.

After returning to this world, Wu Yan decided to come check out Silvaria World Institute, he wanted to see just what Lulu and Fei Fei had been going on about this school’s supposed grandiosity and wonders.

To the normal people of this world, this is where you can throw a random rock and hit a genius, a place where strong individuals roam. Wu Yan didn’t give a damn about that.

To him, geniuses are just a lump of experience, the same applies to supers, a dreadful place for normal people but for him, this place is just another grinding spot.

What place can attract his attention more than this you ask? Well, aside from the overpowered demonic beasts lurking in the depths of the Giant Beast forest, nothing much.

The airship slowly descended and Wu Yan f & co finally realized just how big is the academy.

When the airship descended further, Wu Yan & co can no longer see the buildings.

After a bit, they can’t even the academy walls!

Silvaria World Institute’s airfield is located close to the school’s main entrance. When the airship finally landed, the crowd who got down from the airship was greeted by the grand gates of the academy.

There are other people on that airship other than Wu Yan & co. Among them, students of Silvaria World Institute, various people from different walks of life who came here for a multitude of reasons. Either way, there are also those who came to greet the group. Hence, the airfield is as crowded as can be.

When Wu Yan & co got down, the noisy airfield became silent.

It didn’t matter if they were male or female, old or young, they were all stunned by the members coming down from the airship.

A group of beauties!

Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou, each unique in their own manner but similar in one aspect, all can cause national turmoils with just their looks.

What would happen if 9 girls with such countenance gathered?

The people on the airfield would like to welcome anyone who can’t picture such a scene to the airfield and see for themselves.

By the way, they chose to ignore Wu Yan who stood out like an annoying blinking bulb.

Among the genius gathered here from all over the world of Silvaria, there are some who belonged to huge clans, either by way of being a scion or famed disciple. Of course, there are some degenerates mixed in.

Some of these degenerate got so excited they turned pale. They also started focusing their lewd gazes on the young ladies.

Those thinking that they are influential because they are back by power, money, and/or familial background started sneering as they made their way over to Wu Yan & co under the protection of their guards.

This leads us to this scene…

The pompous brats, losers, and guards encircled Wu Yan & co. Those with half-baked power or familial background backed away, knowing their place in this world. Wu Yan & co’s immediate vicinity became vacant as a result.

A faction consisting of those that are almost as strong as the degenerate group frowned but they chose inaction.

Some of them planned on doing the hero rescuing the damsel trope and some of them planned to stop the posers simply because they can’t deal with these losers destroying their reputation.

Those that even had a little bit of intelligence in them knew better than to make a fool of themselves. They knew that the girls might look weak but they are probably people who they should not mess around with.

If they only stopped and observed carefully, they would notice that those rich snobs or pampered disciples had tons of bodyguards while Wu Yan & co traveled in a relatively unguarded group of 10 persons, 9 of them are girls, including a young child.

The wiser ones of the group knew not to mess with a group that could pull off a configuration like this.

Those that encircled them had benevolent expressions that are thinly veiled at most. Wu Yan frowned and he revealed his game face.

Anyone not a retard could deduce what these posers wanted.

A golden glint flashed in his deep red eyes before he murmured.

“Time to bust some skulls…”

A soft hand grabbed his fist. He turned around and he saw Shokuhou Misaki smiling at him.

“Let me do this…”

Wu Yan quickly recovered from his surprise and he shook his head before letting Shokuhou Misaki take the stage with a nod. He replaced his mean look with one of sympathy.

Shokuhou Misaki gave the brat faction a courteous smile. Their forced expression instantly collapsed into lecherous grins. They almost couldn’t hold themselves back.

She’s mine!!!

Some of them had this thought before those thoughts were wiped away by an external force.

An invisible field expanded from Shokuhou Misaki as she pointed her remote control at the young lords.

The guards experienced a tremendous change in expression as they each channeled their dou qi or mana to cover themselves or cover their respective lords.

Some of them couldn’t even react in time as they got hit before they could do so. The lewd grins all disappeared from their faces as they got wrapped in a stupor that made them drool like a fool. Another portion of the group got turned into mindless idiots.

When the invisible wave disappeared, there were a bunch of people collapsed on the airfield.

When some of them managed to recover, Wu Yan & co are already making their way towards the grand gates of Silvaria World Institute. The group left them with a faint but clear sentence.

“That, is just a warning…”


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