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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 302: Why must there be an entrance ritual when you’re just trying to get past the freaking gate?…

“Aren’t we going a bit too far with them?…”

Mikoto said after seeing the bunch of posers who got put to sleep. mMikotonkew about Shokuhou Misaki’s ability so it only took a glance to know what she did to them…

Luckily, Mikoto had seen stuff much more graphical than this due to traveling around with Wu Yan. If it is the original Mikoto, she would probably point her fingers while jumping up and down at Shokuhou Misaki.

Shokuhou Misaki smiled and she continued.

“Well, if you had the ability to see into their hearts and minds you would be accusing me of going too easy on them for all the deeds they had done over the years…”

Wu Yan frowned but he relaxed his expression pretty quick.

“So there are total scumbags within their ranks huh…”

Shokuhou Misaki nodded with a smile. Mikoto didn’t say anything in response, she had seen the eyes on those dirty bastards…

They arrived at the grand gates of Silvaria World Institute. The sheer grandiosity of the gates rendered the group speechless for a brief moment.

Hinagiku looked around and she gasped.

“There are no smaller entrances nor does there appear to be any guards. This gate seems to be really robust and well built, how will we enter?”

Wu Yan rubbed his chin and he recalled something.

“I do believe Lulu and Fei Fei said something about an entrance ritual before one can enter the academy.”


The girls exclaimed with Kinuhata Saiai having the most outrageous response. She looked around vigorously.

“This is the super first time I heard of a ritual before entering an academy!”

Kinuhata Saiai choked and her eyes beamed up. She pointed somewhere in front of the gates.

“Look at that!”

Everyone looked and after close examinations, they found a small platform right in front of the gates.

“That must be the super something ritual… Hey! I am not done talking yet, why are you guys walking away. That’s so rude! Super wait for me!”

As Wu Yan & co walked towards the area where the platform is in front of the gates, some pedestrians stopped and looked at them.

They were gathered in groups of two or three, they would whisper and point at Wu Yan & co. He could more or less hear some of their conversations…

“Hey, aren’t they heading towards the ritual platform?”

“New applicants?…”

“Let’s go check it out!”

The pedestrians who had nothing better to do followed Wu Yan & co.

When they arrived at the platform, they had different thoughts. Flandre-chan for one seemed curious about the platform, she probably isn’t completely aware of what they are doing right now.

The platform in front of the grand gates is a small platform with 3 depressions in it. On top of the depressions, characters that denoted the words: Potential, Power and a normal depression that had nothing written on it.

The group exchanged looks and they scratched their heads. Suddenly, a sound came from behind them.

“Here to register as students, I presume?”

They turned around and saw a middle-aged man with contrasting snow-white hair. The man had a very steady countenance that signals his wisdom.

He glanced over Wu Yan & co, when he saw Hinagiku, Mikoto and the other outstanding girls, his expression wavered for just a moment before he returned to his calm expression.

Wu Yan who had been observing the middle-aged man noticed that this middle-aged man had some restraint and his favourability towards this man increased a bit.

“And you are?”

The middle-aged man lowered his head in a courteous bow.

“I am the person in charge of the grand gates of Silvaria World Institute! Outsiders, please call me just the manager.”

“The person in charge of the grand gates?”

Shokuhou Misaki touched her lips before continuing.

“So, you are a guard?”

“It is within my job scope, yes.”

The manager replied. Then, he scanned Wu Yan & co.

“I am also in charge of reception of guests and returning students. I am also the one in charge of looking over the entrance of new students.”

Wu Yan realized something. He had noted it to be odd that given the numbers on the airfield just now, there should have been a ton of people coming to Silvaria World Institute daily. Yet, the gates are locked tighter than one would see in a vault.

Fei Fei and Lulu said they would need to go through a ritual to get in. But, why would guests who have no intention of studying here be subjected to this ritual?

That only means that they have other entrances…

Except for Astrea and Flandre-chan, the other girls had already come to the same conclusion as Wu Yan.

The manager ignored the crowd behind them and he addressed Wu Yan’s group as a whole.

“Let me ask this, is your company here to enter the school?”

Wu Yan grinned and he slowly put down Flandre-chan. He also didn’t forget to pat Flandre-chan who didn’t seem to be amused by the idea of being put down.

“That’s right, we are here to apply as students!”

As if he had expected this answer, the manager nodded with an expressionless face. The manager must have been blase with this kind of transaction.

“Well then, let me elucidate you people on the procedures…”

The manager passed through Wu Yan & co and he pointed at the platforms.

“This is a special ritual platform constructed by Silvaria World Institute. The two depressions are pretty for potential and power each!”

“As it says on the depressions, the potential platform is for gauging potential and the same applies to the power depression.”

“Gauging our potential and power?…”

The group exchanged looks and they looked at the manager with slightly confused gazes.

“Silvaria World Institute students can enter even if they only have the strength of a normal human. Why would there exist a rite to test for power and potential then?”

The manager smiled, a change in his calm look.

“Indeed, most anyone can enter…”

The manager then used a serious tone.

“But! That doesn’t mean Silvaria World Institute doesn’t value potential and power. Quite the contrary, in this kind of environment, these two might as well be the most important things one needs!”

The manager continued.

“There are three strata in Silvaria World Institute. The normal students, the elites and the special students. Their potential and power were graded using this ritual platform. It is this platform that decides what strata a new student falls into!”

The manager pointed at the gates behind him.

“This door will only allow entry to those students who had their potential and power graded by the ritual platform!”


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