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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 304: You get a gold beam! You get a gold beam! Everybody gets a gold beam!!! 10 special students.

Bathed in golden light, Flandre-chan deserved all the attention she got from the spectators and the manager.

When the light dimmed down, the spectators took special precautions not to make any noise lest they earn the ire of Flandre-chan.


The students of Silvaria World Institute committed the details of Flandre-chan’s appearance so they never forget what she looks like.


The appearance of one special student is a very important event, they are already planning to go around the school spreading the news.


Those who are not students started examining Flandre-chan and calculated their next moves. Some with background immediately ordered their subordinates to go check out Flandre-chan’s background.


A special student can definitely reach tier 7 with ease, tier 8 is a norm for such students and historically, some reached tier 9 as well.


With potential like this, how will they answer their elders if they didn’t at least try to get her into their respective factions?!


If there’s one thing they don’t know, it’s the fact that Flandre-chan had power, she’s only shining in potential because of a technical flaw of the platform.


“Ohh! It’s so shiney!”


Flandre-chan had no idea she became the subject of focus. Other people would kill to be bathed in such lustrous golden light. Meanwhile, she treated the light as just another toy or amusing show given how she is currently clapping her hands while on cloud 9.


Wu Yan bitterly laughed as he caressed her blonde ponytail. He amused himself with the heretofore stoic manager, his stunned expression is simply exquisite.


Wu Yan is not surprised with how things turned out. Her strength might be sealed but she is a tier 9 individual, it’s only normal that she got designated as a special student.


With her power, she can sit at the board of Silvaria World Institute.


The manager returned to his senses. He leaned down and lowered his head subconsciously when addressing Flandre-chan. He even talked to her with a soft tone.


“Young miss, you’re a special student of Silvaria World Institute from now on.”


He took out a uniform with gold edge that would fit Flandre-chan just right. The material of the clothes seemed to be of a high-grade origin. Wu Yan & co thought that the design is not bad at all.


He presented the uniform with two hands. Judging from his eyes, the guy is still shocked. He can’t remember the last time he had seen the light that welcomed a special student.


When testing new students, he would normally only see normal students. Once in a blue moon, an elite student would appear but that’s about it.


The bulk of special students got there because they trained really hard after starting out as weaklings. They fought and crawled their way up the steep path of the strong. They got themselves re-tested and got their status as special students.


The special students with potentials are normally brought here by big clans or by the teachers of the school itself. These rare talents were brought here through arduous search. He definitely won’t get a chance to test these students when they got here.


This would be the first time the manager had witnessed first-hand the appearance of a special student.


Flandre-chan couldn’t care less what the manager thought. To her, the manager is just another toy waiting for her to wreck. In reality, she’s more interested in the uniform.


She touched the uniform and she giggled at the prospect of getting a beautiful uniform. She grabbed it and she hugged it tight before she turned towards Wu Yan.


“Onii-chan, this so fun! That black table over there is boring but when you play with it, you get gifts! Onii-chan, Flan wants to go for another round!”


Flandre really reached out for the ritual platform but Wu Yan stopped her by grabbing her hand. He bitterly smiled.


“Flandre-chan, if it’s boring maybe you shouldn’t play with it…”


Flandre-chan squirmed and she looked at the ritual platform for a bit. She uttered a cold hmph and she decided to play around with the uniform.




Wu Yan shook his head. He looked around for a bit and he could see the spectators are too preoccupied with Flandre-chan to notice Wu Yan & co is still here.


He curled his lips and touched the power trough while everyone is still dazed.


Golden light surged forth once more. Every spectator trembled and they were completely confounded by the reality before them.


“Spe-special student…”


The manager gulped. He could barely continue, his heart, still young but strangely inadequate at functioning properly at the moment.


Rare special students, a mere 1000 of them in Silvaria World Institute where the number of students enrolled goes into the tens of millions.


The manager even started to wonder if he is dreaming at the moment.


Another special student…


The spectators thanked themselves for coming on this day. The majority of the spectators are frequent visitors and never had they ever got the opportunity to see two special students at once.


The students who came out to play or meet with friends and families were included in this group of spectators.


Wu Yan and the girls exchanged looks at they shook their heads. They were amused and appalled by the lack of processing power among the resident of this power.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto are already a bit sick of surprising everyone, shocking their minds blank. They wondered if these red shirts would ever change the template a bit…


Their thoughts didn’t matter…


The girls looked at the dazzled crowd and they exchanged glances. All of them except for Ikaros had a cheeky grin on them, even Astrea.


They queued up and tested themselves on the platform.


The rest was history…


Mikoto, power: gold, potential: gold


Hinagiku,  power: gold, potential: gold 


Ikaros,  power: gold, potential: gold 


Shokuhou Misaki,  power: gold, potential: gold 


Astrea,  power: gold, potential: gold 


Kinuhata Saiai,  power: blue, potential: gold 


Frenda, power: blue, potential: gold  


Takitsubou Rikou, power: blue, potential: gold  


By the way, Wu Yan got gold power and gold potential as well so that makes all ten of them who got the golden light shower.


Astonishment is an understatement, the crowd’s expression could be best described as distorted to the point of looking like they are in a comedy skit.


What in the world did they just see?


They just witnessed the birth of 10 special students!


The golden light threatening to pierced the heavens definitely shattered their thought process. It didn’t matter what IQ they had, they are just too shocked to recover.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, Flandre-chan, Shokuhou Misaki, Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou had all attained special student status.


This is going to be a day the spectators here won’t forget for the remainder of their lives…

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