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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 306: Wu Yan who got NTR-ed by Shokuhou Misaki

Silvaria World Institute doesn’t even pretend to be equal in giving benefits to its students. The higher someone’s level is in Silvaria, the higher his living standards is going to be. The same applies to Silvaria World Institute’s students.

Wu Yan & co is enjoying one such special privilege of being a special student, owning their own villas.


It’s no exaggeration to call it a villa, fuck one person, the villa can comfortably house a hundred people.


Each special student gets one villa like this.


This kind of luxury that borders on insanity is a big surprise for Wu Yan.


This meant that he would not be able to live with the girls!


Wu Yan was flabbergasted for a moment but when he returned to his senses, he turned towards the one in charge of arranging their living quarters.


“Erm, hey, there’s no need to arrange so many villas for us. One would do, I think the 10 of us can get by with just one.”


Hinagiku, Mikoto and the other girls were rendered awkward by Wu Yan’s words. They were living together before this but the way Wu Yan puts it, it’s like he’s indirectly telling people that they are all an item.


Before Hinagiku and Mikoto can say anything, Shokuhou Misaki smiled at Wu Yan.


“Ara ara, I didn’t say I was going to live with you~”


Wu Yan’s face became frozen. He forced a smile as he asked her.


“Joou-sama, what are you doing?…”


Shokuhou Misaki played with her hair before she winked at him in a cheeky manner.


“It’s-a-secret- ♡ .”


Oooh, you’re so gonna get some vitamin D from me…


Wu Yan’s lips twitched. If not because there are still some people here, he would have pinned her to the ground and gave her cheeky ass a good spanking or two.


Shokuhou Misaki ignored Wu Yan’s long face. She turned towards Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou.


“You girls wanna come live with me?”


Wu Yan’s face took an amusing change. If he wanted to smack her butt just now, he had changed his mind. This girl is going to get an elder wand, up her cucumber patch.


To think she would NTR her own husband…


Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou exchanged looks. Shokuhou Misaki smiled before abruptly changing their minds with a simple line of suggestion.


“So, I take it, you girls want to live…”
She pouted her lips at Wu Yan.
“With that guy?…”


Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda connected the dots pretty damn quick. They instantly recalled what transpired after living in Wu Yan’s house.


After what they have been through, if they still stuck around him, that would mean…


The two girls made up their mind on the spot. They vigorously nodded while Wu Yan gasped. They even looked at Shokuhou Misaki with eyes like she’s the messiah who rescued them from damnation.


Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda must have forgotten just who was the real mastermind behind the four-way highway to hell incident.


After seeing Kinuhata Saiai and Frenda nodding, Takitsubou Rikou glanced at Wu Yan and she meekly nodded.


Shokuhou Misaki revealed a victorious grin. She turned towards Astrea and continued.


“Say, Astrea wanna come with us?”


“Hey hey hey, that’s enough, Joou-sama!”


Wu Yan cried out. judging by his eyes, Shokuhou Misaki is confident that if given the chance, Wu Yan will definitely smash her so hard she would need a wheelchair the next day.


It’s Astrea’s turn to be flustered. She kept going “Ehhhh!” because she didn’t know why they are focusing on her.


“I’ve got a lot of treats here…”


Wu Yan is shocked. He could only watch as Astrea, Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, and Takitsubou Rikou walked on over to Shokuhou Misaki’s side.


“Joou-sama, what games are you trying to play here?…”


“Maa maa, don’t be so impatient, you will find out soon enough…”


Shokuhou Misaki said while patting Wu Yan’s cheek in a teasing manner.


“Oh, that’s right.”


Shokuhou Misaki removed the black bracelet on Wu Yan’s hand, the bracelet is the bio containment unit holding the sisters.


She waved the bracelet in Wu Yan’s face.


“I am taking this with me.”


Mikoto jumped out while Wu Yan is still too shocked for words.


“You, what are you planning on doing with the sisters?!”


“Ara, Misaka-san, don’t be so impulsive…”


Shokuhou Misaki didn’t bother looking at Mikoto, she just put on the bracelet and she continued while examining the bracelet.


“It’s not Misaka-san has any plans for them, just leave them to me, I won’t harm them.”


Mikoto is so furious she flared red. She stomped while yelling at her.


“Hey you! You aren’t going to let the sisters come out in this academy right? That’s 20,000 identical looking sisters!”


Shokuhou Misaki dismissed her rants with mirth.


“I said there is nothing to get anxious about…”


She tossed her hair back and turned around.


“It’s going to be a pleasant surprise for you guys~~”


Shokuhou Misaki left with Kinuhata Saiai, Frenda, Takitsubou Rikou, and Astrea in tow. They followed the staff to another location.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto exchanged looks before Mikoto lashed out first.


“That woman, she’s definitely plotting something!”


Mikoto understands Shokuhou Misaki because she had been her bitter rival since a long time ago.


Wu Yan sighed, he knew Joou-sama had other plans but Wu Yan can’t help but feel a bit helpless. He prayed for the poor fools who are going to fall into her machinations.


Hinagiku pointed out in a worried tone.


“Should we let them go just like this? What if something happens?…”


“Well, you don’t have to worry about that…”


Wu Yan slapped his cheeks while looking at the direction where Shokuhou Misaki and the girls went.


“That girl knows how to look out for herself, I am sure of that.”


Mikoto uttered a hmph.


“I hope she gets into deep trouble. She needs to get a knocked down a few notches!”


Wu Yan and Hinagiku awkwardly laughed. They decided it would be best not to say anything regarding Mikoto’s grudge with Shokuhou Misaki.


Scratching his head, Wu Yan smiled towards Mikoto and Hinagiku.


“Ne, Hinagiku, Mikoto, are you girls going to live on your own?…”


The two girls blushed furiously while leering at him. They wanted to say something but Wu Yan had moved onto Ikaros.


“Ikaros, surely you aren’t going to live by yourself?”


Ikaros flinched and a hint of bashfulness streaked across her expression.


“Ikaros wants to stay with master…”


Wu Yan laughed and Flandre-chan hurriedly raised her hands and voiced her intentions really loud as well.


“Me too! Me too! Flan wants to stay with Onii-chan!”


Hinagiku and Mikoto looked at each other before nodding with a helpless look. Truth be told, they found it hard to live apart from Wu Yan.


Mikoto snorted and she turned the other way before murmuring a sentence typical of a tsundere.


“Don’t get me wrong, I just want to stay with Ikaros and Flan…”


“Oh sure…”


Wu Yan replied tongue in cheek. Sure enough, Mikoto lost her cool and Hinagiku sighed once more…


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