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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 307: Student Handbook? The arena tower and rankings…

Once they got inside the villa they were assigned, Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto exchanged looks before sighing.

Hinagiku said the thing on everyone’s mind.


“It sure has become quiet…”


They were originally a 10 member group and now they were down to 5: Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan. They were just not used to this.


“It’s all thanks to that woman!”


Mikoto didn’t waste time dissing on Joou-sama.


“She could have just go play by herself, she didn’t have to make everyone tag along with her, she even took the sisters with her. Oh! I hate her so much!”


Wu Yan and Hinagiku massaged their head while listening to Mikoto grumble about Shokuhou Misaki. They are not too worried that Shokuhou Misaki might get taken advantage of, they are just a bit annoyed that Joou-sama had to be so secretive about her plans.


I have to make sure to ask Joou-sama what she is planning on doing?…


He shelved his thoughts and he started to examine the ridiculously huge villa. It’s way bigger than his house in Academy City!


Flandre-chan giggled as she got down from Wu Yan. She quickly bounced and ran her way through the villa like a cheerful little bird. She appeared and disappeared through the living room.


It’s smaller than the Scarlet Devil Mansion but Flandre-chan didn’t mind, she kept moving from one room to the next like she’s on an adventure or something.


Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto felt strangely amused by her energetic attitude. That’s just how she is, Flandre-chan had a unique charm to her that made her the jewel of Scarlet Devil Mansion despite her tendency to go on a rampage.


Seeing as Flandre-chan isn’t going to stop anytime soon, Wu Yan called out to her.


“Flandre-chan, don’t run too fast, you’re going to fall!”


“I know that, Onii-chan!”


And Flandre-chan disappeared into the rooms of the villa. She’s going on an adventure inside the villa.


Helplessly shaking his head, Wu Yan thought about following her but Ikaros tugged his shirt. She passed him a book.


“Master, this is…”


“What’s this?”


He received the manual and Ikaros pointed to a table.


“I found it on top of that table…”


“What are you guys looking at?”


Hinagiku and Mikoto gathered around Wu Yan as they examined the manual.


“Student Handbook?”


After reading the title out loud, he opened it out of curiosity. The rules are definitely not what you would expect of a school.


Silvaria World Institute, it’s an educational establishment that didn’t have any classrooms to speak of.


The students are completely responsible for the scheduling of their own learning, they can play or train whenever they want. Hell, anyone can sleep in their own units the whole day if they want to!


There are only a few rules to abide here.


1: There will be no unauthorized fighting, any conflict that must be solved by fighting will bed one in the arena.


2: There will be no deaths in the academy. Enforcement teams are allowed to dispatch any murderer with extreme prejudice. If the conflict remains so material that both sides of the conflict cannot tolerate each other, an application of a life and death duel may be made and only after it is granted shall there be one.


3.  There will be no student above the age of 25 in the academy. All 25-year-old individuals must take the graduation exam, those who fail will be kicked from the school with no exceptions. 


These 3 rules are basically the only rules in Silvaria World Institute.


Stay compliant with the rules and nobody is going to care what one is up to in the school.


There are still teachers in this school with tremendous power, but the teachers won’t tutor anyone unless the student has got enough course credits.


There are auction houses, commercial complex, free trade zones and so forth all for the benefit of their students. A lot of materials and resources from all over the world can be found here.


There are dou qi increasing elixir, precious artifacts, armaments which augments one’s power, battle skills and magic, those are just some of the examples.


Anyone with course credits.


By the way, the currency in Silvaria World Institute is course credits. With enough credits, one can obtain just about anything.


Getting one legendary armament would be hard though if one were to sell a legendary armament, the old foxes in the academy’s board are going to drop some serious load of credits to buy it.


Gold Armaments are still easy to get. The same goes for any item that tier 9 individuals aren’t actively pursuing, as long as one can pay with credits, of course.


Where will one get these credits?


There are many ways to get them, sell equipment, battle skills, magic, precious artifacts, and materials to name a few. Those can be exchanged for credits at trading firms and auction houses.


Strength can also be a way to obtain some credits.


The arena, or more accurately, the arena tower is a place where one can obtain credits. There are 9 floors and each floor contain a  lot of arenas where one can settle conflicts with duels or earn credits.


Anyone can bet on a match, it’s also okay to just watch a fight, it’s up to the students to decide. Heck, picking a fight with the teacher is another method of obtaining credits.


Moreover, the academy’s board of directors assigned 1 floor lord to each floor and if one were to defeat them, the student will be rewarded with a lot of credits in addition to being granted passage to the upper floors.


Beating all 9 floor masters will reward a student with enough credits to last him a lifetime.


So far, no one had been able to do this though…


The floor masters are arranged in such a manner that going up the floors, the floor masters are stronger. Meanwhile, the strongest among average students is only a tier 6 individual.


This implies that the floor masters at the upper floors are very strong. But, besides the arena tower, there is another important thing in Silvaria World Institute.




The ranking is a list of the strongest 100 students in the academy, there are only 100 spots for students to fight over.


Out of millions of students, there can only be 100 rankers. These rankers are even rarer compared to special students.


A ranker gets credit every month they stan on the rankings, the nearer to the top they are, the more credits they will get.


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