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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 310: A rival faction? Ailu Empire’s no.2 noble family

Exiting their villa, they came to a tree-lined avenue with villas for new special students. Those houses lacked a bit in quality and size when compared to Wu Yan’s. It seems the personnel who had assigned them to their villa knew Wu Yan & co will be living in one villa.
There are no visible persons here, they are probably not here yet, Ikaros had a very wide detection range after all.
Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Fei Fei aren’t too excited to see their company so they didn’t mind waiting.
About 5 minutes passed before a bunch of people appeared from the other end of the road. The group of people seemed to be in a hurry, they moved as if they were chased by people.
At the head of the group, the person who looked like the leader waved his hand at the sight of Wu Yan & co, the people behind him stopped abruptly.
The leader seemed to be a guy who looked like he is 25 years, maybe younger. The guy had a white uniform with gold edges. He had 8 other followers behind him with the same uniforms. The rest of the group had a white uniform with blue edges.
The leader flinched when he saw Fei Fei. He seemed surprised that Fei Fei appeared here. When he saw Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan, his stunned expression turned into a dirty one.
Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Fei Fei saw that filthy look and Wu Yan narrowed his eyes while Hinagiku, Mikoto frowned. Yeap, they didn’t like these assholes who had just appeared.
Fei Fei seemed startled with the leader. She frowned.
“Bing Mian, so it’s you…” (Tl:  冰面  if you guys have any better suggestion as to his name, I am open to suggestions.)
The youngster named Bing Mian looked away from the girls and faced Fei Fei before he snickered.
“Those from Lori sure can move their hands and legs…”
Fei Fei relaxed her frown as she looked the other way, completely ignoring this pathetic snob. It would appear Fei Fei didn’t have a very high opinion of this youngster.
The guy didn’t take it with a cool attitude, he had a malicious expression for a brief moment but he quickly hid it away, but not before Wu Yan saw it.
Bing Mian с̶у̶к̶а̶ Cyto: Level 64 (Tl: 赛托  again, open to suggestion)
Tier 7 huh?
Wu Yan scanned Bing Mian and his entourage. The 8 special students behind him are also tier 7.
Bing Mian glanced at Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan before looking at Wu Yan. He raised his brow with a judging gaze while confused at the same time.
Are they really special students? Why can’t I feel any hint of dou qi or magic power? Special students with potential?
Bing Mian denied his own thought. According to his intel, excluding the little girl, the other girls with her are special students with the power to back them up.
Maybe they cultivated in some kind of secret technique that allowed them to hide their dou qi? I see, they are loaded.
Now, I wonder if they have the appropriate background…
Bing Mian frowned yet again. Weren’t there supposed to be 10 special students? Why are there only 5 here?…
Wu Yan who had been smiling all this time finally spoke out. Wu Yan immediately rubbed him the wrong way.
He didn’t care that he brought enough people to encircle his group. Wu Yan turned towards Fei Fei.
“Sister Fei Fei, you know this douche?”
Fei Fei hesitated for a bit before nodding with a reluctant attitude. Fei Fei really didn’t want to be associated with this douche.
“He’s the second in line for the succession of Ailu empire’s no.2 noble family. His name…”
Wu Yan interrupted Fei Fei. He really didn’t give a rat’s furry ass what the guy’s name is. He already knew his name from the System, even if the System didn’t tell him, Wu Yan had no intention to pluck a fuck from his great big field of fucks to give. He just wanted to know his background.
Fei Fei bitterly shook her head.
“Yes, no.2 noble family. Simply put, he’s a rival to us of the Lori family. We are the no.1 and they are the no.2 who wished they could be us…”
Fei Fei continued in an irritated manner.
“I reckon they are not going to leave here without making a bit of trouble…”
Fei Fei showed Wu Yan an apologetic expression and Wu Yan replied with an understanding smile.
“Sister Fei Fei, you aren’t getting us involved, that’s because…”
Wu Yan cracked his neck before facing Bing Mian.
“These assholes might be here on friendly terms, but I am not here to play chummy with them…”
He had seen the dirty gazes he threw at Hinagiku, Mikoto, Ikaros, and Flandre-chan. Just by giving his girls that look, he got himself into Wu Yan’s shit list.
Fei Fei, Hinagiku, and Mikoto graced him with the basic courtesy to keep their disgust of this douche in their hearts. Lulu didn’t bother hiding it, she called the guy out.
“Hey, you jerk, what are you doing here?!”
Bing Mian laughed with narrowed eyes
“Isn’t it obvious why I am here? I am here to recruit these people…”
Bing Mian greeted Wu Yan with a wide smile.
“good day, I am the second son of Cyto family. I am here to invite you guys over to Sea of Thick Ice for a talk, please grace us with your presence?”
Wu Yan looked at Fei Fei and she knew what he is going to ask.
“There are a lot of factions in Silvaria World Institute. Some of these students group up, it’s common to see noble family starting their own faction. Sea of Thick Ice (Tl: Stupid, I know but here is the original name in case anyone wanna try >>  冰丛海 ) is Cyto family’s faction in Silvaria World Institute.”
Wu Yan more or less knew why these assholes are prancing around. In a place with factions and conflicts, they are going to need a lot of manpower.
Ignoring the brief exchange between Wu Yan and Fei Fei, Bing Mian faced Lulu and Fei Fei.
“But, it looks like Fatal Forest got here before us…”
Fatal forest? So that’s the name of Lori family’s faction?
Fei Fei’s expression sank. She growled at Bing Mian with a low tone.
“Bing Mian, don’t compare us to the likes of you, Fatal Forest never forced anyone to join. Also, these people are our friends!”
Bing Mian seemed astonished. He understands that given Lori family’s standing, those Fei Fei would refer to as friends are as rare as they come.
At the very least, since coming to Silvaria World Institute, he hadn’t heard Fei Fei referring to anyone as her friends.
Do these people have supporters behind them that even that annoying woman fears?
Besides this idea, Bing Mian didn’t think there are any other plausible explanations. He quickly laughed in self-derision, he hadn’t heard of anyone that the Lori family would fear. The Lori family aren’t even afraid of the royalties.
Bing Mian snickered.
“Am I to understand these people hadn’t join Fatal Forest at this point?”
Fei Fei gnashed her teeth. She wanted to say no but she is afraid that might cause trouble for Wu Yan & co. But, to say yes would mean…
Fei Fei felt conflicted but a voice disrupted her thought process. The voice was accompanied by the sound of footsteps.
“Bing Mian, don’t think just because Fatal Forest isn’t here, you can say whatever you want. We heard you!”

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