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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 311: The aces of the academy, the advent of the various factions!

Everyone had different expressions when they heard the voice. Fei Fei and Lulu seemed to be relieved while Wu Yan felt amused.
Wu Yan recognized this voice.
It belonged to Zeus (Tl: probably the mage that has a massive crush on Lulu), he is currently dressed in an elite student’s uniform. By the way, The guy once tried to pick a fight with Wu Yan for Lulu’s sake. He had led a team that didn’t pale in comparison to Sea of Thick Ice’s entourage. Among the members, 10 special students and a bunch of elite students.
Wu Yan wanted to laugh out loud. What is Zeus doing with 10 tier 7 around with him when he is still only an elite student. The guy is obviously trying way too hard.
Turns out he’s really just being the poser he is. The 10 special students from Fatal Forest ditched Zeus after seeing Fei Fei and Lulu. They stood like bodyguards to the two girls rather than stay with Zeus.
Fei Fei nodded, it would appear Fei Fei is the true leader of Fatal Forest.
“It’s you!”
Zeus got real pissy when he saw Wu Yan. The guy isn’t even trying to hide his malice for Wu Yan. Zeus probably won’t forget Wu Yan’s face until the day he dies.
Zeus grew dark when he saw Fei Fei and Lulu stick to Wu Yan, how he wanted to kill Wu Yan right now but the only thing he could do is to clench his fists in anger.
His homicidal delusions ended when he recalled the fight between Wu Yan and Fei Fei. The thought poured cold water on his murderous intent as he grew meek.
Bing Mian who heard Zeus became convinced that the newbies are on familiar terms with Fei Fei & co.
In that case, it’s highly unlikely for him to join his faction.
Wu Yan smiled but Ikaros’ action interrupted him before he can talk.
“Oh? It seems Sea of Thick Ice and Fatal Forest beat us to it. Or are we really too late?”
A handsome youngster who looked to be around 25 years old in special student uniform came escorted by a bunch of students. He smiled as he greeted Fei Fei and Bing Mian before he turned towards Wu Yan.
Vish Jaidin: Level 66 (Tl: As with before, if ya got any better suggestions, I am all ears. Original and possible sounds >> here << )
Fei Fei frowned for the nth time as she sighed.
“So, even he came huh…”
“Ailu empire no.3 noble family. The next successor of the Jaidin family. He is the leader of Crimson Land, Vish Jaidin.”
Wu Yan rubbed his chin in amusement. This is getting interesting, all 3 major noble families of Ailu empire gathered here, how grand.
Vish Jaidin laughed. He examined Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros and he nodded with satisfaction after being stunned for a brief moment.
“I had heard rumors of special students entering the school but the rumors failed to convince me of the sheer beauty of you young ladies. Vish didn’t want to believe it but after seeing you girls, I am more than persuaded. You girls are really pretty!”
Hinagiku and Mikoto flinched as they nodded in an awkward manner. They shook hands and then they averted their eyes. The girls aren’t used to being rained with such compliments, a characteristic Wu Yan found to be cute and funny.
Vish crossed his arms and he addressed Fei Fei and Lulu.
“I take it that being the ones who came here first, you guys had already extended your invitations to the newbies? Because if you hadn’t, Crimson Land is going to skip the line and do it…”
Bing Mian laughed.
“Oh? Vish my boy you’re going to be disappointed. These newcomers are friends of Fei Fei, they won’t be joining us, I’m afraid.”
Vish frowned as he shrugged in a helpless manner.
“It would seem we are way too late…”
Vish turned towards Wu Yan.
“Now, may I ask for your name?…”
Wu Yan ignored him as he turned his attention toward another direction where a group of people is approaching.
It’s not just that, from all directions, people are approaching with their respective entourages. These people must be the various factions in Silvaria World Institute.
And, they are numerous! It’s like a sea of people here.
Wu Yan & co were completely surrounded, everywhere they looked, they can see people.
At the front of all these people are the special students. Rare as they are, with almost all of them gathered they could form a wall of humans.
The leaders of the new arrivals are 4 males and 2 females.
Fei Fei clenched Night Elf with a grim look.
“They are here…”
Bing Mian’s chill expression is gone now. He’s a bit anxious about the appearance of the leaders.
“Seriously, now we are only lacking the royal families…”
Fei Fei nodded with a grave look. Her family is only lower in stature than the 3 royal families. Meanwhile, other than the royal families, all the 9 strongest noble families coming from 3 empires had gathered here.
She glanced at Wu Yan and she is shocked that the guy isn’t even fazed by this grand turnout.
He looked calm but he’s retorting at the sheer number of people gathered here.
Holy shit, so there are so many people in all 9 major factions? This is a bit too much, isn’t it? I mean we could form mountains with their bodies…
Flandre-chan frowned, she could still sense the evil intentions of the people gathered here despite having her powers sealed.
She tugged at Wu Yan’s shirt.
“Onii-chan, I don’t like the people here, can Flan break them?”
Wu Yan laughed as he rubbed her head.
“Shh, just watch. These people aren’t worth your time!”
Flandre-chan acquiesced, convinced by Wu Yan’s words. Hinagiku walked towards Wu Yan and she extended her hand towards Flandre-chan.
“Flan, come to Onee-chan. Onii-chan is going to be busy dealing with what’s coming next.”
Flandre-chan looked at Wu Yan before she obediently nodded much to the surprise and joy of Wu Yan. It seems like Flan had grown emotionally stable enough to take people’s advice into consideration.
Fei Fei whispered in a small voice.
“Yan, you know they are here for you right? What are you going to do?”
He looked at her exquisite countenance as he waited for her to continue.
“If you guys don’t have a solution why not join Fatal Forest?”
Wu Yan wanted to laugh and cry at the same time when he heard Fei Fei being all serious and worried about him. She’s probably a bit awkward because she doesn’t want to appear like she’s gunning for Wu Yan & co as well…
Silly girl…
But, her idea is a good one, if he joined Fatal Forest, everything would calm down with time.
He looked at Zeus who is practically growling at him as he laughed.
“Sister Fei Fei, no need to worry about me, I am sure they won’t resort to violence if I don’t join them…”
Fei Fei bitterly smiled.
“I am not afraid if they came from the front, I am more afraid that they would resort to underhanded means to force you unto a stage in the arena tower, if that happens…”
“If that happens!”
Wu Yan laughed out loud.
“I don’t mind being given free credits by these assholes. I also wouldn’t mind giving them a few bitch slaps here and there as well!”

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