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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 313: Sending them packing! Underhanded means? Bitch please Bing Mian.

Fei Fei and Lulu got worried for good reasons. This mob could kill him by attrition. He is strong but unless he is at tier 8, he would not be able to hold off so many special students. Even if he is at tier 8, the sheer number would still pose a sizeable challenge.
They are worried that Wu Yan would lose because he didn’t have enough stamina, dou qi or mana to sustain battles.
However, Fei Fei and Lulu’s assumptions are predicated on the fact that he’s still human.
Limited stamina for a True Ancestor? Please…
Dou qi and mana? Can those be eaten? Too bad he only had his rocking body and physical attributes to whip those posers. He would go as far as to say it’s enough to smack all these factions the fuck up.
As if he had expected the spectators to behave like this, Wu Yan smirked.
“Since I am a new student, you guys are going to have to put something on the line before I will accept the challenge, I wouldn’t mind some credits, just saying…”
He put a 囧 expression on everyone who was laughing at him. They just couldn’t believe the nerve on this guy, he’s actually more worried about money than honor or pride.
A few of the faction leaders started reconsidering their decisions, they looked at his cheeky face with judging looks.
Will this guy bring more benefit than harm?
Everyone pegged another tag on their impressions of this guy in addition to boastful: this guy’s too tacky. Does he take everyone as an ATM machine he can swipe some credits from?
Fuck recruiting this guy, the factions leaders thought. At this point, they wanted to teach him a lesson and shove his face into some humble pie.
Wu Yan entertained himself with how many people he triggered.
“Well, I will be waiting at the arena tower for all you strong and mighty guests!”
Wu Yan glanced at everyone with that smug smirk again. He returned to Hinagiku and Mikoto while walking past Bing Mian. The factions greeted each other and returned from whence they came since they had no other reason to remain.
The crowdy place got a lot less crowdy after the various factions made their exit.
Vish curled his lips.
“Since you have chosen to settle this by fighting, we of the Crimson Land will oblige and be there tomorrow. Please have mercy on us yeah?…”
Vish waved at his entourage and they moved away.
The only factions remaining are the Fatal Forest and the Sea of Thick Ice. The two factions stared at each other with hostility.
They are feuding so the fact that the Sea of Thick Ice screwed them over in front of the factions didn’t help at all. Some of them are itching to give the Thick Ice some knuckle sandwiches.
Lulu came from behind Lulu and she pouted her lips at Bing Mian. She made a motion as if she’s trying to shoo the guy away like a fly.
“Shouldn’t you guys buzz on out of here? I am not pleased with the sight of you.”
Bing Mian used a malevolent expression on Lulu. He adjusted his expression and he turned towards Wu Yan.
He sneered at Wu Yan.
“Well then, I guess I will be receiving tutelage from dear sir tomorrow.”
Wu Yan smiled at him and then he ignored him. Bing Mian’s forced expression started cracking.
He breathed deeply a few times and he managed to get his tempo back. He put on a smile and he stretched his arm out for a handshake.
“Please take care of us…”
Wu Yan frowned but he gladly shook his hand anyway.
The moment he grabbed his hand, he could detect a faint flow of dou qi coming from Bing Mian’s hand.
Trying to sneak one past my eyes while acting like a goody-toe shoes huh?
Wu Yan silently laughed at this poser who thinks he is so sneaky. Other people might not be able to detect this faint flow of dou qi but Wu Yan definitely can sense its existence.
Bing Mian thought he had succeeded. Never once did anyone notice this secret technique used to poison other people.
This dou qi is hard to notice and all his victims up till now didn’t know about it. This technique allows one to insert a bit of dou qi that slowly grows larger in the victim’s body until such a time that this dou qi had siphoned enough energy to explode out of the victim’s body in which case the result is a gruesome death.
He had used this technique to get rid of the people who wouldn’t do as he wished. After the death of the victim, which is usually long after Bing Mian last contacted the victim, the enforcement team couldn’t pin the crime on him due to the lack of evidence. This method of killing people is tried and true.
This time, however, he picked the wrong mofo to screw with.
Wu Yan remained calm and he channeled electricity to isolate the foreign force. He captured it and the insidious qi thrashed around without any success. He willed the mini isolate into the hand and he slapped the dou qi right back into Bing Mian’s hand.
Bing Mian is too busy fantasizing about Wu Yan’s death that he didn’t notice his own technique being deflected back to him.
He released his hand and he marked Wu Yan as a dead guy in his books. He just needed to avoid contact with him and he would be in the clear, again.
He would make one exception to this no-contact rule for tomorrow. Tomorrow, he must give this guy a good hiding.
He reluctantly glanced back at Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros. He nodded at Fei Fei and Lulu before he took his entourage with him as well…
Fei Fei walked over to Wu Yan when they can’t see Bing Mian anymore.
“Take care tomorrow, Bing Mian is a vengeful man. He definitely won’t let you off. By the way, he’s no.25 on the rankings.”
Wu Yan laughed at how easy things are going for him. This is all just going too smooth according to his plans…

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