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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 314: Taking on the arena tower! Surpassing the challenges!

At the center of Silvaria World Institute…
Here lies a tower taller than any other buildings in Silvaria World Institute. The tower looked like a giant pillar from afar but get a closer look and one will see that its surface isn’t uniform at all.
It’s the Arena Tower.
Any cultivator would be able to recognize the dou qi and mana leaking from this place, even if it is normally quite rare in Silvaria World Institute.
Normally, dou qi and mana are nigh invisible, but, because of the sheer number and amount of dou qi and mana being unleashed in the tower, it had taken on a visible appearance, making the tower look like it’s going super saiyan 3. Anyone who saw the tower would know it’s not a very calm place.
This chaotic place welcomed a certain person who wouldn’t know peace for the remainder of today.
Wu Yan felt very helpless. It’s his mission to challenge the arena tower sure but he had just arrived in Silvaria World Institute, he hadn’t even had the chance to eat properly.
The tower isn’t going anyway, he could have just come back another day.
It’s just that he has to deal with the members sent by the various other factions in this school. Oh, he’s not afraid of them, there’s just one little issue.
The challengers that will be sent after him are going to be special students, anyone weaker than special students can’t deal with him and would only get their asses kicked, their disdain towards Wu Yan notwithstanding.
The issue is that those special students definitely had challenged the arena tower before.
Those special students would probably find it below them to fight on the lower levels. These students usually hang around the fourth floor or the fifth floor.
Meanwhile, he hadn’t defeated floor one yet.
According to Fei Fei, the challengers will be waiting for him at the fifth floor. If he didn’t make it to that floor by then, those assholes are bound to laugh out loud at him.
Thus, Wu Yan came to the arena tower.
When Wu Yan walked into the tower, deafening sound hit him.
He could see a lot of arenas in that floor. Some of them are vacant while some of them are occupied with participants battling each other with their mana and dou qi burning even hotter than flames.
At the sides, the spectators cheered and made various noises. Some of them are cheering for their bet while some of them gnashed their teeth, some even bickered with each other. In any case, there are a lot of people making a lot of noises.
Wu Yan shook his head and he looked around before spotting his target.
It’s a small room with no door or windows. In it, there is a magic formation. He made his way towards the magic formation. Somehow, the whole floor became silent as he attracted the attention of the spectators.
That’s fast. How do they even transmit news in this place?!
He didn’t know it’s because of the special student uniform he’s wearing. The students in floor 1 all lowered their volume subconsciously.
When Wu Yan stepped onto the magic formation, his figure disappeared and the crowd started making noises again.
A flash of white and suddenly he’s standing on a stage for duels. More accurately, it’s a giant room with a stage in it. There aren’t any other people besides an individual sitting cross-legged opposite to him.
“Welcome, challenger…”
The floor master opened his eyes to welcome the challenger. The floor master turned grave when he saw the special student uniform.
“It would appear you are a special student, I see, then I won’t be able to stand in your path for long.”
His words sound pessimistic but the floormaster stood up as he channeled his dou qi. Clad in dou qi flames, he could see that the floor master is about lower tier 6 in strength. In System’s terms, he would be around Level 50.
Wu Yan gasped in realization. There were a lot of students in the first floor because most of them probably couldn’t get pass the floor master.
But, this guy is far from being able to stop him.
“I will be under your care…”
The floormaster tensed up his body. The next second, the floor master froze up as a cold sweat flowed down from his forehead.
A hand had grabbed his neck before he knew it.
The floor master died down his dou qi as he bitterly laughed. Wu Yan had taken him down by closing a dozen meters in less than a second.
“You pass!”
Beep, congratulations on beating the first floor of arena tower. Reward obtained:  10,000  Equipment Points & Item Points, 5000 Ability Points and Summoning Points.
 (insert updated Wu Yan character screen here)
The System gave him the rewards as expected. He smiled at the floor master.
“A battle well fought!”
The floor master nodded and he continued.
“Your information has been entered into the register. You can now proceed to floor two after stepping into the magic formation in the first floor!”
“Your reward for passing had been credited to your ID. I look forward to seeing your progress from here on out.”
Wu Yan nodded and he bowed. Soon, a magic formation appeared in the corner.
“Go, that is the formation for going to floor 2.”
“Thank you very much!”
Wu Yan dashed towards the formation and he disappeared through it…
The floor master sighed after looking at the formation.
“So the tower enters another period of unrest…”
There is a crystal ball in every floor of the arena tower. It projects an image all 365 days of the year. It had been up and running since the completion of this tower.
The crystal ball projects the floor every student in Silvaria World Institute is currently eligible to challenge.
After Wu Yan made it through floor 1, his name appeared in floor 2’s name list.
The people in floor 1 didn’t notice this. The crystal ball would only make an announcement whenever someone makes it to floor 5.
Due to the sheer number of students, normally nobody would notice someone ascending to floor 2 unless said person pays close attention to a particular person.
The people sure as heck didn’t notice Wu Yan’s name disappearing from floor 2’s register and appearing on floor 3.

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