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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 317: Making it rain with money! Going on a crystal buying-spree!

Silvaria World Institute is extremely huge in terms of area. It took him quite some time to travel to the arena tower at the center of Silvaria World Institute from his own villa.
By the time he came out of the tower. The sky is already a sunset yellow. It seems the night will be coming soon.
He rubbed his chin before he took out a diagram. Written on it is the title: “Silvaria World Institute map”
He scanned the map and he stored it away, having no further use for it. He took out a crystal card.
This crystal card is like a memory card that stores the credits and credentials of a student.
Credits is the currency used in Silvaria World Institute. It should be noted that credits aren’t the same as credit hours. Credits are used to exchange for goods and services much the same way one would use gold to transact.
Almost all transactions are done through credits. Even if a student wanted to barter for something, the other party would value the item in terms of credit.
If a student cleared a floor in the arena tower, the student would get credits commensurate with the floor they cleared. The higher the floor, the greater the credits.
Having cleared 4 floors all at once, he received a substantial amount of credits.
According to his crystal card, he has 110,000 credits. According to what he had heard, floor 1 gives 10,000 credits, floor 2 gives 20,000 credits, floor 3 gives 30,000 credits, and floor 4 gives 50,000 credits.
He had gathered 110,000 from clearing 4 floors and this amount beats the average credits held by special students.
Special students with potential can’t clear arena towers so they don’t have as much credits as other special students. Granted, the nobles don’t have to worry about credit shortage. They can just take stuff from their massive houses to sell for credits. 
Some of the students spent the credits they had in between clearing floors. Again, the richy rich kids don’t have to worry about this.
Wu Yan has a lot of credits but he is going to spend the bulk of it shortly.
Storing the crystal card away, he started making his way towards the commercial district.
There are no teachers giving lectures in class. A student has to work hard themselves. That’s just how things go around here.
If a student wanted to increase his strength, he would have to make the best use of his current resource. He would have to train hard, get potions to enhance himself, get catalyst to cultivate and so on.
To do that, a student must strive to achieve a balance between cultivating and earning credits. A student would have to buy anything that would help the student on his way towards the top.
Wu Yan is about to do the same thing the other students are doing, he would have to go buy some power-enhancing material.
He wasn’t interested in the elixir or the treasures that would be the things of interest for other students. He didn’t have any method to use those items to his own benefit anyway. No, what he wanted is stuff that he could sell to the System for points.
Those points can be used to increase his strength.
He had plans for equipment. Items can’t directly help build his strength. Summons can’t directly build his strength either. Hence, his main objective this time is to rack up some Ability Points.
In other words, he’s out to buy some magic crystals.
If he sold enough crystals, he could get Ability Points which he could then spend on abilities that can increase his strength.
He’s pretty much aware of what ability he needs to get at the moment so now it’s just the problem of getting enough Ability Points.
He took half an hour to travel to the commercial area. Because this place is so packed with people, he couldn’t fly here, no matter how much he wanted to.
Half an hour later, he arrived at a busy business district where the shops are lined properly alongside the road.
The banners are all concisely written in a way that people would be able to locate the correct shops selling the items they wanted. Even if for some reason, the student can’t read, they could just look from the outside of the shop to see if the shop might have what they want.
It’s like they are packing sardines here, given how crowded this place is. He would even dare say it’s even more crowded than the busiest street in Academy City.
The noise almost made Wu Yan disoriented, he cursed silently as he navigated his way through the street.
As he browsed the shops around the street, he observed something.
The articles being sold here aren’t on par in both quality and quantity to that of the supply town near the giant beasts forest. It’s probably because this is Silvaria World Institute, a major trade hub in itself, the commercial district had items that even the supply town would be hard-pressed to compete against.
After satisfying his curiosity, Wu Yan looked around for the stuff he wanted.
He wanted magic crystals, not some rare treasures so he found what he wanted pretty soon. He spent only 15 minutes before he found a firm specialized in magic crystals.
Wu Yan pushed through the crowd and he entered the firm. Due to the shop being filled with a lot of crystals, the myriad of colors dyed the shop in a rather distinct tone, it would seem this shop don’t need magic lamps because their inventory pretty much made that need obsolete.
Some crystals are notably bigger than the rest. These crystals had a distinct sheen to them, if one focused, one would be able to detect the aura coming from the crystals which are different than those around it.
A very messy-looking old man sat at the counter with one leg over the other. The old man looked like he couldn’t care less whether Wu Yan is a special student or not. He took one look at him and then he looked away like Wu Yan is just here to kick tires.
The old man lazily waved his hand at Wu Yan.
“Bring anything that fancies you to the counter. Oh yeah, no negotiations on price!”
Wu Yan frowned at the service level of this shopkeeper. 
How does this butthole keep his business afloat with that attitude of his?…
He bitterly laughed when he noticed that despite it being very busy outside, there are practically no patrons in here. It’s just this decrepit old man and his quality goods.
If it weren’t for the fact that his magic crystals had better quality than the other firms, he would have walked right out the door. He stayed because his crystals might be worth more Ability Points.
He glanced at the old man one more time before he silently sighed. He decided that it wasn’t worth his time to quarrel with this old man.
The decrepit old man didn’t even look at Wu Yan when he arrived at his counter. He impatiently stretched out his hand.
“Hand it here, I want to see how much it is worth!”
Wu Yan shrugged before he gave him his ID card.
“How many crystals can I buy with this amount of credits!”

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