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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 319: Welcoming and making open challenges in the arena tower

The savage ball of fire in the sky rained down its solar fury upon the earth. Everything basked in it experienced an increase in temperature and anyone would be able to tell that today is going to be hot.
In this kind of weather, the best option is to stay home and suck on some popsicles. The ladies especially wouldn’t want to expose their skin to the sun in this kind of weather.
Today, however, Silvaria World Institute is very rowdy, unlike yesterday. The majority of the student body who would normally stay inside their residences came out and they all headed towards a certain direction.
They are all heading towards the arena tower.
The news of the newcomer challenging all 9 major factions had reached all the students by now. Of course, a lot of them scoffed at the sheer audacity of the newcomer, very few had good things to say about this but it didn’t matter, everyone knew about this news.
Wu Yan is, for better or worse, famous. Many students are heading towards the tower either to see Wu Yan get whooped or simply for their own trivial amusement.
The upper brass probably heard of this news. They made an exception for the fight to be projected via crystal ball so that those students who have not cleared floor 4 can watch the fight.
Floor 5 looked like somebody had booked the whole place. Not a single student felt like sparring with another student. They all chose to spectate the fantastic performance that is about to happen. This phenomenon extended to all floors beneath floor 5.
Wu Yan created history because this kind of situation never happened since the creation of the arena tower.
Up till now, nobody had the balls to take on all 9 major factions in Silvaria World Institute. Indeed, he had become famous for doing such a thing.
Currently, all 9 major factions are gathered around a giant arena. They patiently waited for the protagonist to come. Among the leaders, Fei Fei of Fatal Forest, Bing Mian of Sea of Thick Ice, Vish of Crimson Land.
Some other small factions that were led by other special students arrived one by one as they sat down in seats to observe the up and coming battle.
From floor 2 to floor 4, every student there looked up at the gigantic projection as they eagerly waited for the battles to unfold. Meanwhile, the students at floor 1 all focused on another thing: the main entrance of the arena tower.
One of the students who had better eyesight than the others suddenly beamed up as he pointed at the entrance with an excited attitude.
“They are here!”
The students in floor 1 turned their heads towards the main entrance as 3 figures slowly made their appearance.
The members of the party: Wu Yan, Hinagiku, and Mikoto.
Yesterday, Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Ikaros they bulldozed their way through 4 floors so they can join Wu Yan in today’s fight. But, because Flandre-chan had her ability sealed, she couldn’t clear any floors and thus she couldn’t join them today.
Wu Yan could have unlocked her seal but doing so would pose a grave danger to the floor masters if Flandre-chan didn’t hold back or go on another rampage.
Instead, Ikaros stayed behind to look after Flandre-chan. They came here anxious with the idea of Ikaros looking after Flandre-chan. But, since Ikaros insisted on sharing this burden with Wu Yan, they chose to put their faith in her ability as an intern mom.
The whole floor became silent with their appearances. As they gazed upon the group, Wu Yan & co made their way towards the magic formation.
When they arrived at floor 5, there weren’t as many students there as before. There are about 1000 special students waiting here, a lot of the other special students are absent for unknown reasons. Either way, that worked to the benefit of Wu Yan as they wouldn’t feel so stifled by the huge crowd à la floor 1.
Fei Fei led Fatal Forest over to Wu Yan’s side which conveyed a concise and concrete message.
Fei Fei is on Wu Yan’s side.
Fei Fei looked at Wu Yan and she greeted him.
“So? Feeling confident?”
Fei Fei had no qualms that Wu Yan can handle any one challenger but against so many of them? Can he really last until the end? Fei Fei is a bit skeptical about this.
If it was her, she wouldn’t be able to pull this feat off without consuming heaps of restoratives or using some sort of treasure.
Wu Yan hadn’t the chance to speak before Hinagiku joked.
“Sister Fei Fei, you don’t need to worry about it. Isn’t it fine if he gets his ass whipped?”
Wu Yan rolled his eyes at her while Mikoto chimed in with an unamused tone.
“Hinagiku’s right, I hope he screws up and gets roughed up good. Can you believe this guy? He’s not going to let me fight…”
Wu Yan’s lip twitched.
“I think you’re biased judging from how you ended your statement…”
Mikoto turned her head the other way which would prove that Wu Yan was right.
Seeing as the three of them can still engage in lovers’ quarrel, Fei Fei subconsciously released a sigh of relief. From what she can see, Wu Yan didn’t seem all too concerned with the competition.
Some distance away, Bing Mian looked on with dissatisfaction. He clicked his tongue before yelling.
“Now that you’re here, get on the stage. The value of our time are very precious, we don’t have so much time to waste on you, newbie!”
He nonchalantly glanced at Bing Mian. Grinning, he made his way towards the arena. The people of the major factions parted way for him whenever he got close.
Jumping onto the stage, Wu Yan looked down at the crowd from above. He sneered at Bing Mian.
“Since your time is so precious, by all means, come onto the stage. Don’t worry, this fight probably won’t take too much of your time, I am sure.”
“Your arrogant prick!”
Bing Mian’s expression turned malevolent. Of course, he knew what Wu Yan implied, his killing intention spiked at the thought of Wu Yan insinuating that he’s going to wipe the floor with him in record time.
“Let’s see you talk smack with that mouth of yours when I feed you the dirt around the arena!”
Bing Mian made up his mind. He’s going to utterly humiliate him in the arena before kicking him off the stage like trash. That will show this butthole who is the boss.
Wu Yan said he will join whichever faction can defeat him but Bing Mian had no intention of letting a dead man walking into his faction. If he died, there would be too much heat on him and he might not be able to extricate himself.
However, it’s an entirely different matter for Hinagiku and Mikoto.
He glanced at Hinagiku and Mikoto who stood some distance away and then he recalled Ikaros’ figure from the other day.
A dirty grin escaped his conscious control and floated up to his face.
Bing Mian didn’t notice that Wu Yan had his eyes on him. Wu Yan’s smile is only outwards, inside, he turned very cold.

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