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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 322: Bing Mian goes up the stage and gets smacked again and again

Wu Yan stood in the middle of the arena. He looked at the afterimages flashing around him. Cool as a cucumber, the afterimages posed no threat to him as he had seen through it.


Eternal Arms Mastery granted him incredibly adept technical skills. He had control over his mind, body, and technique.


A great potential belonging to that of a True Ancestor supplemented by the incredible Eternal Arms Mastery had made him a mean fighting machine. His ability had a drastic boost compared to before he had attained the ability.


Wu Yan had confidence that he could fight a battle of attrition with a tier 8 individual before attaining this stage of power. After combining True Ancestor and Eternal Arms Mastery, he had confidence he can fight a tier 8 individual head-on.


One could see the difference of someone who had to rely on attrition and someone who can meet the opponent head-on.


He shut out all the other irrelevant sounds. It’s only him, his environment and the persistent noise of someone dashing around him.


Wu Yan suddenly tilted his head to the side and a fist went past his face, completely missing him. Wu Yan grabbed the arm and he grinned at his opponent who looked stunned and scared. He gave the guy a heavy palm strike against his chest.


After the nth time of a boom, the special student from Crimson Land met the same fate as Li Shi, shot into the wall with a high velocity.


The referee lifted his arm in a trained and habitual manner as if he had been prepared to do this from the start.


“Victory goes to the newcomer, Wu Yan!”


The students all looked at the wall which is now riddled with students and holes. They felt very complex regarding this situation, all the factions felt the same except for Fatal Forest.


This is the nth time already and the newcomer still won every single round.


Some of the kissasses from the major factions threw their kiss-ass thoughts into the gutter. They didn’t think it is a good idea to step out now and teach the newcomer a lesson.


Those who ranked above 40 couldn’t even scratch the guy. What can they possibly achieve?


Those students active on floor 1, 2, 3, and 4 thought the same as well.


Some of them who didn’t have a high opinion of Wu Yan started revising their opinion. This guy had already reached a rank of 31. If he is only boastful then, what does that make them, people who couldn’t even achieve a rank nearly as high as him?


His might is now being gradually accepted by the students of Silvaria World Institute. He’s truly famous now!


A new student who picked a fight with all 9 major factions of Silvaria World Institute within two days of entering the school. Within this short period of time, he had become ranker no.31. With these kinds of achievement, it would be odd if he stayed a nobody.


Fei Fei had a wide smile as she watched everything proceed. Her worries faded away, she didn’t think Wu Yan could fight so many battles without even stopping for a break. Fatigue doesn’t appear to be in Wu Yan’s dictionary, why would she need to worry?


Fei Fei observed every move, step, and stance Wu Yan exhibited. It’s like every move was properly calculated and yet impeccably executed with no wastage of energy. It’s almost as if…


He’s a saint who had devoted himself to perfect all the fighting styles.


Fei Fei had to admit that Wu Yan is much stronger than the last time she dueled with him in Beherl.


Fei Fei is sure that Wu Yan is still pulling his punches.


Fei Fei lifted her beloved blade, Night Elf. Her eyes seemed like she’s hungry for another duel as she mumbled.


“It’s not just you who had grown stronger…”


Hinagiku and Mikoto smiled while exchanging looks when they heard Fei Fei’s mumbling. They turned their attention back towards the figure standing in the arena. They weren’t worried about Wu Yan like Fei Fei did, they were sure Wu Yan is going to win no matter what.


The only thing they are worried about is that Wu Yan might injure himself due to being too reckless.


While Hinagiku, Mikoto, and Fei Fei are all in high-spirit, the other 8 factions weren’t as amused as them.


Their champions are being defeated 1 by 1 like they are just some weaklings they found off the street.


In particular, Bing Mian looked very dark and grim. Of all the people who didn’t like Wu Yan, he’s the one who detested Wu Yan the most.




Looking at the great wall of defeated mooks, Bing Mian roared, garnering everyone’s attention. He heaved and he headed towards the arena.


So, this guy’s next huh?…


His nonchalant attitude turned cold when he saw Bing Mian heading towards him. He isn’t too pleased with Bing Mian, about as displeased as Bing Mian is with him.


Throwing his disgusting gaze in Hinagiku, Mikoto and the others’ direction is enough reason for Wu Yan to put him in his bad book. Moreover, this asshole tried to poison him.


I am going to teach you a really good lesson.


Both of them shared the same thought as each stared down each other with frosty looks.


“I can’t wait any longer!”


Wu Yan laughed.


“From the start, I had made it abundantly clear that if your time is as precious as you say it is you shouldn’t waste it. Just come up onto the stage and let me send you back down in a jiffy and then we can all go home, cool?”


Bing Mian got so mad he laughed.


“Oh yeah? let’s see you try!”


He revealed a pair of ice daggers.


Wu Yan raised an eyebrow.


“Rare armament…”


Bing Mian laughed.


“Yes! That’s right, they are Rare Armaments! Don’t go calling me underhanded for using them, there are no rules preventing their usage!”


Wu Yan grinned.


“Oh no, I wouldn’t call you cheap for using them…”


He continued throwing shots at Bing Mian.


“I mean, I am sure everyone is aware of how despicable you are, I don’t even need to say anything more!”


Enraged, he shifted his daggers and he dashed towards Wu Yan before slashing at his mouth.


“Let’s see if your wide mouth can grow wider!”


Wu Yan didn’t flinch against this strike, he waited until the right moment appeared before he stretched out his hand.




He pinched the dagger as it passed through the gap between his fingers. He then grabbed Bing Mian’s arm and unleashed the most righteous bitch slap with his other hand.




The crisp sound rang throughout the place. He slapped him so hard Bing Mian staggered much to everyone’s surprise.


He slapped me…


Bing Mian touched his cheek in disbelief, that burning sensation on his cheek fueled his anger even more.


“You bastard!”


Bing Mian roared while swinging his daggers around. He crossed the daggers and he attempted to snip Wu Yan’s hand, the hand that slapped him.


Before he can do anything, a hand pinned the two daggers and the hand he wanted to snip slapped him hard once more.




Silence enveloped the arena and the audience. The hearts of the audience skipped a beat at the progress of the fight.

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