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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 323: The decisive strike leading to victory! The one who disrupts!

Dead silence fell upon the place. Nobody dared say anything after seeing what transpired here.


Even the audience watching the battle unfold from places other than the fifth floor didn’t say anything as they stood still in utter shock. It’s like this is all just a dream for them, it’s just too unreal…


Bing Mian Cyto, the second-in-line to succeed the second biggest family in Ailu Empire, a prominent figure standing at the top of one of only 12 major factions in, the second in command for Sea of Thick Ice, a mighty cultivator standing at Rank no.25.


So many titles, but did it stop him from getting slapped? Nope.


To make matters worse, he got slapped by a new student who just entered the school two days ago.


That slap probably alerted Dr. Who because that slap was so epic it seemed as though it would ripple throughout time and space. Even now, the audience can still vividly remember the scene of him getting slapped.


Everyone had the same thought after recovering. Silvaria World Institute is not going to be peaceful in the short term.


The people in floor 5 can feel the storm brewing already.


Wu Yan kept his pimp stance while Bing Mian’s face is rosy and pointed towards the side of the arena. Although they didn’t move, it was enough to remind the people that what happened JUST HAPPENED.


An oppressive mood came from the audience. The situation felt so tense some of the audience wanted to run away.


Although the people of Sea of Thick Ice stayed speechless, the aura and mana surging forth made it known that they are not very calm.


Fei Fei’s expression started turning grave. She sighed, even she doesn’t know how to clean up this mess.


Hinagiku and Mikoto exchanged looks and they awkwardly smiled. Even they didn’t expect things to turn out like this.


The two girls seemed a bit happy though, they didn’t like the guy. If anything, they wanted to give the guy a slap as well.


They couldn’t care less what faction he is from.


Wu Yan made a move while Bing Mian is still stunned. He moved his hand and Bing Mian finally came to his senses. He quickly retreated away while Wu Yan just crossed his arms in an unconcerned manner. He laughed at Bing Mian who is still jumpy from the experience.


“Is that fear I sense? Hmm? Oh, mighty second-in-command of Sea of Thick Ice…”


Bing Mian flinched and he slowly lifted his head. There is no more anger in his frosty eyes.


“You’re dead…”


He said as if it’s a given. He’s talking as if he’s not the one who just got slapped into his place.




Dou qi started pouring forth, the magnitude is unlike any challenger before him. He had a calm expression. His cold eyes that are focused on Wu Yan convinced everyone that he would dash at Wu Yan any moment now.


Wu Yan didn’t seem affected by the surge of aura, he pursed his lips as a streak of light flashed in his eyes.


The next instant, Bing Mian’s aura peaked and he stomped without doing any pointless banter. In just a flash, he had closed the distance between them and he appeared at Wu Yan’s left flank. His dagger is already mere inches away from Wu Yan’s stomach. This guy is going all out now!


When the dagger almost reached him, a blue flash of light occurred and a thick iron plate appeared to intercept the strike.




Unlike what Bing Mian had expected, the dagger didn’t pierce Wu Yan through the iron plate.




Straightening his fingers, lightning poured into the iron plate and the charged plate flew towards Bing Mian’s face like a hidden weapon.




Noticing that it is another attack against his face, having learned his lesson, he knew better than to entertain him any further. He swiped at the iron plate with his daggers and he effectively parried the attack.




With another swipe, he viciously threw his daggers so hard that not even a tier 7 individual could easily defend towards Wu Yan.


Wu Yan narrowed his eyes and he extended his arms to intercept the daggers. With swift and precise strikes, he tore through the air and parried the daggers.


Wu Yan did a nigh impossible feat of parrying rare armaments with his bare hands. Suffice to say, jaws were dropped.


“Ice daggers!”


Dou qi poured forth from Bing Mian and the daggers shook. The daggers expanded like Li Shi’s fists, blue light concentrated around the daggers and it somehow expanded the ice daggers.




The daggers started flying around.


Wu Yan frowned as he retreated, an ice dagger passed through where his face was. The frosty sensation didn’t alleviate his frown.


He narrowed his deep red eyes as he tensed up. This is one of the signs that Wu Yan is starting to get pissed off.


He dashed forth while clenching his fists. Suddenly, he punched his flank in a deft manner.


One of the ice daggers was passing through there.


It’s like he foresaw the ice daggers and he timed the strike so that it would hit the dagger precisely the moment his fist did, making it look like the dagger asked for a knuckle sandwich.


He sent the dagger flying out the arena just like that. It all happened so fast almost all of the students couldn’t keep up. The moment they realized what had happened, the daggers are already flying away.


Fei Fei and the other leaders all had the same thought as they observed the fight. They sighed at the outcome.


“Bing Mian is going to lose this one…”


Even Bing Mian could see his own defeat is imminent. His expression took a turn for the worse, from disbelief to utter mania.


“Damn it all to hell!!!”


His only remaining dagger made a beeline for Wu Yan’s chest. Wu Yan isn’t surprised, for him, this fight just got pathetic.


In an instant, he sent the dagger away just like he did the one before.


At almost the same time he got disarmed, Bing Mian’s pupil started constricting. The reason: Wu Yan’s fist rapidly expanding in his field of vision as it made its way towards his face.


Suddenly, a member of the audience rushed up and he appeared at Wu Yan’s side.


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