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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 325: The might of a top 10 ranker.

“Will you accept my challenge?”


Bing Ling caused a commotion just by asking this question. It seems there are a lot of battle junkies here.




Bing Mian wanted to say something but Bing Ling cut him short by lifting his hand. He seems to be serious about this.


Wu Yan felt better after hearing Bing Ling. A fight is just what he wanted to vent his frustration.


Fei Fei whispered something in Wu Yan’s ears before he could agree.


“Be careful, he’s a tier 7 but he’s leagues apart compared to Bing Mian. You should be wary of him as he is no.9 on the rankings!”


Wu Yan didn’t look like he is concerned.


Nine? That’s a fine number…


Mikoto tugged at Wu Yan’s sleeve. She looked like she’s excited and peeved at the same time.


“Yan, let me fight…”


Wu Yan flinched before he rejected her. If he really let railgun go in the arena, the audience would probably need to spend more time dodging lightning bolts than watch the show. Heck, she might even electrocute some of the audience, that is something he would rather not see.


The gekota-phile almost lost it.


“Why? Come on, just one round…”


“Mikoto, that’s enough.”


Hinagiku dragged Mikoto down the arena.


“They are no match for you, stop trying to get it on the action…”


Mikoto struggled but Hinagiku still managed to drag her butt off the stage. She didn’t look like a happy camper, Wu Yan could do nothing but twitch his lips. Railgun like getting into fights, only gekota can distract her from fights.


Bing Ling’s eyes followed the girls until they went down the arena. He asked Wu Yan the same question again.


“Will you accept my challenge?”


Wu Yan smiled. He nodded much to everyone’s glee.


A fight between a top 10 ranker and a newcomer who flipped the apple cart in just two days of entering Silvaria World Institute?


Hell yeah, thought almost everyone watching the fight.


Bing Mian returned to Sea of Thick Ice with an expression filled to the brim with malice. He seems to be traumatized by his defeat.


He looked at Wu Yan who is drowning in cheers and he clenched his fists. He mumbled with a low volume.


“When my ace up the sleeves triggers, you’re going to be really popular, in the afterlife!”


Rather than up his sleeves, the ace is currently biding its time in Bing Mian’s body.


The referee walked up to and examined the two participants and he waved his hand, declaring the start of the fight everyone’s looking forward to.




The atmosphere instantly turned tense. The referee’s voice is like the lighter that ignited the explosive barrel.




Bing Ling took the initiative to attack.


He cast a blurry blue figure as he dashed towards Wu Yan.


Bing Ling’s decisiveness and speed struck Wu Yan as a pleasant surprise. He started taking the guy more seriously because he is clearly way better than Bing Mian as an opponent.

He managed to close the distance of about 10 meters in the blink of an eye. Wu Yan is now within striking distance, something that made Fei Fei & co a bit worried.


When Bing Ling entered a 3-meter radius of Wu Yan, Wu Yan made a move.


Sparks appeared at his feet and he moved so rapidly as to appear like he teleported a few meters back, drawing a distance from Bing Ling.


A lot of people stood up as they cried out in shock.


“Lightning magic!”


They were astonished because dou qi and mana can’t co-exist, that’s an established knowledge in this world, it’s practically common sense even among the commoners.


Wu Yan is so adept at close quarter combat that everyone is convinced he’s a warrior. However, he’s unleashing lightning from his body at the most so what the frick?


Did this newcomer somehow break the common sense of this world?


The tier 8 referee made a quick comment.


“That is probably not lightning magic, magic and dou qi can’t go together.”


Fei Fei asked.


“Then what is going with that lightning?”


The referee replied.


“The newcomer probably have some kind of dou qi like Cyto family’s ice dou qi. Cyto family’s dou qi has ice attributes in it. This cheeky youngster probably dabbled in a lightning dou qi. Bastard, you’ve got me fooled for a moment there…”


Everyone seemed convinced. Hinagiku and Mikoto flushed red trying to hold back their amusement.


Bing Mian heard the referee and he got really triggered. He’s even more furious than before.


This meant that Wu Yan went easy on him during his duel.


Bing Ling turned grave when he saw Wu Yan easily pulling away. He’s not Bing Mian, as a top 10 ranker, he knows better than to take a foe lightly.


He flipped his hands and a pair of ice daggers similar in design to Bing Mian’s appeared in his hands.


Wu Yan stiffened up and he took out Nietono no Shana. Against this guy, Wu Yan had no intention of fighting in a haphazard manner.


After they each took out their armaments, the mood got even higher as everyone got riled up. They focused so as to not miss a second of this battle.


Bing Ling leaped up and he pointed his daggers at Wu Yan while descending.




Wu Yan blocked his jabs with the Nietono no Shana while spewing sparks along the way. A tremendous pressure slowly pushed Nietono no Shana down towards him.


Using the blade as leverage, he pushed himself back up into the air and he propelled himself back down with a mighty kick. This time, he aimed for Wu Yan’s neck.


The icy daggers had a chilling sensation that caused goosebumps to appear on Wu Yan’s skin.


Against this random and unpredictable attack, Wu Yan frowned and he charged his feet to dodge backwards. At the same time, he swung his Nietono no Shana like it’s an extension of his arm, easily parrying any attack Bing Ling threw at him.


He could see why Eternal Arms Mastery had peerless in its description.


Bing Ling is a bit surprised his attacks all failed him. Like a fish in water, he easily landed some distance behind Wu Yan.


Lowering his blade, he lifted his head and watched as Bing Ling descended some distance away from him.


He looked at Bing Mian and he felt pumped up.


So this is the might of someone in the top 10?


I can get more serious now…


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