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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 332: Bid war for the equipment. Making it rain a second time with credits!

After entering the auction house, Wu Yan noticed that the inside of the structure appeared wider than it looked from the outside.


Different from the colosseum-like arrangement of seats in the supply town with seats getting higher and higher in a circular formation as one gets further away from the stage, Silvaria World Institute’s auction house is designed in such a way that it looks like an auditorium.


Atop the stage, there is a table and a mallet for the auctioneer. Facing the stage and along the walls, there are various stages jutting out of the walls that looked more like balconies than stages. It would appear to be seats for VIPs as it made a stark contrast of treatment compared to the regular seats below the stage.


Those balconies aren’t for VIPs, Silvaria World Institute never had any such treatment. The number of that kind of seats is exactly 100. These seats are exclusively reserved for the rankers.


Wu Yan had the right to sit at one of this seat but he didn’t want to exercise the right. Fei Fei also chose not to sit there as well. It’s not because Wu Yan and Fei Fei are trying to keep a low profile. The main reason is because Lulu is with them…


Lulu had a teary-eyed expression as she tugged at both Wu Yan and Fei Fei’s sleeves. The two of them didn’t have the heart to desert Lulu after seeing her like this just for a bunch of suspended seats, tempting as they might seem. Thus, they stayed down and watched the proceedings along with the other members of Fatal Forest.


Granted, the seats down here don’t have much of a view, compared to the fancy balconies. But, at least the seats are still comfortable enough. Fatal Forest’s influence got them some of the best seats closer to the auction stage.


With Lulu sitting at his left and Fei Fei sitting at his right, Wu Yan earned the ire and jealousy of almost everyone there, he didn’t seem to give a damn about the others’ opinions though.


If the stares of haters are like arrows, Wu Yan’s hide had long thickened due to experience, he is already impervious to such stares. Their weak leers, glares, and stares could not compare to those of the Ojou-samas at Tokiwadai after they enter alter mode.


Wu Yan, Fei Fei, and Lulu killed them by talking with each other. Soon, the auction started and Wu Yan wanted to file a complaint. It’s like each auction house in this world didn’t have the money to hire cute girls or something, does it always have to be some wrinkly old dude with arctic white hair?


Well, if anything, Silvaria World Institute’s auction is certainly outclassed the one in the supply town.


It had only just started and a bunch of treasures had already been displayed much to Wu Yan’s amazement.


What rendered him speechless is the fact that aside from normal and elite students, nobody made a bid for tier 7 battle skills that would easily be featured items in the supply town auctions.


Mainstream armaments, the kind Wu Yan sold back in the supply town are being handled like pieces of baggage by the workers here. Wu Yan had the slight thought that perhaps it might be best not to take notice of them anymore.


Wu Yan looked at a Mainstream armament currently going for 5,000 credits and he looked at his Identity card that had 280,000 credits in it. He promptly made a bid for 10,000.


When Wu Yan started bidding, the whole place that was getting a bit noisy suddenly fell silent.


Wu Yan felt surprised by the change in mood. What is going on now?


Fei Fei knew why Wu Yan is confused. She laughed out loud.


“You’re a famous person in the school with enough power to hold your own against a top 10 ranker. Nobody would dare cross you just for some Mainstream armaments.”


Wu Yan understood it after Fei Fei made it clear. He wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry. At least, this will work in his favor.


Meanwhile, somewhere up there with the seats for the rankers, Bing Mian slowly sat down after his brother stopped him from bidding.


“Brother, why did you stop me?…”


Bing Ling snorted in an unamused tone.


“Did the fight decrease your intelligence? Even if you had something against Wu Yan, isn’t it a bit tacky for someone of your stature to fight over a Mainstream armament?”


Bing Mian protested.


“Why not? I can drown the upstart with my credits!”


Bing Ling laughed in a satiric manner, he continued in a rather frustrated tone.


“And then you’re going to give him another chance to give you a slap or two. The next day, all of Silvaria World Institute is going to hear about how the second-in-command in Sea got slapped like a street whore because you had to fight a bidwar with someone over a mainstream armament.”


Bing Mian flinched, he flushed red in shame and anger. Seeing this, Bing Ling sighed and he looked at Wu Yan before he advised Bing Mian.


“If you really don’t like losing to him, put more effort into cultivating and strengthen yourself. Challenge him to a proper fight instead of doing some shady dealings here and there. If you keep going down this path you will never be a somebody in this world!”


Bing Mian replied while trembling with trepidation.


“I understand…”


He feared his brother but only Bing Mian himself would know whether or not he really took his brother’s advice.


One by one, articles are transported on stage and got bid away by the student body. Wu Yan also made bids for numerous equipment, mostly mainstream armaments since these equipment were cheap.


After spending 100,000 in credits, he managed to get his hands on about 20 mainstream armaments. Wu Yan would put in bids for mainstream equipment every time they appeared. This caused everyone to feel curious.


He’s clearly a tier 7 individual who stood at the peak of all tier 7. For someone of this strength, he should be bidding for rare armaments so what gives?


For some of the strongest students in tier 7, it’s totally natural to enter into bidding wars for Gold Armaments.


Maybe they could come up with ideas as to how Wu Yan would deal with one or two main armaments, perhaps even three or four. But, 10 or 20? That’s downright odd.


They looked at Wu Yan with derision, confusion or astonishment. What’s clear is that Wu Yan is now the center of attention, again.


Even Lulu and Fei Fei had no idea why he did what he did.


Lulu can’t hold back her curiosity, she elbowed Wu Yan and asked him in a tiny voice.


“Yan, why are you buying so many mainstream armaments? Are you…”


Lulu had a very shocked expression as she gasped.


“You built an army and now you’re arming them to invade Ailu empire?”


Wu Yan almost slipped and fell to the ground. If he wasn’t seated, he would be on the ground at the moment.


He sighed before he knocked her on the head. Lulu yelped in pain while holding her head but he proceeded to roll his eyes at her.


“I don’t know what goes on in there, from where do you get these ideas?…”


With tears at the corners of her eyes, Lulu protested back in a meek tone.


“Then what are you going to do with so many mainstream armaments?…”


Fei Fei had a curious look as well. Fei Fei knew Wu Yan wouldn’t do this without any reason, she just couldn’t figure out why.


Wu Yan smiled at the two girls who had different expressions but the same thoughts. He saw another mainstream armament being displayed and he rubbed his chin while he mused.


“Maybe, you’re right and I am planning on invading  Ailu empire that’s why I am buying a lot of armaments.”


Fei Fei and Lulu rolled their eyes at him while Wu Yan laughed out loud.

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