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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 353: A vague morning

Silvaria World Institute, villas region


Compared to the arena tower, the commercial district, the free trade zone and other places where the traffic is higher. This area is relatively calm and quiet. This area belonged to the villas where the special students lived. Nobody would want to live in a noisy area so the tranquility should be a given.


Unknown to most people, in one of the rooms of one of these villas, a battle is currently going on.


If anyone stood outside the door to this room they would hear muffled moans coming from the room. The sound itself is enough to make any person turned on.


An angelic beauty was made to crouch on the bed with her smooth pearly white butt propped high. She tried her very best to restrain her shivering and moaning but failed anyway. Moreover, despite being pressed down against the bed, this did nothing to mar her voluptuous figure from showing through.


Surely, that can be nothing but a heavenly body.


Like an obedient little lamb, she did as she was told while blushing bright red. Her gem-like eyes almost concealed by her batting her long and dark eyelashes fit her demure face.


Going down from her smooth neck, those soft and tender looking shoulders could charm anyone. Going further down, even describing her beautiful breasts as snow white and as precious as diamond won’t do it any justice. Her slim waist looked as though one could easily lift her up by her waist. Her clear, smooth, rosy, and long legs are currently parted by a man who is smashing her from behind.


Her unblemished foot and lower legs looked like it was made of ivory given how perfect they looked. They were limp because their master is currently being stuffed with a meat rod.


If anyone saw this scene, they would most likely have their souls drawn out. This beautiful creation had already found the embrace of a man?


Ikaros’ name had already spread throughout Silvaria World Institute just by her looks. Her actions had only served to further her fame.


Those who laid their eyes on her found themselves instantly bewitched as if they had found a lonely lotus blossoming brightly in a snowy mountain, she had that kind of woefulness about her. Out of 100 people who had laid eyes on her, all of them probably haven’t seen so much as a slight expression on that sculpted piece of art one called face on Ikaros.


Those who saw her instantly regarded her as someone who they can admire from far away but never to touch or defile.


If Ikaros’ present appearance was seen by others, they would all surely go mad.


Tightly holding her lips together, she would whimper intermittently as she tried catching her breath. Her skin tinged in red had droplets of sweat on it, accentuating her beauty even more. She moved her waist and hips according to the rhythm set by the one thrusting behind her. Beneath her smooth-skinned abs, her slim legs accommodated her partner’s movement.


Wu Yan hugged Ikaros close to him as he continued conquering her mystery dungeon with his holy sword. Slowly, strength was sapped away from Ikaros as she started losing the energy to keep up with Wu Yan.


Wu Yan had been putting her into different positions for more than one hour, Wu Yan enjoyed every last second of it.


Wu Yan let out a long groan before he pinned her body to the bed with his toned body. He grasped her waist with his right hand and he started caressing her skin.


It’s like her skin is constantly lathered with powder, she’s so smooth to the touch his fingers slid easily over her skin, he reckons she is smoother than even the finest silk or satin. The tactile pleasure he felt has left him begging for more if at all possible, Wu Yan wanted to keep touching her like this.


With a teasing tone, he whispered something in Ikaros’ ears.


“Ikaros, will we be making a mini-Ikaros tonight?…”




Ikaros yelped. Her already blushing face became even redder. Emotions started appearing in those emerald-green eyes she has. Obviously, giving birth is a question that exceeded her advanced computational abilities.


Made to orgasm for the nth time by her master, Ikaros felt like her body is floating away with the clouds. She was originally limp on the bed but Wu Yan’s words stirred her up as she started quivering and her temperature rose higher and higher.


Ikaros isn’t aware of how absolutely enchanting she looked in the aftermath of their battle. Wu Yan almost continued designing mini-Ikaros with her.


Wu Yan had been tripping down her mine shaft practically every day (and night) since they got together. Yet, even after all the tromboning, she still retained her youthful maiden looks with no signs of a young married woman.


But, Wu Yan still observed a slight change in her grace since he’s been a very keen observer of her body every day. She only showed this side of her to Wu Yan, to everyone else, any emotions she displayed is buried under her expressionless face.


Wu Yan was entranced by her expression and he parted her legs before he hoisted her up by the knees in a reverse suspended congress position. He walked towards the mirror close to the bed. He enjoyed the view of the mirror as he praised her.


“Ikaros, look at you, you look absolutely stunning…”


Ikaros exerted an enormous amount of energy to look at their entwined bodies. Reflected by the mirror is the figure of her legs being forced apart by Wu Yan’s arms. Her body shiny from the droplets of sweat, the droplets of sweat started flowing down her figure, she looked very lewd and charming.


Her passionate expression was also reflected in the mirror, that and her body which is also blushing red due to their intense exchange.


On top of her twin mountains, two pink buds are about to blossom. As she heaved and panted, her holy mountains moved in tune. Words can only describe so much of her beauty until no words can capture her charms.


Ikaros was stunned by what she saw. She couldn’t believe she’s the same person being reflected in the mirror. An expression mixed with slight anger and mostly bashfulness appeared across her face.




Ikaros wriggled her body as she blushed even more. She didn’t know how to react to Wu Yan teasing her like this. She didn’t have the heart to reject him because her master looked like he’s enjoying every moment of this.


She didn’t continue struggling and she just gave up while shutting her eyes and blushing. She let Wu Yan continue displaying her in the mirror while amusing himself with their reflections.


Failing to resist her looks, Wu Yan lowered his head and connected his lips with hers. Just by touching their lips and feeling the pleasure coming from his mouth, he became invigorated once more.


He started tickling her tummy from the inside, drawing another session of moaning and sound meat slapping against each other.


Now that the bell had been rung, Wu Yan decided it was time to test the suspension with the power of a storm driven by his horniness. He used his ungodly strength to bounce Ikaros up and down.


Up and down they went and moans started seeping through the door to this room once more.

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