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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 436: Escape, a forced closure…

The tense mood in the alley really brought out the contrast of expressions between the two combatants. One of them had a look of vigilance and the other had a look of excitement and passion.

At about the same time when Tokisaki Kurumi and Wu Yan are about to go into their second round, a beam of light hit the alleyway. The two of them were taken by surprise.

They lifted their head in response but the light pillar shrouded Wu Yan from view and he cried out.


He swung Nietono no Shana at the light pillar around him but it was no use, he frowned and felt that the light pillar is there to help him so he just let it do whatever it is there to do.

Tokisaki Kurumi knew what this light pillar meant, she subconsciously yelled out for Wu Yan to wait.


Just when Tokisaki Kurumi cried out, the radiant light blinded her temporarily and she had to close her eyes.

The light beam dissipated and Wu Yan is nowhere to be seen. Tokisaki Kurumi tried to locate Wu Yan but all she could see is the ruins of what remained after the fight between them. The AST snipers’ bodies were also affected by the shockwaves of their fight.

She knew this was no coincidence, someone took Wu Yan away from her.

She grabbed her forehead and laughed out loud. She laughed so loud that her voice echoed out of the alley she is currently in.

She continued with sinister eyes.

“No matter where you run, in the end, you will still be mine! There is no escape!”

Zaphkiel disappeared.

Tokisaki Kurumi pursed her lips and she grinned.

“Ara, I shouldn’t get so worked up, I should leave the best part for last…”

“I see it’s you again…”

A voice called out Tokisaki Kurumi from behind her. She immediately recognized the owner of this voice.

She looked back and there stood a teenager of around 14 years old. Her long blue hair is tied up in a ponytail. She also had a cute mole beneath the corner of her left eye. She scanned the alley, she said nothing about the dead bodies around her, it’s like she’s already used to this kind of scene. However, the girl did frown a little bit.


She continued with a blase expression.


“Why didn’t you consume them, hmm? Nightmare?”


Tokisaki Kurumi laughed.


“If I said I didn’t do it this time would you believe me?”


“Is that so?”


The teenager didn’t bother listening to her. Tokisaki Kurumi didn’t look like she wants to defend herself anyway. Tokisaki Kurumi shrugged, she already killed at least a thousand times more than the body count here. It’s hard for her to keep track, these 5 bodies wouldn’t change the situation.


The teenager brought out a light saber. She pointed it at Tokisaki Kurumi.


“Well, get ready to die again…”


The girl said with a tired attitude, it’s like she already killed Kurumi more than once.


Tokisaki Kurumi smiled without resisting or retorting. Tokisaki Kurumi put down her guns and she looked up at the sky.


“Ah, surely next time…”


The girl slipped past Tokisaki Kurumi, she accurately slashed Kurumi’s and blood splattered into the sky.




Tengu City’s airspace, aboard Fraxinus…


A light pillar appeared in one of the platforms within the ship. The light pillar slowly dimmed and Wu Yan appeared with his tattered clothes. He looked like a refugee who ran away from harsh reality. His eyes, however, had a distinct light in it that would make people know almost intuitively that he had powers no mortal had.


When he saw the familiar scene, he more or less guessed why he appeared here.


“Welcome back…”


Murasame Rinne greeted him with a sleepy face. This girl sounded like she badly needed some sleep. Her exhaustion is contagious.


“Where’s Kotori?”


He questioned her.


“She’s the one who beamed me up here right?”


“Let’s go, she’s waiting for you in her commanding room.


Wu Yan scratched his cheek and he followed her.


Each of the Fraxinus members had different reactions to what they are currently looking at.


Some of them had frightened looks, looks of consternation, anxiety while others had a grim look. They are all watching the screen in an eerie silence, even Kotori.



They were watching the fight between Wu Yan and Tokisaki Kurumi.


They didn’t expect Wu Yan to put up such a good fight against a strong spirit like Tokisaki Kurumi. Nobody thought Wu Yan was pathetic, they knew full well what Tokisaki Kurumi and her angel are capable of doing.


They saw why Nightmare got her nickname.


With their own eyes, they saw how she can be frighteningly powerful and battle crazed, it doesn’t help that some screws in her head are loose as well.


This spirit is unlike anything they have ever seen before.


They now know why some referred to her as the worst spirit. She’s throwing what they knew about spirits into the washing machine and giving it her own spin.

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