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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 53: Put down that loli in your hand!

“Mikoto, Hinagiku your objective is to kill the hounds, I will cook me up some small fries, then we go deal with the scumbag majora!”

Wu Yan went over the details of their plan before slowly drawing out Nietono no Shana.

“Don’t worry, I will look after Hinagiku!”

Quickly picking up the meaning be hind his gaze Mikoto tried to assure the guy with a nod.


Listening to Mikoto, Hinagiku stood akimbo a bit upset at their treatment of her.

“I’m not a kid, do I need to be taken care of?”

A bit powerless at her display he responded.

“I say Kaichou-sama, this is all for your own good, with your low level right now, it would have to wait until you’re a bit higher, then you can do whatever you want, but right now please be obedient and cooperate with Mikoto.”

“I know I know, it’s not like I don’t understand.”

Still a bit bitter she took light steps to Mikoto’s side.

“At least leave one for me to deal with, I also want to help out!”

Wu Yan and Mikoto exchanged look before nodding.

“Okay, Hinagiku can have one, take it as a chance to improve your real battle experience!”

If it’s against only one Hinagiku should be able to do it. It is a battle between tiers but tier 2 and tier 3 is not that from each other yet, and the hound wouldn’t be able to rival humans in terms of cunning and wits, thus the battle should be easier on her.

Spending 100’000 Item points to buy a Resplendent Breath, he passed it over to her while reminding her sternly.

“If you’re ever in danger, drink it straight away, don’t risk it!”

“No need, I…”


Shoving the potion into her hands he stared directly into her yellowish green pupils.

“To me, you’re more important then that lousy bottle of potion, screw 100’000 Item points even if it were to be multiplied by 100 or 1000 times it’s still worth less than a drop of your blood!”

Amazed by his seriousness she blushed and received the potion and then grasping it tightly in her palm.

Mikoto who stood on the side was also surprised by the passionate statement. She’s only 14 years old, never has she heard a line so cheesy and cringe worthy, she feels embarrassed and at the same time a bit of admiration for the guy. In her eyes, there were some warmness and displeasure mixed together.

“Woof woof!”

Suddenly a hound is barking at their direction giving the trio still hiding in the dark a jump, along with the bark more barking sounds came.

Right now a pack of hounds are heading their direction while barking and leaving a trail of drool along the way, it’s sloppy to say the least.

“Who’s there!”

Seeing that their hounds sudden acted up the mercenaries took up arms.

Tie Li also flinched at this, regaining his senses he smashed the bottle in his hand on the ground and ran to Lirin’s side picking her up under his arms as he warily looked at the trees where the trio is hiding.

Confronted with the approaching abominations, he almost cussed, without waiting for him to make a move, Mikoto made an electric net and dragged the hounds to the side.

Can she not be happy at this turn of events? The trio already distributed their job, Wu Yan shanks the fools, she and Hinagiku deals with the dogs. But the problem was that the dogs were mixed in with the mercenaries, and this change happened just as she was having a minor headache over how to filter out the dogs from the people.

Luckily she doesn’t need to take any further actions as the dogs moved on their own towards them, she only needs to capture all of them with an electric net and slaughter them at the side.

Hinagiku swung her hand to the side to materialize a crystal long sword before dashing off to the side. She picked a random dog and started a battle with it.

“Who are you people!”

Still shouting the mercenaries made their way towards Mikoto and Hinagiku, from the looks of it they don’t have any intention of finding out, it’s kill on sight.

Once Tie Li saw Hinagiku and Mikoto who are fighting with the dogs his eyes shone before turning vulgar. His eyes wandered about like he’s contemplating how to capture them alive.

Seeing that his eyes is moving about on their bodies, Wu Yan who is well versed in cliche tropes knew what the prick is thinking about. He smirked before shooting out from behind a tree at the mercenaries who are approaching Mikoto and Hinagiku.

In his mind this group of people is already dead!

The jolly running mercenaries didn’t get a chance to get near the two girls before a silver flash appeared in the center of their formation. Like a dancing firefly the flash appeared and disappeared, the dance however is not as harmless as a firefly’s those flashes is the cold glimmer of silver blade.


A mercenary stopped his advance drawing the puzzled gazes of his colleagues, before they could ask him what’s wrong the mercenary grumbled and his weapon fell with a ‘tingtang’ on the floor.

Clutching his neck, he widened his eyes with terror as blood slowly flowed down his neck dyeing his hand red. He looked at his colleagues with gasping mouth like he’s trying to say something but his attempts failed and slowly he fell down on the floor with no more life in him.

This dude is the nameless mook talking with Tie Li before! (Tl:sir buttkiss)


Before the mercenaries could scream a shriek preceded them, a mercenary looked on in disbelief at the pristine blade without a blood coming out of his chest, and then he permanently shut his eyes.

Pulling out Nietono no Shana he dodged the spray of blood coming out and dashed to another mercenary and slashed the despairing guy.

The waltz of death started, in mere moments 3 tier 3 mercenaries has fallen and they didn’t even get a good look at the culprit of their death, the only thing they were cognizant of were the silvery flash before blacking out and reporting themselves to the scythe swinging girl of Sanzu river. (Tl: probably a reference to Komachi Onozuka)

After the death of 3 comrades who fought by their side before Wu Yan appeared in front of them, only now did the mercenaries piece together what happened.

He nonchalantly took a step forward and the mooks stepped a few steps back as they raised their weapon at him but none dared to come at him.

Tie Li moved his gaze over from the two girls onto him and saw the terrified mercenaries confronting Wu Yan as well as the 3 bodies on the ground. He’s not even sad or mad or anything he only shouted at his subordinates.

“What the hell are you guys doing! Charge! Kill the guy!”

The mercenaries exchanged glance and gulped. Under the vice captain’s coercive eyes they charged at him while yelling and attacking him.

Seeing as Tie Li didn’t use Lirin as a hostage he phewed, if he threatened him with Lirin then he would be put in a difficult spot, unless he uses Mikoto’s overwhelming strength to snatch Lirin back. But doing that has its risk as well, if he can avoid this recourse then all the more better!

The mercenaries attacks are at hand and he grinned before swinging Nietono no Shana, crisp sound rang out and the weapons in their hands turned into 2 parts as it fell into useless pieces of metal.

“Mainstream Armament!”

Tie Li shouted out and then stared greedily at the blade in his hand.

A weapon that can so easily slash apart the weapons in their hands which are mostly barely excellent quality goods, only the storied Mainstream Armament could do something of this standard!

Tie Li’s a tier 5 now and even now he still hasn’t had the chance to equip one, his weapon right now is the same giant sword he swung around, he started to save up for an upgrade, but it looks like the hassle is unneeded since there’s someone who would soon give him the weapon he always wanted.

In his eyes, this weapon is already branded with his name and soon this blade would be his!

“You lot, hurry up and rush the foe!”

He commanded the mercenaries surrounding Wu Yan before continuing training his rapacious eyes on Nietono no Shana.

Beautiful woman and the likes, he could obtain those whenever he pleases. As long as he has the power, there’s no need to worry about hot chicks, weapons are one way to augment one’s power!

Furthermore, now that the weapon and woman he dreamed of is in front of him, he feels like it’s his lucky day, once he get rid of that male then everything would be his!

With his tier 5 strength, this young fellow who looks like he hasn’t matured yet could never be able to best him! With this kind of logic his confident shot through the roof, the only thing missing now would be ‘I want it’ written on his face.

Blinded by his avarice, never would he have conceived that the one standing before him is no ordinary human.

Indeed the trio looked really young. Wu Yan who’s twenty would be easily mistaken as a brat because of his goofy face and grin, also in his perception twenty year old is still an age where one’s wet behind the ears, at that age barring the exception of one being a genius of some big family how could they compete with him?

The situation applies even more to the two girls, they are even immature and they don’t look the part in the slightest with their tiny body and cool elegant air.

It’s too bad he miscalculated, age and height is irrelevant in this discussion because the male and female moving about before him except for Hinagiku, is completely and utterly insurmountable by him. If Hinagiku drank the Resplendent Breath she holds then even if he fought with her he would still die from debilitation.

Hearing him shouting out ‘Mainstream Armament’ he can’t help giggling at the poor fuck.

Mainstream Armament? That kind of equipment is obsolete to moi, Nietono no Shana is a Rare Armament!

I still have Mainstream Armament but it is currently sitting in my space ring because nobody wants to use it.

He didn’t bother trying to communicate, moving his body the blade whirled tracing beautiful angles, every time it moved a splatter of blood follows and soon so too will a mercenary as well.

He zipped around the center of the encirclement with eminent speed so fast the mercenaries felt dizzy just looking at him. Soon blood spurted out of their body before they regretfully drop down on the ground.

The sound of body tumbling down as well as the sound of blade meeting human flesh turned into a rhythm. It’s like it’s made of heavy tone and light tone, once a light tone rang, it would be followed soon by a heavy tone, about 30 seconds has passed and within this time frame all the mercenaries collapsed and could stand no more.

“”Ding! M2 completed! Obtained Ep, Ip, Ap, Sp 7’000!”

20 tier 3 mercenaries, with the sound of mission 2 completed, their death is confirmed. It is ironic how the scumbags managed to be of some use at the point of their death, as income for Wu Yan.

Throwing a glance at the mercenary on the ground he then looked disdainfully at Tie Li who’s frozen in place. He swung Nietono no Shana to the side to get rid of the bloodstain and returned the blade to its bright gleam.

Lifting the blade he walked in front of Tie Li and took a look at the grim Tie Li and Lirin who’s struggling in his arm, he then pointed the blade at him before yelling at the guy.

“Tai! Put down that loli in your hand!”

(Tl: the counter used to refer to loli here is one used for non human creatures 只, basically referring to the girl as an animal or creature.)

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