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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 55: Granting a very fancy death!

With dou qi coming off of him in stream, Tie li drew his great sword from his waist, with a force which could possibly split mountain, he rushed at Wu Yan.

“You girls be careful and take care of the little one!”

He gestured to the girl while giving the least amount of attention to the oncoming Tie Li.

In the past it’s always him on the receiving end when it came to level difference. At last, it’s his turn to dish out the punishment!

 Hinagiku and Mikoto retreated with little loli, Tie Li couldn’t care less, quite the contrary he was happy.

In his mind, it’s fortunate for him that the girls knew who they were messing with and chose to run, otherwise his awesome attack would be too powerful and might hurt them. That wouldn’t be good because, ignoring injuries if they died then it would such a waste since he hadn’t had the chance to savor them.

Still deluding himself with such fantasies he rised his great sword while roaring with laughter. The sword then came down on Wu Yan while creating gale as it continued on its path.

Not far away, the two girls didn’t blink while watching the fight, Lirin also looked on in axiety.

“Sister, is it alright not to help big brother? That big guy is very strong, he killed all of Lirin’s guards!”

Pale with fright as she remembered the scene of slaughter she tried shrinking her body into Hinagiku’s hug while tearing up again.

Hinagiku stroked her long waist-length blonde hair while keeping her eyes on him. She tenderly comforted her with her hand.

“It’s alright, big brother can do it, don’t get fooled by his stupid attitude, he’s actually very strong!”

“Very strong…”

Lirin, still unconvinced looked at him while puzzled.

“Stronger than that big guy over there?”


Mikoto spoke as she squatted down to lock eye with Lirin.

“He’s stronger than that annoying big guy!”


She lifted her petite face and mewled.

“Then.. does that mean big brother is going to win against the bad guy?”

“Yeap! He can definitely win!”

said the two in sync, from their words and tone one could tell they were speaking as if they were the ones doing the fighting.

Curiously she watched Wu Yan as she murmured.

“Do your best..”

“Die! Little bastard!”

Tie li rorared as he mercilessly swung down with dou qi swirling around the blade, the force was enough to make Wu Yan’s hair flutter, one could surmise just how big a force it is!

But, against this powerful attack, he ignored the attack, tier 5 and tier 6 is already a relatively high tier, hence the tier gap between now is completely different from the case of Hinagiku v Sharp Fang hound, a case of tier 2 vs tier 3.

Also, the difference between Hinagiku and sharp fang hound is but one level , Tie li however is 10 level lower than him! A whole fucking tier!

He lazily lifted his blade to block the attack. The collision made a great ‘jiang’ as the blades met and the great sword’s momentum is completely stopped.

“Oh? Not bad, I can see why you have the balls to challenge the great me, it looks like you have some skill!”

Briefly stunned by this he then laughed it off as he picked his sword up, spinning the blade he jumped at him looking like a berserker.

“Let’s how many attacks from the great me can you block!”

His ear picking up the cringe worthy boast, he swung Nietono no Shana against his flurry of attacks, completely blocking every strike and slash, he even had the leisure to sigh amidst this onslaught.

During his stint as a reader of novels, he has come across this kind of cocky ass Long Ao Tian type with Iq-lower-than-potato type characters begging the MC to spank their punk ass. Who would have thought now that he transported he would have the pleasure of dealing with this kind of folk. (Tl: Long Ao Tian, for lack of close english meaning, it would be better to think of them as Mary sue, these characters are commonly found in YY novels or wish fulfillment novels. Common traits including shallow character due to bad writing by the author; harem keeps adding up in the most contrived of ways, tons of brochachos, op as hell, no brains, power level inflations, PhDs in A to Z but is stumped at every little issue etc.)

Thinking back, every time he sees this trope being played straight, his jimmies were so rustled that he wished he could turn into the MC and curb stomp the bastard coated bastards so they know their place.

Now, it’s the perfect opportunity but he can’t find the heart to do so.

Don’t get him wrong, it’s because this dude in front of him is too damn amusing, like a clown he brings amusement to those around them. Completely unaware they suck balls, these mofos prance around without understanding that others are sneering at them. They still think they’re hot shit after all that so it’s really hard to get mad at trolls like this.

Although, his performance is bringing down air quality, and it’s a bit disgusting…

And so under his powerful attacks the dust were swept up into the air along with them. He deflected one of his attack into the ground, the force was transmitted into the ground. As a result, dust pebbles and rocks flew everywhere, the two continued their exchange while making a total mess of the area.

“Hithithithithithit! Damn! Why is it not connecting!!!”

He hacked and slashed at Wu Yan. In his mind, it should only have been 1 or 2 rounds before this little bastard turn into a meat paste under his sword, then his job would be to indulge in carnal pleasure.

But, don’t say it’s just 1 or 2 round, this ‘dick sword fight’ has been going on for few hundred bouts now and there’s sitll no sign of the little prick turning into meat paste. What’s more the prick is using very half assed footsteps and swings to completely nullify his attacks.

He feels like he might just lose it any moment now, he has already expended a big half of his dou qi and the guy isn’t even sweating let alone consider his dou qi amount. In a manner similar to taking a walk in his garden, he’s not fazed by his changing patterns, they were completely ineffective against him!

What kind of joke is this! I am a tier 5 warrior! How can my attack not work against a little brat!

I don’t believe this shit!


He roared frantically and put in more dou qi while hastening his assault, it finally managed to put a bit of pressure on Wu Yan.

“Oh my, not bad, I’m starting to feel it now!”

He could feel a bit more strength coming from his great sword in contact with Nietono no Shana. At last, he’s grinning.

Pulling his sword outwards, he shoved away Tie Li’s great sword and then backed a few steps away as he sneered at Tie Li.

“Our strength should only be a tier apart, it’s significant but if you can’t even put up a bit of resistance then that would be just too damn pathetic.”

Listening to him, he flinched before frowning and going full retard.

“I see, just a tier away? So you’re a tier 4, a peak one at that, that’s why you could survive and kill those worthless mobs form before!”

He almost broke out in laughter when he heard him, it would be better to call him a pig at this point, They already fought for so long and he already dropped such hints at him yet he still arrived at this kind of conclusion, how godly, no, how swine-ly godly. (Tl: when referring to how godly stupid he is 还真乃神人 was used which roughly translate into he’s really godly, this is a classic line from Detective Di Ren Jie where his sidekick always kiss his ass with this line whenever the protagonist makes a major breakthrough in a hard case)

Looking at him all speechless Tie Li felt pleased, he then proceeded to mock him.

“To attain tier 4 at such an age and what’s more a peak at that you could call yourself a genius but it’s just too bad that tier 4 and tier 5 are not comparable and the gap between them is too wide, it’s not something you could overcome even if you’re at the peak, as a tier 5 it is but a mere trifle to kill you!”

He beamed, like a sun he beamed, he can’t help it, his face distorting while trying to hold back his urge to roflcopter.

“Yep, that’s right, you’re so correct, the tier gap is indeed a bitch!”

His weird expression made Tie Li assume that it’s because he’s so terrified that he cracked.

Like a baboon he laughed, his laughter was one such anyone could tell he’s very proud of himself at the moment. He then turned to him again.

“Now that you know what reality is right now it’s still not too late to surrender. Hand over the 3 girls and I will let you live and you can be my bodyguard!”

Everything he said is true, he really felt that way about him that’s why he put it like that.

In his eyes, he who could reach tier 4 peak at such an age is indeed gifted. He might even be able on par to those nobles’ disciple.

In the future should he break through to tier 5 and perhaps even tier 6 then a lot of doors would open up for him.

 One would raise the question of loyalty at this point but being the complete and utter moron he is it slipped right past him. In his elementary deduction, surrendering equals submission, and he would be under his control for eternity.

The oaf stepped onto a landmine and he didn’t know. Again.

As the dude was still spouting ‘ now that you know what reality is right now it’s still not too late to surrender’ Wu Yan’s still all smiley but when he said ‘Hand over the 3 girls’ he turned very baleful.

“Mikoto! Hinagiku!”

He startled everyone with his yell.

“What’s wrong? You need help?”

Mikoto walked forward towards him.

“Mikoto, Hinagiku…”

Still very menancing he made his intention known in a very plain tone.

“You girls along with the little one, close your eyes!”

“Close our eyes?”

They blanched at his request.


“Because let’s just what’s going to happen moments later is going to be brutal and not suited for young audience…”

As his words transferred into their ears, they understood the implication, they hugged and closed their eyes while also covering Lirin’s.

Turning into a line of mirages he disappeared and manifested in front of Tie Li with deadly eyes as Tie Li froze his smile at his sudden actions. He gave him a very icy grin.

“You’re planning to lay a hand on the two huh, I must say…”

Grasping the handle he continued.

“You, really like digging your own grave!”

Done with his word, he raised Nietono no Shana and swung down at him in a flash, literally disarming the fucker, he didn’t dither during the entire process!

“Insert sound of bitch getting shanked here”

Replaying a scenario in are you there god? It’s me Margaret. in a different tone, blood streamed down and it was quickly followed by Tie Li screaming at the top of his lung while holding his chopped off hand.

Already rendering the fucker in such a state, he sheathed the blade and then putting it away in the Space ring. Standing in front of Tie Li he declared with a low tone at him.

“No zuo no die, since you’re so hellbent on the highway to hell, I will let you go out in a very fancy style!”

Lightning flash appeared and dust started flying, sparks and lightning crackled from his body as they arced around him while making thunder symphony.

He raised his hand and the ground had a minor tremor as small grains of iron dust came pouring out forming waves around him.

Motioning to the cloud, iron sand went up into the air and mixed around in the air, it didn’t take long before they formed numerous iron swords.

Forming the iron swords, he commanded them with a yell and they flew at Tie Li like arrows from bows. One by one the swords pierced Tie Li who was in so much pain that he simply could not make any respond as the swords pierced his body, limbs and brain!

Fresh blood, splashed upwards into midair…

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