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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 56: The primitive lifestyle that we’re about to leave behind…


With a low thud Terry (Tie Li’s western name as per Hendras S’ suggestion) fell to the ground as he closed his eyes. Perhaps even in his next life the scene where countless black swords rain down upon him would remain a nightmare…

“”Ding! M3 completed! Obtained Ep, Ip, Ap, Sp 10’000!”


He felt a slight dizzy sensation accompanied by pain coming from his head. Holding his head he groaned in pain while his eyes went bloodshot. He got down on one knee as he shook his head.

After a bit the dizzy feeling alleviated and he break out a bitter laugh.

That just now is a symptom of overusing esper powers when computational power cannot handle the load!

Against the great snake monster Mikoto could use this level of Iron sand sword with a flip of her hand, if she wants to use it she damn well could, and if she wanted to retract them then the same applies as well. He subconsciously thought that he could do the same just as easily as well.

The reality however is different, everyone is unique, there is something one cannot do even if others could do it, at least not right now he couldn’t.

Mikoto could manipulate her power like it’s nothing, but when it came to him he suffered backlash after just one usage, what to say… to compare oneself to another would be the death of oneself… (Tl:人比人气死人, not sure of the existence of an english equivalent but the proverb basically says that one shouldn’t compare one’s weakness to another’s strength as that would be pointless not to mention everybody has something they are good as well as bad and also the different in circumstances, be happy with what you have etc..)

This situation could have been foresaw, Mikoto is lv5 and he’s lv4, to forcibly use a skill one the scale of a lv5, can one really expect it to go that smoothly?

It’s fortunate that he had Kendo Master, a strong physique and mental fortitude otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to pull that stunt and would end up with a head splitting headache while rolling around on the floor.

Inside the ability list, lv5 cost 10 times for than lv4.

That’s the difference between the two.

“Why is there no sound?”

Terry’s death and him being occupied with his headache made the surrounding very quiet, after a bunch of swish sounds, it went silent, Hinagiku felt odd that she didn’t hear Wu Yan’s sound.

“Hey, Yan, what’s going on? Squeak something!”

It’s been ahile and there’s still no sound, this made Mikoto anxious, but Wu Yan said not to look so she didn’t open her eye. (Tl: that moment when you realize Mikoto could sense electromagnetism in her vicinity.)

He said it, what’s going to happen is going to be ugly, it’s safe to say the two were a bit scared by this. The two tsundere don’t like losing to a bloody scene but being girls and his tone sounded off, they didn’t dare open their eyes.

He was rendered momentarily speechless at Mikoto’s line, what can he do but respond to her in a helpless way.

“What do you mean by squeak, only mouse do that sort of thing okay?”

The two phewed, he’s okay by the sound of it, but Mikoto’s still not pleased.

“What’s the deal, say something if you’re done why the suspense?”

“What the…”

Railgun be railgun, so tsundere. She’s clearly worried but she won’t say it straight, would it kill her to say a few sweet lines?!

“Are you done or not!”

Hinagiku is also getting ab it upset, it’s one thing to be afraid and another to be curious, the surprise like element is making her all itchy inside.

“Almost, almost.”

Blowing them off with a few nonchalant lines, he wielded the iron sand and threw the pincushion body into the woods not far away, human body could not be sold for points so he chose this alternative.

He felt a bit better about this seemingly inconvenient feature, if the system also allowed exchange of bodies then he would quite frankly feel a bit disturbed. This is an issue of principle rather than economical.

The other bodies weren’t given much thought, the two girls already saw it, the scene is still within their bearable range. Unlike Terry who became a porcupine and had salsa coming out of his head.

It’s qualified to the extent of acceptable, if it were to be a question of doing it, then that would be…

Maa, they’re just 14,15 year old girls, so.. god bless fill in the blanks!


The two girls instantly opened their eyes when they heard him like they would lose out on something if they were slower by even a second, he didn’t know what to say at this.

“Why is your eyes so red!”

When they saw the dilated blood vessels, Hinagiku practically jumped at this as she pursued him.

Mikoto flinched before recalling something and affirmed it.

“You overused your powers didn’t you?”

Seeing her unwavering eye he knew he couldn’t get shit past the radar before he smiled at her.

“Just a bit…”

“Do you want to turn into a vegetable!”

She raised her tone at him while being all furious at him.

“Are you stupid? I told you before if you overloaded your power and your computational abilities couldn’t keep up then worst case scenario you would fry your brains didn’t I?”

“Fried brains!”

Surprised, Hinagiku turned at Wu Yan with eyes that were growing dangerous by the second.

“How would I know…”

Under their scrutinizing gaze he felt a bit threatened as he tried to mutter his way out.

“Mikoto could do it before without a problem, so you see…”

“I’m a lv5! You’re a lv4, we are not comparable!”

Listening to his feeble excuse, her anger made her teeth very itchy, she so wanted to go up and give him a bite to let the jerk know what pain feels like.

“Okay okay, they won’t a be a next time,  one time is enough anyway!”

That kind of cool ass ability, he had no regret after using it once. The scene where hundreds of black sword rained down, if it wasn’t for the fact that he didn’t recognise the familiarity of this, he would probably have added ‘mongrel’ to his one liner.


Reference to this hero over here.

Nn Nn, the badassery of the big dawg with the biggest and numerous bling of the heroes, except the fact that he’s using multitude of treasure and he’s just using a bunch of black swords, they would look the same.

Given the chance to redo it, he would still have done it, Maa, it might be a bit too risky though…

Since he already used it, until he’s lv5 he won’t be using it again, as much as it’s important to pose one needs to take care of one’s life!

The two still didn’t seem like they would let him go even if he promised they wouldn’t be a next time so he tried another approach, change the subject.

“Oh yes, after the rounds of battle from before Hinagiku’s level should have risen a lot yeah?”

She’s still low leveled so after killing 19 tier 3 sharp fang hound, 20 tier 3 mercenaries and 1 tier 5 vice captain, her level should have risen a lot from 19.

She can’t help checking her level  when she heard that, she was stunned by what she saw she then beamed.

“Yeap, it has risen alright! I’m 35 now!”

“level 35 huh? Not bad, that means we didn’t fight so many mob for nothing!”

He nodded, 39 tier 3, 1 tier 5, just from this tier 2 Hinagiku ought to have such a big haul.

(tl: the arrows are not reflective of the most recent battle result, they reflect the total change that occurred since the last saved version of their status table.)

Wu Yan
‘Kendo Master’
‘Master Chef”
‘Impeccable Memory’
Chaotic ‘Return to Horizon Waltz’, ‘Electromaster (lv4)’
Nietono no Shana (C grade), Conceptual Dragon Armor (C grade)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku
Equipment points:
51’000  → 21’000
Item points:
8’300’000  → 8’170’000
Ability points:
81’000  → 101’000
Summoning points:
11’000  → 26’000
45  → 50
Misaka Mikoto
Electromaster (lv5)
68  → 69
Katsura Hinagiku
D  → C
D  → C
Shirosakura (D grade)
17  → 35

Closing the system status list, he delighfully grinned.

Their team is now composed of a tier 4, a tier 6 and a tier 7, this lineup cannot act as they please in Silvaria but it’s definitely enough if they just traveled around!

Now that she’s level 35, Giant beast forest would yield little benefit for them as of now, naturally they wouldn’t be able to get a lot of experience points if they don’t venture deeper into the forest, this would be very risky as they don’t know how strong the foes are, if a level 80 were to come along then it would be him who’s hunted down by the beast rather than the other way around.

Lirin who had been listening from the start finally lifted her head and asked the trio with curiosity contained within those jewel like eyes.

“What’s level  and what’s leveling up?”

Her voice called back the three still fascinated with their status, the three exchanged look. They completely forgot about this loli…

Hinagiku awkwardly looked away, Wu Yan and Mikoto are still excusable but Hinagiku is not because the little loli Lirin has been in her arms the whole time…

“It’s nothing, little girl you have misheard us!”

Trying to throw a fast one over her he went haha, he’s betting on her having an element of air headedness.

The matter regarding system must be kept a secret under all but the most secure circumstances. If this were not done properly, forget people drawn in by the prospect of System, people might even capture them to dissect them just for being transportee.

“Is that so?”

Looks like he got half the bet right, she’s not airheaded but she’s confused and naive. She’s full of question mark at his words but she chose to believe him.

“Oh yes, little girl, why were you captured by those bad guys?”

Hinagiku stroked her back while expressing her puzzlement over her situation. She can somehow guess that Lirin is not someone ordinary, an average Jane wouldn’t have guards and she said it herself that her guard were all killed by Terry and his gang.

Lifted by Hinagiku, she puffed her cheeks while looking a bit upset.

“Lirin don’t understand as well, Lirin just came out for a stroll and those bad guys came and caught me, they even killed my guards and took me here where there’s no bed, no food, Lirin was so miserable…”

With a tone characteristic of a loli she kept puffing her cheek as she explained her circumstances to the trio. He didn’t know Hinagiku and Mikoto are thinking about but he’s ruminating a thought that he feels must be shouted out loud.

Too fukken moeeeee!!!

Of course he kept it in his heart, if he were to really shout that out he would be stabbed and electrocuted for sure…

“Do you know where’s your house?’

Mikoto lowered her height by placing her hand on her knees as she asked the little girl, she’s pretty sweet when talking to little kids.

“Nn Nn!”

Nodding her little head she clamored.

“Lirin knows, Lirin knows the way home!”

I will be damned, she could make sense of directions, unlike the him who came to this world that time. Fuck it, no further comment on that embarrassing history!

“Yan, what do we do?”

Though she’s asking him, he could tell from her yellowish green eye that she has already decided what their next moves are.

Confirming the same intention in Mikoto he said no more and merely gestured to them.

“Have you girls not decided already? Is there even a point to ask me…”

“Now that it’s settled…”

Mikoto stood at the front of the party as she pointed forward with a bossy attitude.

“We depart! To send the little girl home!”

Observing her antic, Wu Yan felt like asking her.

Ya sure it’s that direction girl?…

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