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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 61: The item to bring down railgun!

To prevent Lirin from dashing here and there, Hinagiku grabbed her by the hand. While doing so she still kept her eyes on the various stalls and shops with a sweet smile on her face with no hint of hiding her own feelings.

Mikoto also wandered from stalls to stalls until she found, the one stall that stopped her, all actions stopped and she didn’t budge from there.

Wu Yan’s curious what made her like that so he glanced over to see what’s the big deal, once he saw it he can’t help chuckling.

That’s a wrist guard that looked a lot like a frog, more specifically, looked damn well like a gekota.

Already going feline in the eyes, he can’t hold it back anymore and he burst out laughing.


He has seen it on screen, and now that it’s right before his eyes, he still thinks it’s very moe. It’s very weird how can someone turn their expression into that kind of face? He really can’t hold back the laughter.

Hearing his giggling, railgun instantly returned to her senses. She turned back only to see a grinning Wu Yan, and thus she blushed, red to the tip of her ears.

Plastering a face like she don’t care, she kept her eyes on gekota wrist guard while dryly laughing.

“To… to think that on this world people would make something so childish, it’s really…”

Even a kid would know she’s faking it, with her peeking at the gekota good from time to time, he’s wondering if she would peek so hard her eyes moved over to her ear.

“Yes yes yes, you’re right this thing is really~~~ childish, our great Mikoto couldn’t possibly like this kind of child~~~ish thing!”

The way he’s saying that one could tell he’s being a smug ass right now.

Emphasizing the teasing tone, Mikoto got even redder. He knows if he push it too far, Mikoto would flip out and go ape shit on him so it’s better to stop before that point.

“Alright, let’s catch up to Hinagiku and co otherwise we would get left behind!”

He grabbed Mikoto by the hand and started walking away.


She cried out for him to stop while looking very reluctant to leave the stall behind, she even had tears in the corner of her eyes. With her tsundere personality, she simply could not say ‘I want it’, so there she was getting dragged further and further from the stall by him.

Until she could no longer see the stall, Mikoto turned her head back to notice her hand is being grabbed by Wu Yan.

Facial temperature soaring her forehead started crackling with biribiri while putting up a small struggle.

“You.. what’re you doing…”

“nothing much!”

He smirked at her blushing face, not giving her the chance to finish he dangled something in front of her.

Looking at the thing in front of her she flinched before going vacant looking at it, her pupils shrinked into cat like irises.

That’s a necklace, a crystal one, it had the shine characteristic of cut jewel, under the light of various magic lamps, it’s gleaming with a very beautiful glitter, it’s captivating to say the least.

It’s very beautiful alright but a mere necklace could not make her lose her composure, at most she would say it’s pretty but that’s it.

BUT. This is no normal necklace, the crystal it has is different form what one would think!

What really caught her attention is the Gekota crystal on it!

Beautiful crystal necklace plus a gekota shaped piece on it? Ba-kyun baby, her childish heart got sunk by the torpedo, dragged into an eternal crystal hell of gekota, she can’t escape!

What’s the scene like with her stupefied while looking like a cat? Who knows but he’s laughing out loud that’s for sure, his guffaw returned her to her senses, seeing that he’s laughing so hard he held his stomach, Mikoto wished she could find a gap or a hole to go into.

She said the thing was childish before, lo and behold a change in heart the next instant, she got enraptured by the childish thing. So humiliating, listening to his laughter, she prepared herself for his mockings.

He felt like she’s not letting out any sound so he figured it’s about enough, he slapped his cheeks lightly and then walked over to her front.

Seeing him walking to her front, Mikoto closed her eyes in a fluster while preparing to shout ‘Yeah that’s right I’m childish, I like gekota, laugh it out’, the next sentence from him cut her off.

“It’s yours!”

He dangled the gekota crystal necklace with an angled smile in front of her face.

Mikoto opened her eyes, it’s still the same necklace, the same smirk but the intention has changed into a different one.

The people walking on the street still moved on incessantly as if they did not notice the situation going on between him and her, they brushed past the two, one by one along with the light from the magic lamps they collectively served as a contrast to make the whole scene very beautiful.

The necklace swung left and right as Mikoto lost focus in her gaze, she didn’t however turned into feline mode again.

“For.. me…”

She sounded like she still can’t believe the whole thing.

“That’s right!”

He moved the necklace away and ignored her gaze that followed the thing as he pried her hand open and placed it into her palm.

“This is custom made by me, it’s for you!”

Yes, he has been planning this since he summoned her, finding the perfect timing to give her the thing. Her fondness of gekota is through the roof and heaven piercing, with an extent like this, it’s just begging for him to capitalize it.

He doesn’t know how to cut or sculpt the crystal but inside the system there’s tons of weird and bizarre items, one of them is a crystal necklace that could be shaped by thought, this kind of basic crystal that could be morphed by thought requires only 100 Item points, cheap and has value!

Technically, he still made it.

“Didn’t I… I say it? … this.. kind of childish thing I don’t fancy…”

Stuttering like a dishonest child she babbled how she didn’t like the thing, but her hands were grasping onto it very tightly.

“Is that so?”

He looked at her with teasing face, he spread his palm in front of her.

“Give it back then!”


Almost instantly she reflexively shouted at him, she then clenched her hands while vigilantly guarding the crystal and staring at him.

“I thought you didn’t like it?”

This tsundere girl, even if she died she wants to die a tsundere, so very amusing and fun, he likes it, nothing he can do about it.

She flushed red again while turning her head away from him.

“How.. how can you take something you gave back, since you made it so diligently it’s my obligation to keep it!”

“If you like it just say so, don’t twist and turn so much!”

He helplessly sighed at her while retrieving his hand as expected.

“I.. I don’t like particularly like it…”

“You don’t have to fake it, Mikoto.”

He placed his hands on her shoulder as he turned her around to face him, he slowly spitted out the words at her rosy face.

“Mikoto, no one knows you more than me here, barring the ones from my world, at least no one ought to know you more than me, your hobbies, your personality, I know it all. That’s why there’s no need for you to put up a front when your opponent is me!” (Tl: where the hell is Hinagiku, she letting this slide?)

He chuckled at her.

“Overlooking the fact that we spent all our time together, we are ones connected in life, should we die then we die together, and if we’re living then we’re together, I will accept all of you and you don’t have to hide anything from me, what’s more…”

“I don’t dislike the you like this, in fact, I quite like it!…”

“Like… like…”


In a manner similar to boiling water, steam started coming off her face, in her mind the word reverberated.

“Okay, we best catch up to Hinagiku and Lirin now!”

Ignoring her stunned self, he dragged her forward…

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