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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 63: Dazzling auction

Looking down from the vip room, Wu Yan instantly had a sense of how it feels to be the elite, the one at the top. (Tl: 会当凌绝顶, 一览众山小, part of a poem by du fu 《望岳》 or mountain gazing , describing how the poet felt after climbing up the mountain and feeling like the biggest badass around town after overcoming the hardship of climbing, how small the surrounding mountain ridges looked like in comparison to him standing at the top, basically how posh it feels to be at the top)

Those noisy casuals coming to join the auction as well, among them except for those like Wu Yan & company who had vip access as well, they all had to sit down there and see them he could from the top, in his room.

Ignoring what he’s thinking at the moment, Hinagiku and Mikoto is having a blast discussing whatever the hell girls do at this moment, what one could see is that they would reach out their pretty little hand towards the fruit on the table. Yeap, this room is no more than a slightly fancier vip room of a KTV box, what’s missing is a microphone in their hands.

Lirin on the other hand looked similar to Wu Yan in that she’s taking in the ‘view’ as well. What’s different is that he is tilting his head while she’s plastering her face all over the mirror with her face squashed against the mirror.

Bitterly laughing he turned away from the girls lest he lose control and throw tsukkomis at them. If he did that then he will have a nice taste of refreshing lightning bolts, not like he’s afraid of them anymore though.

Hequickly noticed that there’s a white little gadget sitting on top the table, he fiddled with it before giggling at the sheer oddity of such a remote control esque brick thing.

What looked like idling to bystander is actually a facade put on by the two, they were actually very wary of Wu Yan for reasons.

“Is there something weird about this blackboard duster like thing?” The two can’t help but ask when they saw him playing around with the thing in his hand while giggling.


Lifting the thing he continued.

“Maa, it’s nothing just a bit curious, is all.”


After taking a glimpse of the gadget they still could not figure out what’s so odd about the thing in his hand.

Perhaps frustrated with not being in the know, the two girls and especially Mikoto pouted while giving him a cold hmph.

“Don’t beat around the bushes will ya? If you have something to say, say it straight, are you a man or not?!”

Her doughty words made his hand jerk and he was that close to hitting Lirin who stuck her face very close out of intrigue. Twitching his lips, he looked at her very unamused, he feels like flipping tables.

If you’re that suspicious why don’t you come check out my manhood, using yourself as the price…

But, of course he could only silently bury his retort, even if one were to give him more guts he wouldn’t dare to say it…

How could he forget to serve the two impatient princesses…

Glancing over at the similarly dissatisfied Hinagiku he felt powerless, it’s futile to act all mysterious in front of these 2 tsundere girls.

“This item should be the auction paddle used to bid…”

He ditched the idea of playing games with them.

“Bidding crystal pad (报价晶板)? I could more or less guess how its usage from the name.”

Railgun who told Wu Yan off for beating around the bush is now grinning at them, like she’s so deep, this made him bleed so hard inside.

Hinagiku shook her head as she inspected the bidding crystal pad and muttering after a bit.

“Surely, like its name, it’s easy to guess, this should be what’s used for bidding during the auction isn’t it?”


He retrieved the gadget and then waved it while explaining.

“If you see anything you like and want to place a bid on it then just say your price at the thing, the host will receive it without a doubt, I don’t know what the exact meaning of this ‘receive’ is but according to them it works like that.”

The two girls nodded before noticing something off.

“Aren’t you joining the auction for the first time as well? Why are you so informed?”

He answered without a word as he pointed at the manual on one side titled ‘auction for dummies’, no words need to be said either, he just grinned at them. (Tl: poser used ‘Impeccable Memory’ on that shit)

This time the two girls + Lirin 囧-ed.

After a brief period of messing around the auction hall’s lights changed in pattern drawing the attention of all present. An old person dressed in a smart fashion appeared at the table in the center most stone platform.

The dude stroked his not too long beard while guffawing. Against the many onlookers’ gazes he responded with a composure without the slightest hint of discomfort or nervousness. Clearly, he has done this many a times before.

Surveying the audience his smile beamed even wider, a hoarse but not bad voice resounded from his old lips. It might look like he’s speaking softly but his sound could be heard no matter where one is seated.

Well, this is to be expected. Without something of this level, how could he be able to handle those ‘unruly’ customers.

In addition, this auction is held in one of the few supply towns closest to the giant beast forest, how can it be a simple monotonous auction.

At the very least, in the trio’s eyes the old man had a level 65 as a testament to his tier 7 strength.

“Ladies & gentlemen, old and young, we meet again, I have the honour of hosting this auction yet again. Let me say this before hand, there’s a lot of good merchandise in the lineup and wait till you see the items we have stored away just for this special occasion. Basically, everybody sit tight and enjoy the show..”

Observing the audience riled up by him the old man had a very weird flash going inside his eye as he lifted the corner of his lips.

“Alright, without further ado, let’s get the first item sold!”

Picking up the wooden gavel, at the same instance, the crystal ball on the table lighted up with a radiant array of light before coalescing into a projection, the item looked like some sort of apple.

The veterans aren’t really impressed but the newcomers sure are. One could hear faint cheering going on. Hell, Lirin’s aving a blast inside the vip room.

“Item no.1, it’s this! Surging power fruit(暴力红果)! Those who knows this fruit surely know its effect that is the ability to give a tremendous boost of  power for a short frame of time! first time users will experience a boost in present dou qi and mana, this is a very precious medicine indeed, it might just save one’s life in a crisis!”

He knocked the gavel twice to silence the audience before lightly beginning the bidding as he did many times before now.

“Starting bid at 1000 gold! No upper limits! Begin!”

Just as he said that, contrary to his expectation, there’s no shouting of prices and breaking of previous highest price record, rather the whole place is silent except for small discussion sounds here and there and the bidding of price through the bidding crystal pad.

Under the projection of said item there’s a row of numbers.

According to the manual, this row of number has crystal pad id number at the front and bidding price at the latter part.

By the way, his id number is 007.

Yes the feeling’s mutual, he’s itching to throw tsukkomi at the id number.

As time flowed along the projection and number changed as well following the gavel knocking sounds. One by one the items are sold off.

Among the items were medicine like the surging force fruit, weapons, armors, herbs, high grade monster loot, gems, minerals, rare oddities. One by one the item dazzled the Wu Yan & company.

Some of the items were even able to tempt Wu Yan who had System.

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