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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 68: The curious final article…

“Maybe everyone is a bit perplexed over why the last item is a map and why are we showing it so blatantly?…”

Seeing that a great many nodded to his question, he ignored the small minority that had their suspicion and those that have their brows raised before continuing.

“Please let me explain and you will see.”

The old dude touched the crystal ball on the table and it shot out a ray of light magnifying the map projection to a bigger proportion, as if he’s not afraid everybody can see it.

The auctioneer walked to the front of his station and announced to the mass.

“Firstly, to make something clear, this map, though being the last item is not an article to be auctioned away!”

The audience began whispering when they heard him, the shrewd few however had their brows raised even higher.

Shaking his head lightly he didn’t try to stop the minor communications happening around him.

“Don’t be alarmed, let me tell you what this map can do!”

Putting his hand behind his back, the auctioneer went into a tranquil state while emitting an air around him. The air of a super!

It is at this moment that the audience recalled, this old fogey is a tier 7.

When the old dude opened his mouth, his voice rang out right beside everyone’s ears as if he’s whispering right beside you.

“Perhaps some of you might have guessed what the nature of the map is, indeed this map is a treasure map.”

Not giving the audience any chance to react he continued with a low tone.

“Everyone must be wondering why an auction firm would take out something like a treasure map to share with everyone. Well, we have no choice you see…”

Everyone present were listening intently. Nobody dared to fart, in that place one could only hear the old dude’s voice.

When the tier 7 said ‘no choice’, even a dumbass would know that the situation is more than it seems and a shit storm is brewing…

Old dude sighed before explaining.

“You all recall the pure white crystal’s origin?”

When the old dude mentioned the crystal with significant amount of life energy Wu Yan & company changed from curious to attentive except for Lirin the trio gave the guy undivided attention.

“It’s an article retrieved by our firm from a dying tier 9, this much everyone surely knows!”


“The thing is that white crystal isn’t the only item we got from the dying tier 9, this map as well came from the deceased person!”

Another item recovered from a tier 9?

His words did naught to quell the suspicion in the audience, quite the contrary it fueled it even more.

“This is the main reason we decided to make the map known to public!”

At this point a hint of annoyance and malice flashed in his eyes but it was quickly tucked away again.

“It is true we tried searching for the whereabouts of the treasure, it is also true that an adventure party was sent out by the firm, equally true is the fact that none of them came back!”

Everyone gasped at his words, quite clearly the whole place is shocked at this revelation.

Observing the effects of his oratory and seeing that some is still doubtful of him he bitterly laughed.

“Everyone please lower your guards, this matter could be asked from any family of a big enough background, it is all true we are not misstating anything.”

He paused before continuing.

“After that round, our firm sent more parties but without fail none of them would return! That’s why we had a conjecture…”

“That maybe the tier 9 went to find the treasure and upon discovering it was met with an entity that could slaughter the party we sent and could bring such a grave harm to the tier 9 that upon return, the individual died.”

At that moment sounds of saliva being gulped could be heard all over the auction hall.

God, that’s a tier 9, an existence of the level that could be counted amogst the top fighting force of Silvaria.

Thinking of the implications, many emotion surfaced in the crowd, there’s greed, fear, admiration, they were all unstable and some were beaming while some were gloomy.

The old dude took in their reaction and after feeling that the crowd has settled a bit continued.

“Basically, we cannot do this by the firm’s resources alone.”

That’s a bold statement, rather than beyond their resource, given that a tier 9 died while searching for the treasures, the map could be described as highly dangerous and should be treated in such a manner with terror!

And then the old due laughed, his laughter lightened the heavy atmosphere.

“And so, here’s what we plan to do, in 3 days time we, the firm would gather a big group of people to once again dive into said location on the treasure map, but we can’t muster up enough people alone so…”

“Here we are, inviting anyone who dares to step up to the challenge to accompany us on this adventure. In 3 days time, gather at the souther plaza of this supply town, we shall head there together and enjoy the boon!”

The mass finally realized the intent of this long speech, it’s a speech to gather up more supers and try to solve the problem by numbers, and get to the treasures!

The old dude waved his hand and bowed to the audience.

“Everyone is welcomed to further propagate this news, it will be easier for us if more competent individuals join us in this venture. No strings attached, anyone who could fight is welcomed, the more people there are the better our chances of getting the treasure!”

Done with his gesture he clapped his hand.

“Well then, that concludes this round of auction. These 3 days, the firm will be ¬†organizing its own party and as such will not be operational during this period, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience this would cause.”

The old dude retreated away, the audience also slowly dispersed with different thoughts in their mind.

What to say… good luck or bad luck? to think one would encounter this kind of affair this early after participating in another world’s auction. Or is it perhaps just his karma after doing so much good deeds?

Slapping his cheek, he loosened his shoulder, it feels like the fatigue is coming all at once.

“Yan, this doesn’t feel right…”

Mikoto came to his side while whispering in his ear, acting in this manner it looked like she’s afraid someone would hear her, the whole scene looked so tsukkomi-able.

Her breathe hitting his face and ear tickled his ear, and it certainly also tickled his heart.

Glancing at her exquisite face that’s just mere centimeters away, he really wanted to give her a peck on the cheek.

“Yan, did you notice anything?”

Another voice came at his other ear, again with the hot alluring breathe hitting him. His passionate heart instantly died down.

Turning over he saw Hinagiku standing at the other side lightly muttering into his ear.

He felt saved by the bell, good god if she didn’t stop him he really might have gave her a kiss, he didn’t know what Railgun would do but Hinagiku would surely draw her Shirosakura and…


they didn’t notice the irregularity of his throat movement, putting on a poker face he tried acting like he’s powerless at something.

“Nobody would hear anything even if you didn’t come so close to me…”

The two flinched before they noticed the nigh zero distance between their face. blushing red they jumped away at a distance before lowering their head.

He felt a bit lonely and at a lost when the two aroma disappeared from his sides.

The two exchanged glance before taking a synchronous look at him and then quickly diverting their gaze. When they saw Lirin looking at them with puzzled eyes they dryly laughed it off. (Tl: god I can’t wait for the next summon…)

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