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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 74: Ikaros! The tender girl that one can’t help feeling pitiful for..

Like a newborn animal, her eyelids twitched and slowly she opened her eyes.

Her indigo colored eyes appeared from underneath the eyelids, it is a very vacant one.The eyes made her looked stiff.

After opening her eyes she lifted her head and took in the first image after summoning, and that is when she saw it.

The completely moved expression on Wu Yan, Lirin sleeping soundly with a big smile, and Hinagiku, Mikoto who’s hurt for some reason.

She laid her eyes on them for a bit before returning it to him.

Her wings flapped open and a few feathers fell, when they floated downwards it made a beautiful scene once more.

She flapped her wings and her legs left the ground, floating in the air it didn’t take long before she arrived in front of him, this surprised the 3 who couldn’t react in time.

Almost the same time she fell on the ground, her alluring crimson lips opened and a soft mellow voice resounded.

“Incription! Begin!”

After that line, what appeared to be formulas started flashing in her eyes.

And then, nothing happened…

“….” Twas Wu Yan

“…” Twas Hinagiku

“…” Twas Mikoto

“….” Twas Ikaros

The whole place fell into an awkward silence, they expected her to do something and looked around, but nothing happened so they returned their gaze to her.

And the whole silent scene enacted once more, a subtle change happened in her emotionless eyes, it started to exhibit what looks like a bit of panic.

Touching her neck she felt her skin, in her impression it seemed like she has been wearing a chain around her neck since her creation but that chain’s gone now.

Feeling her smooth neck, her face didn’t change much but there’s definitely more panic inside her eyes now.

“The inscription necklace… is gone… gone…”

She muttered with an ineffable amount of feelings behind it.

After organizing the information that appeared out of nowhere in her mind she understood that this was no longer her old world…

But, to her, this didn’t really mean much change at all, to her it’s just a change of master from one to another, in the end she’s still another tool, her reason for being is to obey the msater’s command that is all.

Regarding her present predicament, there’s nothing much to say in her opinion, inside her settings, she just need to identify the master, activate the incription necklace and leave everything else to the master, finally listening to his commands, that’s about it.

This much is a given to her.

But right now she can’t stay calm.

The necklace is gone, inscription is thus impossible and therefore she can’t have a master!

This much is too hard for processing by her immature emotional processing system.

No master means she can’t take order and if she can’t take orders she wouldn’t know what to do, if she doesn’t know what to do then she…

She looked composed without the slightest hint of being flustering. But how can he not see the eyes that were practically shouting they were at a loss? Observing the beautiful girl, the moved feeling he had receded and what replaced it were infinite sympathy.

The girl is an artificial angel. Ikaros is made a weapon.

Everything she does after creation is for the master. Each one of her behaviour is under the command of her master, every move she makes is under the direct order of the master. Basically, her whole life it has been one fight after another.

She’s not Nymph or Astrea, her emotional processes are just that undeveloped.

Undeveloped, but it exist, her feelings that is.With her simplistic cognition it’s very likely that the terror she feels right now is very real and very pure in nature!

It’s too bad she didn’t have the ability to self determine, in other words she can’t think for herself!

When the necklace disappeared, what has been the only assist she had is gone and she didn’t know what to do now. And so she started to become lost just like a helpless little girl…

While Hinagiku and Mikoto is still busy putting on god know what kind of reaction, he lightly laughed and stretched out his hand and laid them on her head.

Still somewhere distant in her mind, Ikaros felt a sudden warmth coming from the top of her, lifting her head she sees a grinning Wu Yan.

After he rubbed her pink head good and enjoying the pretty watery eyes on her his voice sounded so loving to her.


He moved his hand over to her neck while caressing her he continued with a bright smile.

“Say, Ikaros do you know why your collar disappeared?”

She shook her head with an expressionless face and no further movement can be observed from her.

“That’s because our lives are now connected and we can’t stay apart from each other anymore, this kind of relationship can’t be compared to the shitty collar you had. That’s why, the System took it away it’s because we are already connected and there’s no such need for something like that!”

He retrieved his hand before rubbing her head with a grin.

“You’re everything belongs to me! So! Don’t go thinking so hard about useless stuff!”

She vacantly looked at him before her eyes ebgan brightening up, her lost eyes started disappearing without a trace when a warm feeling started emanating out from within.

Returning to a state without billow she replied.


She retracted the wings and shrunk them down to a small wing about the size of a palm before lightly continuing.

“I am the multipurpose Strategic type Alpha angeloid, Ikaros, nice to meet you…”


He also greeted him with a wide grin.

“Well then Ikaros, I’m Wu Yan, I will be in your care!”

“Yes, master…”

The two nekomimi like thing on the side of her head fluttered as she expressionlessly said.

He nodded his head and just before he’s about to say something two slender hand clapped down on his shoulder on either side.

What he saw when he turned his head is enough to make him almost pee his pants.

Standing behind him is Kaichou-sama and Railgun who had their hand on his shoulders.

The twitching lips and dangerous glare tipped him off enough to know that he’s in for it now…

“You, could you please start explaining?”

Her other hand made a motion that looked like she’s about to materialize Shirosakura any moment now.

Shrinking his shoulder back the two kept their iron grip, what could he do but wryly laugh.

“Expl.. explain what…”

“Explain what?!”

Mikoto tightened her grasp on him while forcing a smile.

“Don’t you think you should explain why she’s….”

Pointing at Ikaros she yelled at him.

“Why she’s calling you master?!”

“There… the… there’s a very good reason! An undeniably logical reason for this!”

He can feel his heart throbbing like none before, putting on a distorted smile he stuttered.

“Undeniably logical reason you say? Why does it look like you were natural with how she called you?”

She cynically grinned at him.

“Or could it be, you already knew something like this would happen before the summon?!”

Sakura petals started flying and flowed around her palm before a crystal sword materialized out of nowhere.

Mikoto’s bangs started floating and bluish white lightning arced about making thunder around her.

Last but not least, the cold sweat flowing down his head…

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