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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 77: Huge treasure seeking party!

And so three days passed just like that…

The supply town southern plaza, biggest plaza around this part of town. If one were to walk a bit further then one would find the southern exit of the supply town.

This place maybe big but since it’s not en route to Giant Beast Forest nor is it a famous path normally there won’t be many people here.

But at the moment, the people present here could be described as being a mountain or seas of people.

Wu Yan & company can’t help but stand flabbergasted at one corner of this plaza, they are speechless at the sheer amount of traffic here.

A prudent estimate would put the number at beyond ten thousands!

“It seems the auction firm has been very busy these last few days, to actually be able to spread it to such a degree and with such a turnout, one can’t complain about their efficiency…”

He frowned when he saw tons of groups small and big along with some mercenary band spread here and there.

The reason he’s frowning is because the people present here could very well turn at any moment when they find the treasure.

He simply rejects the notion of an altruistic samaritan sharing his treasure with everyone.

“Looks like a lot of family and mercenary band sent people to come and test the water…”

Mikoto darted her eyes to survey the whole place along with the people here.

She’s not scanning for numbers, she’s not that bored. Rather, she’s utilizing the scanning function to scan over all the battle power of the people present.

Hinagiku has Lirin in her arms while she’s doing the same thing as well.

The light effect in their eyes never stopped revolving, tensing up she uttered her first thought.

“There’s a lot of powerful individuals…”

Wu Yan & company has a very short history on Silvaria, even the most senior of them has only been here no mroe than a few months. In other words, he’s not that familiar or well connected yet.

Familia no-one-cares for example, mercenary su3k-a-di3k for example, he doesn’t recognize a single one of them. He’s not bothering to remember the names of the person he scanned as well, they are just numbers why bother…

Strength analyzing however takes absolute priority!

There might be instance or instances of powerful threats…

Below tier 5, there’s practically innumerable mooks to go around. And being mooks, they aren’t material in their countermeasure efforts. What they are looking out for are those people that is worth their consideration.

“Tier 6, close to 100!” Hinagiku reported.

“Tier 7, 15 spotted!” Mikoto curled her lip at the amount while reporting to him.

“Tier 8, none as of now…”

Raising his eyebrow he lightly brushed his sights over the fuck ton of people.

Narrowing her eyes, Mikoto is resisting her impulse of excitedly letting out electricity but the corner of her lips betrayed her.

“So many supers, now this…”

“Makes you excited yeah?”

Giving her the white of his eyes he interjected her with a teasing tone.

“We are trying to gauge the number and magnitude fo threats to us, while you, urgh, looks like you’re having fun. I think you should keep in mind that there’s more than 100 people that could pose harm to us!”

“You say it’s 100+ but out of those number there’s no one who could really fight on par with me isn’t it…”

Brushing her bangs she grinned.

“There’s 15 above level 6o sure but  the one with the highest level  would be me at 69!”

“Not a threat to you but what if it’s relative to us?!”

Shrugging his shoulders he waved his hands.

“I’m just a level 50 here, that means those 100+ are a risk to me. Also, you’re not afraid of 1v1 but what about 1 versus the world, afraid now?”

“Okay Okay, I’m just saying sheesh, like I’m not aware of that. Seriously, why you’ve got to be such a stiff.”

Her hotblooded mood just got battered into nothing from his verbal onslaught, she feels like the person in front of her is annoying in multiple ways.

“That’s enough, we have Ikaros so we needn’t be as worried now…”

Hinagiku put a prompt stop to the two, jeez if they’re worried about strength disparity what about her, shouldn’t she be so afraid that she’s shivering in fear?

“Certainly we do have Ikaros…”

He turned to sneak a peek at the expressionless Ikaros staring at him, her appearance calmed him down somewhat.

If we say Mikoto needs to look out for encirclement since there’s 10+ individuals who could fight her then Ikaros wouldn’t have such a consideration at all.

In fact he can go further and claim that even if all the people present were to gang up they still wouldn’t be able to put up a decent fight!

Zerg rush or any other tactics that rely on numbers to overwhelm are moot against her, a strategic warfare angeloid with mass killing weapons on her!

Ikaros is an existence that can end an entire civilization!

What’s more his compatriots aren’t vegetarians (Tl: docile, chicken shit, weak)!

Wu Yan
‘Kendo Master’
‘Master Chef”
‘Impeccable Memory’
Chaotic ‘Return to Horizon Waltz’
‘Electromaster (Lv4)
Nietono no Shana (Grade C), Conceptual Dragon Armor (Grade C)
Misaka Mikoto, Katsura Hinagiku, Ikaros
Equipment points:
Item points:
Ability points:
Summoning points:
Misaka Mikoto
Katsura Hinagiku
Shirosakura (D grade)
Uranus Queen mode
Artemis ‘Perpetual homing missile’ (Grade C), Aegis ‘Absolute Defensive Perimeter’ (Grade C), Apollon (Grade C), Uranus System (Grade B)


He dismissed the status list and eyed the tier 7 posers that’s leading them, nobody noticed him grinning.

Although Hinagiku and him aren’t that high relative the ones present, just talking about him alone there’s more than 100 people stornger than him at the moment, what’s to say of Hinagiku.

However, in the context that no tier 8 makes an appearance, Mikoto is the strongest one here.

Ikaros being his trump card also gives him much assurance!

level 77! tier 8, baby!

Furthermore she’s in the upper echelon of said tier, it wouldn’t be a stretch to say she could rank among the top.

She also comes with an arsenal of lethal equips that send shivers up his spine. It is his firm belief that Ikaros is the strongest tier 8 there is!

Come a tier 9 and they would still have trouble dealing with her!

Ignoring the 3 Grade C equips, she has within her possession a Grade B!

Gold Armament!

That’s something only a tier 9 would have business swining around!

It’s something he himself doesn’t have yet!

Tier 8 people cursed their poor luck.

Are you telling me it’s so hard to believe that given there’s no tier 9 and with something of this level she can own everyone’s ass?

Give or take, her other equipments aren’t trashy either.

Between the same Grade C, there’s qualitative differences, to put it as an analogy; just like how there’s a gap between a level 60 and a level 69 the same applies here so how much is that gap?

To put it in a more relatable context let’s take Wu Yan’s armaments Nietono no Shana and conceptual armor, they are middle and upper position.

Ikaros’ Aegis and Artemis also occupies the upper position.

What’s ridiculous is her Apollon, being only a grade C and yet after consultation witht he System he  found out that it’s Grade C but it’s infinitely close to Grade B.

There you have it folks, a high level  high specs OP girl.

And thus the reason he can afford to take a mascot Lirin on this trip while having close to nothing to fear.

Yes, they are only a 5 person group that can’t be numerically comparable to the big families X or gargantuan mercenary band smoke-a-weed. Qualitatively they are in a class all their own!

That and the stockpile of sundries he bought yesterday with some 70’000 Item points, he has confidence that this trip will be a fruitful one.

Basically, he’s all fired up!

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