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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 78: Airship! Departure! Chain of mountain ranges

Just when the people gathered and are having a blast chatting, a loud wind blowing noise disrupted them.

The wind came from overhead, it is so strong that the whole place had draft sounds resounding all over, the individuals on the lighter side of the weight spectrum had to grab on to another person to avoid being blow over.

It’s just a harmless wind, but it let’s try and see it from the point of view of the girls.

Sure the wind can’t blow them off their feet, but it definitely is strong enough to rustle their clothes. The female warriors are safe since they have one or two light armors, relatively safer than the female magicians that is…

The sorceress and female magicians donned light robes, add that in the equation of blessed wind of the gods and what have you? Their clothes were all pulled up and their skirts and lower garments were practically dancing in the wind. Relishing in the blessing of the gods, all the brothers cheered, the whole place had its volume turned up to eleven.

All them male brothers were cheering and whistling in delight, clearly this trip has not been in vain. Wu Yan? He’s a temporary member of this blessed faction of bros.

By his 3 girls + 1 loli had their skirts uplifted slightly by the wind as well. Hinagiku and Mikoto are pressing down hard on their skirts to prevent being seen. Even if they did he has no interest, they are wearing safety shorts you see.

The little loli, Lirin on the other hand had some prospect, he gracefully took a peek and saw a cute little pantsu, well it’s just aprt because Hinagiku held down her skirt as well.

What is making him secretly pleased is Ikaros, being a versatile angeloid who’s air headed, the wind blew her skirt up high revealing her cute little white undergarment without sparing any effort. She just stood there like the word cover isn’t in her dictionary, she’s curious as to what Wu Yan is looking at that’s so interesting while standing in that fashion.

Hinagiku and Mikoto didn’t have any margin to cover for her, not when they had trouble keeping themselves protected as well. They also didn’t notice what’s going on over at Ikaros’ side as well so Wu Yan acted like any good gentlemen would do and blocked Ikaros from the point of view of others. He also took the opportunity to open his eyes wide and take in the glory that is… Ikaros’ lower half…

As he’s having the time of his life exhibiting his shameless attribute, Ikaros only blinked a few times and continued gazing motionlessly at him like a sculpture.

Very soon the mastermind of this atrocity appeared before the masses.

More specifically, above the masses in the sky.

Its body has a unique design and it descended from the sky. It’s a large ship and standing at the bow of the ship is the old auctioneer that made an appearance last time in the auction.

“A flying… ship…”

Exclaimed Hinagiku when she sees this spectacle, it’s fortunate that the wind is billowing really loud and her voice is limited to Wu Yan & company otherwise she would have attracted the gaze of others.

This is due to the fact that the airship is the main transport vehicle of Silvaria, it’s pretty rare for someone not to have seen this, and that’s why if anybody other than them heard her then others would definitely see her as some hillbilly or alient from another planet.

“Wai! It’s an airship! An airship!”

Cheered Lirin, looks like she has seen it before.

“So that’s the airship of this word? I have heard it from Fei Fei before but it looks a bit different than a ship…”

Recalling the specifics of the discussion he rubbed his chin a bit baffled by this thing.

Actually it’s not just the fact that its design differed from ships, the fact that it could fly definitely qualifies it as not a ship…

It slowly descended onto the ground, at the point of landing the people scattered like their lives depend on it because it does, otherwise they will be turned into meat pies. Finally the thing descended.

(Tl: actually the raws says floating vessel but I like the word airship, I imagine it to be something that looks a bit like the airships in early final fantasy works)


Because it had a large volume it took up about 25% of the plaza, when it stopped there on the plaza the people there felt like sardines.

With arms behind his back the old dude stood at the front most of the ship like a scene straight out from some xianxia novels, he tagged him as a poser inside his mind.

The old dude laughed and nodded in satisfaction when he saw the amount of turnouts.

“Everyone, I assume you’re all here to go treasure hunting as well? Let the old me say upfront how I we welcome you all and how we wish we can cooperate together and lastly godspeed in the journey ahead of us so that we may all come out with gains!”

“Now, before the main event we have something to say. Normally I wouldn’t get the chance to do this seeing as there’s a lot of strong ones on par with me here and some supers sent from esteemed families!”

“However, since we took the trouble of organizing this round of expedition please let me be as bold as to show off once more…”

Listening to the old dude babbling on and on he felt speechless, why does the guy talk so much knowing that there’s tons of people here who’s the same tier as him who are clearly getting more and more impatient? And yet he beats around the bush, this is the real show off yes? Does he want to be heckled?…

Surveying the map and the surrounding mountain ranges Mikoto and Wu Yan raised their eyebrow.

“What’s the matter?”

Seeing their reaction Hinagiku asked.

“Oh, it’s nothing…”

Passing the map over to Mikoto he lifted his head.

“I was just hinking why would a place in the middle of nowhere be hiding a big treasure.”

“Maybe it’s because that’s the perfect place to hide a treasure? In the middle of nowhere, since nobody would go out of their way to search for a treasure in that kind of place isn’t it.”

“Well, you do have a point there.”

He nodded and Hinagiku turned to Mikoto.

“What are you looking at?”

“Nothing in particular but I am thinking about something.”

“You see this mountain range don’t really have any town, not even a village!”

“You’re right!”

Surveying the surrounding only to find chains of mountain ranges he concurred.

“What’s your thoughts on this matter?”

Scrolling it up she passed it back to him while donning a seirous expression.

“I was thinking if something big were to happen here nobody would know for sure what transpired here wouldn’t they?”

They tacitly understood her.

Feeling the heavy atmosphere he beamed.

“Maa, come what may if we keep deliberating on this matter it would only lead to analysis paralysis. Have you forgotten? We are going to YOLO this!”

The two exchanged glance and smiled synchronously.

“That’s right! the brave takes all!”

While they are talking the old dude finally got to the main points.

“Because the journey is a bit far we have decided to prepare an airship, if this inconveniences someone then we deeply apologize!”

He’s just speaking lines for formality’s sake but the old dude didn’t expect the female magicians below to give him the evil eye. He really can’t fathom why they would stare so hard at him.

Seeing his reaction Wu Yan almost burst out in laughter. The two girls are also giving him their unamused look. If looks could kill the old due would probably be dead a few hundred times by now.

He’s starting to suspect that the old guy did this on purpose, why else is he issuing an ‘apology’, this is more like rubbing salt on the girls’ wounds.

Still mystified, the old dude carried on.

“All aboard, next stop the mountain ranges!”

Wu Yan turned to the girls.

“Let’s go!”

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