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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 81: Stone path! Stone wall! Monsters?

When Wu Yan & company recovered their senses, they discovered that they are now standing upon a stone ground with nary a person in sight.

Wu Yan scanned the area as if this is within his prediction before sighing out loud.

“Knew it, the matter really weren’t as simple as they are made out to be.”

Hinagiku walked around and glossed her yellowish green eyes over the place. She didn’t see anything that is particularly interesting, the place has nothing but stones. Wandering around a bit more she spoke out.

“Where’re the others? Why are they all gone?”

Mikoto and him are startled by this as well.

“That’s right, why is it only us?”

“Maybe the location of teleportation varies depending on the timing of touching the stone plaque?”

Observing this stony place that can’t possibly hold more than 10’000 people he rubbed his chin.

“There’s nowhere else to go, where are we supposed to head to?”

Said a frowning Hinagiku.

“Don’t tell me we were duped by the auction firm.”

Electricity arced around her as she said this. She’s not a very patient person in the first place.

He dismissed her suspicion with a wave of his hand.

“No, that’s impossible, maybe if it’s just us the possibility would be high. But we came here with a lot of other groups, and within those groups there are many that comes from big backgrounds…”

“Then what’s going on, there’s no place to go, do we have to pave our own road?”

Squinching her eyes, bluish white lightning flashed.

“Let’s open up a path then!”

What can he do but twitch his lip at the sight of railgun spouting some dangerous line. Looks like there’s no other way out of here anyway, he sighed and acquiesced.

“We don’t have any other alternatives, let’s try it!”

“Should have done this in the first place!”

Lightning churned around her as she grinned. With a wave countless lightning shot out from her and gathered in her palm forming into a ball of bluish white lightning. Randomly choosing a direction she fired.


At the point of impact the stone wall shattered with a loud boom and is subsequently covered by dust.

The raging electricity around her died down. She brushed her bangs gallantly as she looked on at the destruction she caused.

Looking at her, he could tell the lass is very happy at being able to fire the attack.

As expected, railgun is a dangerous one, a non violent one is not Railgun…

When the dust finally settled a black figure revealed itself in front of everyone.

“Heh heh…”

A certain scientific railgun is certainly very damn pleased with herself at the moment.

“See? You must pave your own path instead of following other’s.”

Not just him, even Hinagiku and Lirin don’t know what to say to her and just exchanged glances.


she said when she saw the stone wall.


Turning over to look at it what happened surprised them.

The wall that has a hole blown into it is regenerating like it has a life all its own, the surrounding stone wall trembled and one could that the wall is getting repaired at a speed that is observable by the eyes and soon the hole disappeared.


Mikoto gasped at the regenerated stone wall.

“It couldn’t be, a wall monster again?”

“I wish that was the case…”

Said Wu Yan with bitter laughs after he looked over the brand new wall.

“If it were another wall monster then we can just do away with them. However the wall before us shows no level display and therefore it is not a monster, it’s definitely a normal wall.”

“Normal? It’s a growing wall, where’s the normal in that?”

Maybe her jimmies were rustled after her attack failed but she threw a really good tsukkomi there.

It didn’t matter though, railgun snapped.


With a lightning orb within her hand and lightning raging around her she looked at the wall before speaking in a cold tone.

“I don’t believe…”

Fwahm she threw the lightning orb outwards in a violent fashion slamming the wall with a boom. The attack this time is clearly stronger than the last one.

Another explosion rang and dust flew again. The wall didn’t regenerate, it flat out no-sell her attack.

He quickly stopped her when she whipped out a coin and took her railgun position.

“Forget it Mikoto, even if you attack again it will just grow back let’s try to search for some clues before taking action again!”

She reluctantly withdrew but not before staring at the stone wall like its her sworn enemy and clenching her teeth.

“Stupid wall despicable wall!”

Hinagiku tapped her forehead in frustration.

“Attacks are useless and there’s no other way to go. What do we do now…”

He thought for a while but no good ideas came.

Ikaros didn’t stop calculating from the start and it seemed she has come upon something when she stopped the complicated formulas and tugged at his shirt. She pointed at a certain direction before continuing.

“master, there seems to be some words over there…”


Before Wu Yan reacted, Mikoto ran over there with Hinagiku and by extension Lirin in tow. He yelled after them before piping down and guiding Ikaros towards them.

He didn’t notice that when he pulled her hand, Ikaros blinked a bit when she saw their hands joined together. She mumbled while putting her empty hand to her chest.

“Strange feeling…”


Destroy the place in an instant and the exit will appear!

Wu Yan & company exchanged sights.

“In an instant…”

Spreading her arms wide as if she’s embracing this stone space she forced a laugh.

“Destroy this place?”

One can’t blame her though, this place is not that big but it’s a pretty tall order to destroy this place in an instant, at least she didn’t think she could do it.

She’s not the only one, Wu Yan is also having the same thought. Destroying the walls are simple in and of itself but to destroy this place in an instant would be a daydreamer’s babbling. At his tier this is still something he is incapable of. Plus he only have one AoE skill at his disposal, even then that skill is ineffective here….

Surveying the surrounding, Mikoto bitterly laughed.

“The railgun has a high penetrative power but it can’t be used for wide area attacks. Also, the coordinates of this place is still an unknown so I can’t call lightning down on this place.”

He doesn’t have high hopes for her anyway. He knows her limits after all.

Frustrating as the whole matter is she doesn’t have any wide area high impact abilities at her disposal. She did have the ability to call lightning down from the sky but this place look like some secret room or something, who knows if they are under a sky or not.

If it’s not under the sky she can’t use it. This place looks very isolated as well so it’s hard to tell if she’s able to properly feel the EM within the clouds.

All hope is not lost however as he turned to Ikaros.

She’s part of the reason why he’s not freaking out. If it’s Ikaros can’t dish out wide scale punishment then she wouldn’t be Ikaros.

She’s a queen of the battlefield you see…

“Ikaros, can you do it?”

She lifted her head and revealed a pair of expressionless eyes. The others however could feel something different. They could feel, the pressure slowly pouring out of her.

Although she didn’t answer him, he already knows the answer.

“I will be counting on you, Ikaros!”

“Yes! Master!”

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