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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 84: Spiders crawling out from stones

The rocks they overlooked before started shaking.

The surface of the stones cracked after a bunch of kaka sounds.

Wu Yan covered the girls and backpedaled. He kept his eyes on the stones, drawing out a part of his sword.

The stones stopped making kaka sounds in their place. They believe this isn’t over just yet.

And sure enough, the sound has stopped but the stones, they are still trembling.

Mikoto had a hunch that something bad is going to happen. She calmed down very soon after as she shouted.

“Something is coming!”

When her sound fell, a dull thud rang and they saw it…

A spider!

A spider made of stone bigger than your average kid!

Each and every one of the trembling stone exploded after a few thuds. And similar to the one before, a spider crawled out in creepy manner like the fucking creepy crawlies they are.

The two girls gulped when they saw the spider showed its face. Had they not seen monster fuglier than them they would have surely screamed in pure terror.

.The fuglies kept coming as a series of dull thuds rang, it’s like a freaking firecracker, going ‘pilipara’.

Mini me stone spider: level 30

not so mini-me stone spider: level 35

big definitely-not-so-mini-me spider: level  40

A fucking legion of them all organized into ranks!

Just the stone spiders mini version are already several dozen times the size of your average spider. And then the normal stone spider that is bigger than the mini me and then the big nope stone spider bigger than a child!

“This should be the reason for the deaths…”

When they saw the spiders, Hinagiku and Mikoto weren’t so scared anymore. They were more afraid of unknown and now that they know what they’re up against the initial fear has somewhat diminished.

Being girls they are afraid of creeping crawlies, but it’s just to the extent of being disgusted by them when fighting, nothing more. Looks like the experience of fighting against youkai army has contributed much in this matter.

Without waiting for orders, Ikaros took the lead.

Her deep red eyes are on now, she scanned over the stone spiders and reported to him in a soft tone.

“Unknown lifeform detected, animosity detected, strength: D, danger : C, a material danger to master exist, therefore proceeding to extermination!”

“Variable wing restriction, release!”

Uranus queen mode! on!

Her blue wings unfurled, the dominating queen of the sky has descended once more before them. Facing the stone spiders, back against them, one could hear her emotionless voice.

“Master, I’m attacking now, master please retreat to a safe area!”

Hearing her, he stopped before laughing in an odd manner.

Disregarding her advice he walked to her side under her puzzled gaze. He caressed her hair that is currently fluttering after entering uranus queen mode.

“Ikaros, the me that is your master is not just your master you see…”

Surprising her, he continued walking and came to her front before lifting Nietono no Shana and laughing.

“I’m not some normal powerless chicken, I can fight and Ikaros you best remember this, I’m not just your master, I’m your partner in life and death as well as the battlefield!”

“And since we’re talking about life and death, on a battlefield, how can i back down to let you go rushing into the fray by yourself like that?”

Her eyes wavered at the sight of her master’s back as she lowered her head.

“Understanding, impossible..”

“If you can’t understand, it’s fine as well, just keep my words in your mind, one day you will understand!”

Silently muttering his words a few time she continued.

“Yes! Master…”

“Don’t forget about us!”

Shouted the two that melted into the background, making their presences known Mikoto shot like an arrow to his side clearly very unamused.

“Saying stuff like fighting side by side, but you forgot all about us!”

Knowing the jig is up he felt awkward and tried to cover shit up.

“Maa maa, don’t mind the details…”

“Oh so our existences are just minor details!”

Mikoto said with lightning flashes around her.

“Alright, that’s enough out of you guys! Here they come!”

Reminded Hinagiku when she saw the two starting to squabble like nobody is looking at them.

While they are conversing the spiders moved their long legs and got ever closer to them. It looks like they are raising their guards against these unconventional foes unlike the small fries they wrecked before.

“Mikoto, Hinagiku make sure you protect the little one!”

Noticing the encroaching enemies, he got serious. The enemy this time is on another scale altogether from quantity and quality, of course he can’t be too careless.

He’s not as afraid as he was before when facing the youkai enemy. The enemy maybe stronger this time but his side isn’t any weaker either. At that time he was only level 30, and now, even Hinagiku is level 35.

Lirin might be a liability to them but it’s negligible because they have a war goddess at their side!

“Hinagiku, don’t stray too far and make sure you protect the little lass okay? Mikoto, don’t give me any of that rushing crap, stay by Hinagiku’s side and take action as you deem fit!”

The two nodded to signify their understanding.

The simple minded stone spiders started to become impatient when they see that Wu Yan & company aren’t going to take a move anytime soon.

They opened their mouths wide and shot stone spikes at them!


She appeared in front of them in an instant and a translucent, green barrier appeared to protect them after she  moved her vermillion lips.

The spikes hit the barrier to no effect.  Rather than piercing it, they stopped after a dull thud.

He could tell the defensive power of this C grade equipment is clearly above his conceptual dragon armor!

However one of the pros of dragon armor is that it’s passive and automatic he doesn’t have to control it every single moment. In case he can’t react in time the armor would still deploy unlike Aegis which requires Ikaros to consciously deploy. It’s all pros and cons anyway.


She stored away the barrier and deployed the homing missiles. Opening metaphoric cans of whoopass on each and everyone of them fuglies, blasting them to pieces.

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