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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 85: Stomping spiders! The times have changed!

Ridiculous firepower! Ridiculous Aoe range!

Wu Yan can feel his heart thumping time after time he sees this sight.

As expected of a strategic angeloid, the strongest queen of sky….

Rubble, that’s what remains of the stone spiders after a round of Ikaros’ salvo. He’s starting to wonder what’s the nature of this creature, is it a spider or just stone?

They keep coming in waves, replacing any fallen allies by stepping over their bodies as well as the bodies of the treasure hunting group.

Focusing his eyes he charged at the oncoming zerg rush. Their distance rapidly closing with each passing second, in but a moment they are going to make contact with each other!

Sending a big spider flying, a few spider and mini me in the way jumped and shot stone spikes at him with their mouth opened wide.

Drawing Nietono no Shana in a silver flash he smashed the stone spikes to bits while also slicing the fuglies into two when they lunged at him.

He felt something stir judging from the wind movements behind him but he couldn’t recover his stance in time not when he just slew some spiders.

In just the nick of time he turned and a black sword destroyed the stone spiders ambushing him without leaving a trace.

His originally empty left hand is now equipped with a black katana. It’s jet black and if one were to inspect closer they would find that it is vibrating at an extremely high frequency.

This blade made with psychic power feels very nice in his hands. Speaking from its sharpness alone, one would find that it is not lesser than a Mainstream Armament if not better…

Dual wielding, he slashed apart two other spiders before diving straight into the spider group. Hacking his way through the crowd, he slew the spiders in flock.

‘Kendo Master’, this ability encompassed dual wielding swords as well. If not for the fact that this blade of black iron sand could perform on par with a Mainstream Armament and could be reproduced at his convenience, he would not have sold the Kusanagi Sword.

“Tsk, having so much fun using other people’s ability…”

Grumbled Mikoto who’s on Lirin protection duty. Any stone spiders that came got demolished by lightning and thunderbolts.

She was worried that since the spiders are made of stone her lightning attacks wouldn’t work and it turns out the spider did indeed have some resistance. But her lv5 magnitude lightning managed to overcome that resistance.

She curled her lips when she saw Wu Yan having the time of his live hacking and slashing through the spider crowd with Nietono no Shana and Iron sand sword.

She’s just jelly about a certain bastard’s luck. She used a few years herself to rise to lv4.

Unlike him who could mimic other people’s years of effort  with a freaking card. To add salt to her wound, he used it with such deft that the iron sand sword seems more effective in his hand than hers. If it were not him but someone else, she might have challenged the guy to a duel!

“Yan’s handling of the blade is refined isn’t it…”

Said Hinagiku who’s pretty close to Mikoto as she cut down a mini me spider with Shirosakura. One could really see from this act that her strength has grown since the youkai cave event, and by several times at that, hell even stronger than the Wu Yan then!

She reckons that her skills are not yet at his level . It’s hard to compare them since he got it through ‘Kendo Master’ which is the quintessence of those who walked the path to very high levels. Hinagiku on the other hand only has a few years under her belt.

“I must get stronger, otherwise one day I might lose the qualification to stand by his side, what’s more if we are going to…”

What she is going to say we would never know <Tl: Yeah, I think we all know what she means, there can only be one logical solution( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)> but she got pretty flushed that’s for sure and she seemed so cute.

A gigantic bolt of lightning flashed past her side and pulverized a big stone spider to the surprise of Kaichou-sama who was in her romantic dream just now.

“What’re you doing Hinagiku, now is not the time to be spacing out!”

Shouted Mikoto with some mocking tone as she put down her arm flickering with electricity.

What a rare sight to see Kaichou-sama in a daze…

Blushing again, she put on a serious face and faced the oncoming stone spiders with proper attitude.

Floating in mid air, Ikaros’ red eyes had light circle in them like a crosshair of a sniper rifle. Her eyes scanned the mob to lock on and fire salvos after salvo of missiles. With just a thought, the missiles would bring blazing glory upon the stone spiders that had the unfortunate luck to be met with them. Every wave of artillery strike would result in the death of the stone spiders by the dozens, suffice to say her attacks are as precise as they are savage!

If she didn’t have Wu Yan & company in her consideration and more specifically her master’s safety she might have brought out Apollon…

The number of the stone spiders dwindled under their massacre…

Until finally the last of them died under his blade. The whole thing took place in  about 10 minutes.

When they realized this fact, except for Ikaros and Lirin they were a bit surprised with themselves.

The numbers were despairing even compared to the youkai army before, and their strength were on another level altogether.

this kind of mob didn’t even last 10 mins against their assault.

The battle last time took them a few hours as evidenced by Resplendent Breath running out. But they somehow managed to pull through and came out on top.

This time it took no longer than 10 mins to lay waste to them.

Given of course, Ikaros contributed much with her power, otherwise they wouldn’t have such a smooth fight. Still didn’t stop them from feeling excited though.

This signified the increase in their respective strength.

The last time he was at level 30, tier 4 with Mainstream Armament, ‘Kendo Master’, Chaotic Return to Horizon Waltz. Now he stands at level 50, tier 6, two Rare Armaments, same abilities in addition to electromaster(lv4). No one could deny that he has indeed got much stronger!

Hinagiku level 18, tier 3, 1 Mainstream Armament from before has now evolved into a much stronger version with the same equipment but tier 4 in strength and kicks much more ass than before!

Mikoto didn’t increase much relative to the two but still on high tiers the level  difference gets wider so even a level is still commendable.

What these stats and the battle that just ended told the trio something…

They have gotten more powerful!

He guffawed facing the sky completely showing the elation in his heart. Mikoto and Hinagiku aren’t so liberal as him but they exchanged smile, clearly happy as well.

Oh what? Lirin has her eyes covered so she wouldn’t see the bodies and thus she could not see what they were doing as well. It’s just that his sudden outburst surprised her so she’s patting her tiny chest in a diabetes inducing way.

Ikaros tilted her head and a few question mark floated above her head as she watched her master go bonkers…

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