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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 87: Time for the system’s gadget to make an appearance once more…

Along the way, they encountered about another ten more waves of stone spiders. They are all level  40+.

Wu Yan silently cursed the treasure hunting team for not cleaning up properly…

They didn’t waste any time with the mob and dispatched them with the iron sand and missile salvo combo, not even giving the spiders any chance to get close enough to engage.

If not because the spiders spawned really quickly from the stones he might have blown them to bits before they could come out.

He didn’t do that for another good reason. Guess what, Hinagiku at level 49, tier 5 peak!

This is within their expectation, they slew legions of stone spiders, he didn’t know how the treasure hunting team fared against the legion of mobs but he knows their own kill count is absolutely innumerable!

The level 40 stone spiders form a significant portion of their kills. With such an amount, if it wasn’t because the gap between tier required a lot of experience points to bridge, Hinagiku might have turned into a tier 6, who knows. At her level , Wu Yan had to rely on negative feedback from his ability (Tl: electromaster) to get to tier 6.

He has also risen in levels as well, he’s level 55 now.

He’s feeling intense emotions at this revelation.

They’re all the same group how come she gets to shoot some 10level+ and he has only risen by 5. Fucking exp gap, he wanted to cry but didn’t have the tears for it.

Well, that’s just him though, if he is feeling like this how should railgun who didn’t increase in level  at all feel? Jump off a tall building?

They traverse quite a distance and they noticed something, that is, there’s no more dead bodies on the ground!

“There isn’t anymore bodies….”

Different from her past self, she is somewhat accustomed now but the bodies still make her feel uncomfortable.

“No more bodies, that means no one else died, and no further death means there’s no more stone spiders ahead right?” (Tl: wait… the logic with this seems wrong “尸体没了,就代表没有人死了,没有人死,也就是说,前面已经没有石身蛛了吧?”. It might just be that the surviving ones didn’t rush at the spiders like retard and is currently hiding or they could all be dead. Point being, no death does not = no more hostiles.)

Still as kind as ever, those two, he grinned at the two girls who are glad at the situation.

Just as he is going to say something, someone tugged at his shirt. Looking back he sees Ikaros pointing at a certain direction in front of him.

“Master, there is a large amount of life forms ahead, preliminary calculations determine them to be of the same treasure hunting group!”

Wu Yan & company flinched.

“Looks like we finally caught up with the group…”

said Hinagiku.

Ikaros continued.

“Master, another large group of lifeforms has met up with the aforementioned group….”

“Another large group of lifeforms? Are they stone spiders, Ikaros?”

“Detecting the same signature but their strength varies, their cumulative fighting power is stronger than the waves we encountered before!”

Wu Yan, Mikoto, and Hinagiku exchanged glances.

“Same signature, so to say they are stone spiders but what she said is that they are stronger than before. Something that is stronger that is stronger than the big sotne spiders we have seen before!”

“Yan, should we go and help?”

Since they are fighting against stronger enemies, it would surely be easier to fight along the group, she also didn’t want to kill steal the stone spiders. Not to mention she hadn’t really contributed much from the beginning.

How could she have? The three basically wiped the legions off the face of Silvaria with their storm of swords and missiles. She could only rely on her kenjutsu to attack and thus she has been doing nothing but classic exp leeching..

Some might be delighted to just leech and do nothing but she’s not feeling that way at the very least, quite the opposite, it feels like she’s an extra or something.

Mikoto looks pumped, higher level spiders? More exp for her. It’s not very fun watching Wu Yan and Hinagiku rising in level when she didn’t really moved much relatively.

In other words, she wants to level up as well.

He glanced in front and then at the girls before silently musing for a while and then speaking up.

“I think it’s better if we don’t decide with haste. Let’s go and check out the current situation before doing anything.”

“See first before making any move? Are we not going to intervene?”

Said a slightly disappointed Mikoto with a sigh.

“This isn’t very nice is it? I mean we did come here together…”

Hinagiku’s hesitating about his decision.

If they were to go there and be seen, just sitting on the sidelines is out of the question. If anything the group fighting there will drag them into the fray by any means necessary because their logic goes a little something like this: +1 player = +1 meatshield. Not that Wu Yan & company is afraid of them or anything, they do have quite the lineup by their side what with the peak tier 7 Mikoto and tier 8 Ikaros.

No big issue but really the minute details and complications are off putting overall. They might rely on their number to assert their opinion and impose it on them with malicious intentions such as setting traps for them for instance.

It’s obvious that within such a large group composed of many smaller units their unity and interest aren’t aligned very well. Therefore they are likely to screw each other over the first chance they get. Hell, they might even wish everybody but them die so they get to keep the treasure.

Under this kind of context if they were to waltz in, it is also foreseeable that they would get dragged into this shit storm that is just waiting to happen.

“Like I said, we will be improvising based on the situation…”

He concluded with a clap.

“But what if they force us into fighting?”

Mikoto lowered her head and crossed her arms in thought.

When he heard her, he laughed.

“Well, if it’s like that then we just have to make sure they don’t know we are there won’t we?”

“Not noticing us?”

The two girls are a bit bewildered at his plan.

“But this tunnel is very plain in design, no doubt the same goes for whatever lays ahead, there’s nowhere to hide so how should we go about doing that? Suppose there are places to hide, the group in front has some tens of tier 7 with them, can we really avoid attention?”

He stuck out his chest at their disbelief.

“Moi has a brilliant plan! It’s called the System. If it’s here there is infinite flexibility in almost everything. I have prepared quite a few items before coming here and these items are going to be put to practical use!”


They are not strangers to the fantastical st System. The variety of gadgets that exist within the System could make them confused if they are to really go through the all menagerie of stuff. And so, their eyes brightened up when they heard him mentioning the usage of items.

Not dragging this out any longer he drew out a cloak from the space ring and presented it in front of the two ladies.

“What is this?”

The two asked curiously while examining the cloak with their hands.

“Don’t you two have System notification? Just take a closer look and you will see..”

Waving the cloak around while letting the two girls examine it instead of him giving a verbal explanation.

The two glanced at him before opening the System’s probing function in a cynical manner.

Invisible battle cloak (Tl: 除却斗篷): Can hide away the things concealed within it, presence and qi included; Item points 3000.

“So you’re telling me this thing can really turn us invisible?”

Said the amused Mikoto, she’s a little bit interested to see how it works.

“It’s so interesting!”

Chuckled Hinagiku, rendering him kinda speechless.

Damn, Kaichou-sama, this kind of thing can only get you interested?…

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