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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 88: Cruel battle. The two’s realization

Inside a slightly dim stone, tunnel a chaotic battle is raging…

It’s an all out assault of armor wearing individuals equipped with various melee weapons like sword, axe, and spears against a horde of monster.

Some of the warrior used battle skills from time to time to cull the enemy and those who used it is waiting for their battle qi to regen while at the same time using their weapons to cut the opponents.

A bunch of individuals in light outfit, the magicians are supporting them from behind the lines. Compared to the front liners the magicians pretty much have the same coat of arms, a wand or staff here and there. Also, they aren’t charging the front lines with arms raised instead they were all busy chanting.

After chanting, myriads of spell would be fired from them. Some shot fireballs, ice spears, wind cutters to cut down the enemies with ranged attacks and by extension supporting the warriors by lightening their load.

The warriors didn’t have flashy skills, the same could not be said of the magicians however as their skills come in many shapes and sizes. Just imagine, tons of magicians shooting spells. Hell yeah, fuck pigs, it’s raining storm, lightning, thunder, fire. Basically spectacular as hell.

Rather than fighting, the whole place lit up like a banquet than a battlefield.

What are they fighting against?

Stone spiders! Big group of stone spiders who are about as tall as a grown men!

These huge ass spiders aren’t that coordinated in the sense that they aren’t really divided into distinct roles. They are just leveraging on their huge body to crush the enemy they see, if they can’t crush them they would swing their legs around with an agility like you would not believe.

These spiders would stop ramming and bashing to open their mouths and shoot stone spikers at unlucky warrior and magicians.

The whole place didn’t have any sense of order to it at all, some spiders got cut to death, some get smashed by skills, and some spiders got blasted to kingdom come by fireball/ice spears/wind cutters.

The warriors and magicians here aren’t that heroic as well. Some of them got smashed into a bloody pulp by the stone spiders, some of them got speared by their long limbs and some unlucky fuck got staked by stone spikes. The magicians aren’t spared from casualty as well!

Anarchy spider: (level 50) (Tl:乱石蛛)

When Wu Yan & company saw the level , they are a bit stunned by it. That’s pretty strong!

Tier 6 stone spiders! If they are of the same number as the big, normal, mini-me stone spiders then would there still be results in this treasure hunting trip?

Furthermore, judging from the level 50 spiders and the smaller variants that came before them, who’s to say there won’t be bigger stone spiders waiting for them?

Tier 7? And then tier 8?

Or perhaps…

The trio tensed up at the thought of the worst case scenario. If their fears are true then this place might very well be the most dangerous place they have been to yet.

Looks like the tier 9 mortal injuries could be justified.

He would have employed the pullout strategy with the girls had he not stocked up on vital protection items. The treasures here aren’t worth their lives. As long as one don’t have learning disabilities the choice between the two should be obvious.

As long as he doesn’t die he could use Summoning points to revive Mikoto and the gang. But, them being his world not withstanding, as long as one has any integrity at all then one would not leave girls for dead.

Wrapped by the Invisible battle cloak, Wu Yan & company hid behind the corpse of a dead Anarchy spider in a low key corner of the place. They are currently watching the ongoing battle as it progresses.

The spiders might be many in number but they are still outnumbered by the treasure hunting party. However, the stone spiders are still around 100+!

Against this corps of tier 6 spiders, the tier 6 warriors form the main resistance with those lucky tier 5 survivors serving as distraction to allow them to deliver a lethal strike.

Meanwhile, the magicians kept laying on support fire waves after wave to diminish the number of spiders at hand. As a result, the stone spiders who outnumbered tier 6 warriors had the tide of battle turned on them. The trend seems to be in favor of the treasure hunting group, all things constant this should be their victory for sure!

The main reason for this is because the spiders aren’t that intelligent despite being tier 6. Fighting against opponents that knows teamwork means the spider are bound to be played with.

This ‘play’ by the treasure hunting party infuriated the two girls!

They clearly saw how a tier 6 kicked a tier 5 in front of a spider and then executing his battle skill to kill the spider when it is occupied with the target in front of it and they saw clearly as well, the eyes of the deceased that did not find peace in death. (Tl: dying without closing your eyes apparently means that the guy either died a tragic death or has some unfinished business, in other words can’t find peace.)


The two girls didn’t care that they are hiding at all as they blurted it out loud. They would have been discovered but the cloak had soundproofing properties as well.

He’s not as agitated as the two but he’s looking at the tier 6 warrior with a cold glint in his eyes.

“Those guys, it’s okay if they don’t want to help but they are just standing by letting it happen, are there still human?” (Tl: Oh, I forgot, there’s no mirror there.)

said Mikoto looking at the tier 7s standing behind and watching the show. She clenched her fist.

“This is what Yan is talking about when he said Silvaria people had something in their nature? Might makes right? The weak getting preyed on? If that’s how the world is then he has a point, these people does not deserve sympathy!”

The cruel reality presented before her and what’s going on disturbed her to the core. Hinagiku felt very lucky for not having been born into this kind of world.

Even the kind her would say something like this, her extent of anger is obvious.

He sighed before pulling the two girls into his arms.

Startled, red shade floated up their face, they struggled to get out of his arms without a second thought. Wu Yan grabbed them so of course he won’t be letting go so easily.

He blew by their ears making them flinch and red to the tip of their ears as well as weak in their knees.

Seeing the two girls’ apperance he smirked inwardsly. Sure he’s smiling and all but it’s as lewd as the smirk he has inside of him right now.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, I think it’s better if you girls don’t look..”

He said with a straight face and a sigh.

The two went silent after exchanging look and lowered their head.

A brief while later, Hinagiku lifted her head and had eye contact with him before putting it as straight as possible.

“No, Yan, I want to look!”

He’s surprised at her reaction but Mikoto understood what’s going on and merely smiled.

“And why’s that?”

“No particular reason…”

She lowered her head before continuing.

“We will be travelling to many more worlds after this, it’s not just this world, there’s Mikoto’s world. Within these other worlds, there are bound to be these unfathomable beings, at that point you would interact and be in the company of these kinds of people. Rather than getting used to it at a later time, might as well start now…”

“Don’t look at me, I am with her on this, heck, even my own world has these kind of individuals, I should be the one who needs to get used to it fast!”

Mikoto said when she saw him looking at her.

He looked at them with a serious expression before sighing and pressing their head into his embrace. He continued while drowning himself in their fragrance.

“I’m sorry for making you girls go through this…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto closed their eyes and smiled while enjoying this bastion of solace…

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