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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 92: Giant Spider Escort! The doomed treasure hunting group…

The treasure hunters all looked at the tier 7s losing their shit and felt perplexed. You look at me, I look at you, they didn’t know what to do at this point and started making a fuss.

The tier 7s are all very agitated now, they have to listen to the treasure hunters making a bunch of noise and their hearts are all stirred as well. But at the same time, they also can’t make heads or tails of their emotions, unsure of how to deal with it.

That impending death aura hasn’t stopped yet, it feels like it’s coming ever so closer. Their hearts jumped, their intuitions are telling them something very terrifying is encroaching upon them…

The tier 7s that were conflicting over whether to stay on path or escape soon dismissed the thought of thinking about any other things.

The rowdy treasure hunters all gradually piped down, they are still cultivators that are better than average, not at the tier 7’s level ┬ábut still they quieted down and stopped all actions. The weird atmosphere enveloped them.

“master, the strong signatures is very close now!”

Besides Wu Yan & company, nobody can hear Ikaros. Just as the three of them are anxious… they heard it. That noise, like something dragging its feet across the ground…

Along with the sounds, Wu Yan, Mikoto, and Hinagiku started tensing up. Some of the hunters on the ground are starting to be afraid, afraid of this obscure atmosphere, insidious aura, and mysterious sound.

The sound got closer and closer, the more timid individuals of the group started trembling. Hearts racing, the tier 7 brought out their weapons and raised their awareness to the highest level.

Among the hunters, a warrior accidentally looked in front and when he saw it, the warriors widened his eyes in dismay and stepped back in terror.

“Th…Over there….”

His hand trembling like never before pointed in a certain direction, with a terrified voice he uttered.

In that place without a sound, his voice stood out very clearly. His tone made the whole weird atmosphere they had going on raised through the roof. They looked in the said direction and this one glimpse finally turned into the last straw that broke their hearts…

Two giant vicious looking spiders slowly appeared, they are ten meters tall and when compared with the Black Stone Spiders they were fighting with, the Black Stone Spiders might as well be little kids!

If it’s just two gigantic stone spiders they wouldn’t be so afraid, but this two gigantic spiders aren’t stone spiders but spiders in the truest sense of the word.

With metal spikes as body hair all over them, as well as their long legs. Giant head, mean looking face, weird eyes and those stone pillars for fangs made them look very intimidating!

“Hssss!!!” (Tl: I don’t know, do spiders even hiss?)

When the spiders are in ful lview, they raised their big front body up and revealed their big ol’ fangs before hissing and releasing a gigantic soundwave of a roar. It turned into a giant gust and blew towards the treasure hunting group!

Giant spider escort: (level 70)

The treasure hunters might not have system’s identification like Wu Yan & company do but they knew, judging from the fear inducing aura and that body of theirs that the spiders are absolutely out of their league. Death has already set its sight on them!

Terror, shock, dread…

No other words could sum up their feelings, them including the tier 7s, who moments ago, are still looking pretty badass.

Yes, the tier 7s peed their pants. Boasting a strength stronger than all of them, that power, that feeling of not being able to do anything has already spread out within them.

Each of the tier 7s are convinced that they can hold their own at least a while even against peak tier 7 supers armed with Rare Armament. When they saw the two monsters however, that insurmountable feeling of dread, there’s only one possible explanation…

Tier 8!


No one else knows just how scary the tier 8 are except them, even if only a tier in difference. Thus, they knew going up against the tier 8 spiders with 15 people will only be dragging their inevitable deaths longer. They turned tails and flew away in the fastest speed they could muster.

It’s still futile though…

When they turned, a bunch of stone spikes shot towards them at a speed no one on the battlefield could react to..

With this one turn, they revealed their back to the reapers…

“Ah!” “Ughh…””A!”…

The stone spikes pierced their skin and their organs, effectively sending them to Death’s door. In such a short frame of time, all the tier 7s died!

Woe be them, had they tried resisting maybe they could have lasted long enough to find a sliver of hope. Alas, they chose the most foolish of all choices.

The hunters all yelped. No one had the intention to resist, even the strongest of them all, the tier 7s got wiped out in an instant. How can they even put up a fight against something like that?

Like the dead tier 7s, they chose the most foolish path.

Everyone turned around and ran like their lives depended on it. Because it does. The two Giant spider escorts played shoot-the-moving-target, the stone spikes rained down on them, the slower ones of the treasure hunters all got shot down.

Screams filled the space, screams of fear and death intertwined and echoed throughout the place…

Hinagiku and Mikoto shut their eyes at the same time the slaughter started happening. With their personalities that can barely be described as resilient, they felt sympathy and they couldn’t bear to continue watching anymore. They buried their heads into Wu Yan’s chest. Wu Yan on the other hand bitterly laughed.

It’s a bit ironic how the tier 7s that treated the weaker treasure hunters like disposable pawns are now dead alongside said disposable pawns.

Only Wu Yan knows that this is only the start…

Just the two giant spider escorts alone aren’t that big a threat in his opinion, not with Ikaros’ at his side that is. What he is really concerned with though, is the life signature with a rating of S.

Under the barrage of stone spikes, the body count kept rising, their bodies riddled with spikes. The two spiders showed no signs of being satisfied as they kept shooting at the most concentrated area.

After a round of spraying spikes, close to 90% of the treasure hunters died, they shed their last blood upon the ground.

Maybe it’s because they really is a lot of people, but a small part of them managed to slip through because the spiders ‘couldn’t service them in time’. The fastest runner among them all got out of range and is currently fleeing while scattering.

When they hear that the sound of spikes stopped, this small group can’t help feeling delighted, they might just survive this shit. They hastened their legs towards the direction away from the spiders…

When the spider escorts are about to give chase, Wu Yan saw it. Their bodies flinched and then stopped…

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