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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 95: the auction firm’s conspiracy

Within the red line formation, the spider queen and its escort kept launching themselves at the barrier and subsequently getting repelled. Against that kind of assault, the formation set forth by Kalas and co didn’t seem to be weakening.

Unsure as to whether or not the spiders could break free Kalas and co kept their vigilance up.

At a certain point, their expression changed to that of elation.

Taking note of this, Wu Yan knew that the flow of events will change…

Suddenly, red lights overflowed, dying the entire place in the shade of blood. It’s repulsive properties had a boost in strength as well seeing as the spiders got sent back to the center of the formation.

Wu Yan & company shielded their eyes from the intense red light with their arms raised.

At the peak of prominence the red lines on the ground flowed in a fluid motion as if something is infusing it with life. It wriggled and encircled the spider queen.

When Wu Yan & company opened their eyes, they saw that the red lines had formed into an enormous blood red magic formation. It contained the spiders within its center much like a cage, imprisoning the spider queen and its escorts.

The spider queen completely snapped inside.

Having dwelled for countless time, in this place without any form of life but it and the depowerized minime versions it laid out of boredom.

Inside here, it is the sovereign!

A bit before this, a strong individual came sneaking into this place. Not only can he fight on par with it, his strength in battle ties with it. If not for the stone spider kingdom it made over countless years, it might have cost dearly to deal with the intruder…

Even so, the intruder managed to survive the onslaught with heavy injuries as well as take down half of its stone spider kingdom before making an escape.

It assumed that said event is only an outlier event among the countless years that has gone and for the days to come, it would still be the ruler of this place.

Who would have thought that after the intruder left, tons of humans would continuously invade this place. Alas, the humans are too weak, just a simple flick of its claws and they are squished to death. They are no more than simple spice to add flavour to its life.

From the start, the spider queen thought that this time would end in the same manner. But turns out, the number of humans this time is numerous like none before. Slaying all its kins except the two earliest it gave birth to and then to imprison them in this strange territory.

If the foe this time were as strong as the foe last time, then it might concede its outcome to bad luck but this time the opponents that made it danced upon their palms are but a mere 3 weak ants!

How then can the spider queen express its wrath?


The spider mustered its strength and roared in anger. The two escorts on the side were shocked by thos one roar and fell to the ground while trembling.

The roar echoed throughout the place making it shake this violently for the first time ever.

Bringing the two girls into his arms, he hugged them tightly with a shocked state of mind.

Despite not knowing what that blood coloured magic formation is as well as its function and extent of abilities but seeing as it can contain the spider queen, clearly the blood red magic formation isn’t just some scrappy stuff.

Under these circumstances, the spider queen doesn’t seem to be weakened at all. It could still exhibit that amount of power, a power that can rival a small locality magnitude 10 earthquake, with just one roar it could shake this place to its core. How much power would this require in the first place?

This is the power of a tier 9?

Such power, if he had used the points before to summon a tier 9 character, wouldn’t he have been able to do whatever the hell he damn well pleases upon this vast land?

This thought is dismissed without further deliberation the instant he looked at Ikaros’ beautiful countenance.

Given the chance for a do over, he would still summon Ikaros!

Kalas & co got sent back quite a few steps before they could steady themselves. In their eyes, the fear towards the spider queen grew intense.

“This monster…, isn’t it too strong..”

Jared gulped, ever since coming up to tier 7, he has never been this ruffled. He had thought that there’s nothing that could make him lose composure in this world.

This belief fortified when he grew into a tier 8. Now he understands very well that compared to the spider queen, his previous pride might as well be a thin paper that could not withstand a strike!

“This is the greatness of a tier 9?…”

Kalas mused and mumbled.

Momiri bitterly laughed as he took in the wrecked surroundings. He recalled the ridiculous roar with fervent passion.

“I must breakthrough to tier 9!”

Their voice though not too loud could be heard clearly by Wu Yan & co. He narrowed his eyes. This 3, they are awestruck by the spider queen but they are not terrified at all, at the very most they are just a bit fearful!

What is it, that they have so much confidence in?

He didn’t need to ponder for soon, the answer revealed itself…


Muttered Ikaros. Wu Yan, Hinagiku and Mikoto flinched before turning with a weird look.


said Wu Yan while twitching his lips.

“Don’t tell me it’s another strong lifeform is approaching?”

Ikaros didn’t understand the nuance behind his words but she continued.

“No master, the magci formation is amassing an enormous amount of energy!”

“Gathering energy?”

Looking in said direction, they paled at the sight of it.

Within the formation, the spider queen looked like it got disabled, struggling against something while squirming around to no avail. The escorts are under the same kind of status as well.

The formation is flashing with blood red sheen and increasing in intensity. The reason it could do so is the blood streaming endlessly into the magic formation.

They saw it, the blood the deceased shed.

“This… this is…”

Hinagiku and Mikoto are rendered speechless at the scene of blood flowiing and gathering. Their minds went blank and this disturbed them very deeply.

Wu Yan clenched down his teeth. If he still don’t what is going on at this point then he is a dumbass.

No wonder they would generously show the treasure map, it’s also not a fortuitous event that they spread around the news in that supply town. Everything is but a set up for this.

Everything they did is to establish this magic formation to deal with the spider queen!

Spreading the news, gathering up the supers blinded by the prospect of getting treasure all just so they can get the requisite amount of persons.

Hiding away instantly after entering this place, wait for the suckers to die and then activate this magic formation to gather up the blood of the dead to supply it to the magic formation!

Perhaps even before this the auction firm has sent in guinea pigs to survey the area and therefore knowing about the presence of a tier 9 spider queen and then devising a plan to counter it.

They knew that they can’t do anything against the giant spider by themselves. They also knew that the treasure hunters this time are nothing more than sacrifices for the spider queen!

Wait for the spider to kill everyone and then come out to take advantage of their deaths to gather up blood qi and then activating the vicious magic formation to deal with the spider queen!

Like this, the treasure will belong to them!

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