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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 98: The starting event that Ikaros owns…


A red pillar of light shot up towards the sky, like a laser cannon the magic formation blasted the stone ceiling. However, the stone ceiling isn’t damaged in any way, it’s as if the light pillar naturally belonged there.

The pillar of light filled the inside of the magic formation, the spider queen and its escorts cries of agony could be heard leaking from within it.

Unprepared due to the suddenness of the loud boom from the magic formation, Wu Yan, Hinagiku, Mikoto and Lirin got dazed from the ensuing shock and they started to grumble in pain. Ikaros on the other hand isn’t fazed and is still as calm as ever. He’s starting to questions whether she is air headed or just Kuudere. (Tl: the original used 3 withouts, no mouth, no heart and no expressions, i didn’t used this because it’s clear that the examples moegirl.zh cited as models of this could be said to have heart; Nagato from Haruhi, Ayanami Rei from Evangelion, etc.)

The auction firm people watched the magic formation do its job with indifference. Red light flooded the inside of the magic formation making anything within it inobservable to outside spectators. Except for the occasional screams of agony and a loud bang there is nothing that could be seen from the outside.

Looking at the progress of things, Kalas can’t help but burst out in laughter. The people behind them also started to reveal joyful looks. At this point, their plan has already come to fruition!

Listening to the incessant laughter coming from them, Hinagiku and Mikoto clenched their teeth hard. If not, they are afraid they really might just jump out.

Right now they are feeling the deceased died in vain. Not only are they lied to, even after death they are still being exploited and in such a cheap way as well. At the very least, the ones celebrating will definitely not remember their utility and their worth…

He knows what’s making them so irate but he stayed silent.

He’s not as kind as Hinagiku and Mikoto, to feel sympathy for the dead. These deceased also held the same indifference to the death of their comrades. From his point of view, these people cannot redeem themselves even with their death, there’s no particular need to remember their name…

He has no qualm that he can’t be as nice and merciful as Hinagiku. He’s selfish and he knows this…

The magic formation lasted for an unknown duration. At some point, the wails of agony completely stopped and the magic formation started turning slower and slower, as did the red light as well. Finally, it all stopped and disappeared…

The spider queen and its escort laid silently within the magic formation. No trauma could be observed on their body but the black humongous body has now turned into a ghastly white, their eyes lost all its brilliance and the aura of death that surrounds the spider queen is now gone without a trace…

All traces of life has disappeared from them…

“Success! The treasure is ours!”

Similar to the ones who cheered after their defeat of the anarchy spiders, the two mook faction and auction firm people started jumping in joy, it’s their happiest day yet.

Mikoto hit her limits, looking at the stupid fools jumping around in joy on the field her anger grew to a great extent. She has never been this angry even after accounting for her temper.

“Yan, can we go out now?”

He looked at her and looked at Hinagiku before thinking about something and then wryly laughed.

“Maa, I was planning on giving them the drop of the hammer after they have found the treasure but since you girls don’t want to hide anymore, then I don’t have any opinions regarding this matter!”

The spider queen might have made an appearance and died but he can’t be sure that this place didn’t have another boss lying in wait. Since the treasure has not been found yet, who could be sure that this place is completely safe?

Let the sons of bitches there go and map out the road and take some schmuck baits and get rid of some obstacles for them, that’s a good alternative as well.

But since Mikoto can’t hold back anymore, Kaichou-sama brought out her Shirosakura, and he don’t like any one of the people there, there’s only one outcome, time to kick some ass!

If it really didn’t turn out well and some unexpected situation they can’t handle comes up then they would only need to use the escape tools plus if they can’t handle it, he’s sure the enemies can’t as well unless of course they go back and trick another batch of people and then set up another magic formation.

Making up his mind he turned to Ikaros and said.

“Ikaros, I will leave the tier 8s to you, if you really can’t handle it, drink Resplendent Breath, understand?”

An indiscernible light flashed across her eyes.

“Yes, master!”

He nodded before turning to Hinagiku and Mikoto.

“Hinagiku, Mikoto, I will leave the little lass to you girls! I will handle the mobs!”

“Eh? Why? I want to help too!”

Hinagiku grabbed Little Lirin, they’ve agreed to this beforehand, she’s in charge of protecting her. Mikoto on the other hand isn’t pleased, she just made the mental preparation to shock some fries but Wu Yan shot her down.

When she said this, he just retorted simply.

“Can you kill them?”

Stumped, she looked at the mobs before feebly continuing.

“At least let me do a little fighting, isn’t it fine if I just maim them…”

Not sure to laugh or cry but hurting and not killing someone requries a lot of effort. The world is filled with nasty little cockroaches (Tl: Btw, 小强 or little strong/resilient ones are nickname for cockroaches because these little fucks are as nasty as they are hard to eliminate.), even if they are beaten down people might still crawl back up…

Understanding the implications of his words, Mikoto stopped a bit before bracing herself back up and looked him in the eyes. Those eyes are filled with resolution and a little bit of begging.

“Let me help please, there are tier 7s in there and quite a lot of peak tier 6, you’re just a tier 6, you would be hard pressed against such odds. let me help, I can’t just sit by while my teammates fight…”

He lowered his head and went silent…

Mikoto kept her eyes on him with hope and expectation written on her face. Meanwhile, Hinagiku nodded without saying a word and stayed silent. Her mission is to guard Little ol Lirin well, there are many more opportunities to help in the days to come. She still wants to help and share his burden but in order to do that she must first get stronger!

After a brief while, he gave in and laughed.

“You girls scare me..”


Kalas walked in front of the spider queen and kicked it while cursing.

“Damn you monster, do you know how much effort went into planning how to deal with you, now that you’re finally dead, god this feeling is so uplifting!”

Momiri glanced over the spider queen coldly before looking at the stone path ahead of them, a bit impatient he urged Kalas and Jared.

“Now, we can go to where the treasure is right?”

They returned to their senses when they heard the word ‘treasure’. After so many troubles, now the treasure is within their reach, even thinking with their knees one could guess that a treasure guarded by a tier 9 spider queen is definitely not something simple!

They can’t wait any longer!

When they finally started to walk a figure appeared before them. With no sound and presence, she surprised Kalas, Momiri, Jared.

They widened their eyes, when they got a good look at the person and confirmed that it is indeed a person and that their eyes are not playing tricks on them the 3 stepped back subconsciously while a drop cold sweat dripped down.

This person, appeared undetected by them?

Just now, if she had ambushed them…

That thought and the characteristic one wouldn’t find on a human made them back away in wariness and raise their guards subconsciously.

It’s not that their situational awareness are low, it’s because they didn’t think that there would be a ‘survivor’, if she did sneaked an attack they would have been able to pick it up that’s why she chose a frontal assault!

“Who are you!”

Shouted Kalas. Momiri and Jared had the same expression as him while they kept their eyes on this figure, they felt more or less shocked.

The reason is because the figure before them is not only very beautiful she had a halo and wings of light growing on her back!

With the enemies in her sights, she lifted her expressionless face and let out all her might!

“Ikaros! Engaging!”

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