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Shoujo Grand Summoning Chapter 99: A fight between tier 8s (pt 1)

An angel!

That’s everyone’s first impression of Ikaros.

Exquisite facial features, smoking hawt boday, a pair of blue wings of light flapping ever so often now and then behind her and that pure white halo above her pink hair made her have an aura of divine dignity.

What would they think if they knew this is Ikaros in battle mode?

Of course they wouldn’t know because right now they are either awestruck or captured by that saintess like beauty of hers…

Ikaros didn’t keep her image in mind, in her mind there’s only the mission Wu Yan gave her and that is tier 8 foes in front of her!

Confirming the targets, Ikaros moved her lips and a cool voice transferred into the ears of those present….

Its content however, stunned the ones present…

“Ikaros! Engaging!”

After her voice fell, the space around them trembled and numerous metallic objects of unknown make appeared around her. Towards these odd items the group has never seen before, they felt only puzzlement but Kalas and the other 2 instantly changed expression!

When the metallic objects appeared, Kalas & co felt an odd sense of danger and it was also this sense of crisis that moved their body and changed their expression, making a quick getaway from their current spot!


This salvo of perpetual homing missile is a must during her opening salvo, maybe she herself doesn’t even notice it but most of her battles would start with an opening salvo of perpetual homing missiles.

This time isn’t any different either, the perpetual homing missiles is the opening shot declaring battle intention…

Kalas and the other two who tried to dodge naturally wouldn’t know that these metallic objects which are perpetual homing missiles can’t be dodged.

The metallic missiles drew an indescribable tracjectory as they moved towards their startled targets. Quickly, the 3 separated ways to dodge the oncoming attack.

The speed of these missiles aren’t slow either, compared to real missiles, their speed are fast. If not because Kalas & co aren’t your average goons, they might have been hit long ago.

When the missiles split ways and came at them again, their face finally changed from surprise into shock. Judging from the velocities these things are travelling at, one hit and it definitely wouldn’t be a laughing matter!

Rendered into a state of panic by Ikaros, Kalas & co got mad. They have always been the one that attacked and others dodged. Now look at them, played by a chick who emerged from god knows where, how can they not get feel the rage?

“Damn! Don’t look down on us!”

Roared Kalas and a giant arming sword appeared within his hands. The sword doesn’t look that different from a normal one but if the assumption that it is just a normal arming sword were made the one making the assumption would die a very gruesome death!

A missile caught up with him during the interval he drew his arms. With a roar, the veins on his arm popped and he swung his sword. A sword beam made out of battle qi shot out towards the missile.

When Momiri and Jared saw this they took out their weapons as well. Momiri had a pike and Jared had a double axe similar in length to the pike.

Rare Armaments!

Under the assistance of system’s appraisal he could glean their armament level with just a glance!

He breathed a sigh of relief for now, at least they didn’t have Gold Armaments but why temporary? He’s just afraid that Kalas & co might really have some ace up their sleeves…

He didn’t have the luxury of observing the battle, not with angry ass mob rushing like wolves at him, it’s as if they didn’t want him to sit back and enjoy the song.

Can they not be mad? After the appearance of the angel, this black haired dude and the tea colored hair chick kept watching the battle between the tier 8s and the angel. They lost count of how many times they asked ‘Who are you people’ and got splendidly ignored.

If anyone can stay unperturbed given that kind of treatment please send me a message! (Tl: the author didn’t use any special punctuations to mark this so I just translated as is)

While the warriors are charging at them, the magicians at the rear began chanting. These magicians are the biggest threat, if they got hit with one wave of spell then they would most likely be get cut by the ensuing blades. He might have conceptual dragon armor and therefore can ignore all attacks below tier 6 but there quite a lot of tier 6 here as well!

Sighing, he turned to Mikoto.

“Mikoto, it’s disadvantageous for us if we choose to group fight!”

Mikoto threw a displeased look at the magicians planning on shooting cold arrows at them before taking out a potion botttle and downing it in 2 to 3 gulps.

Wu Yan chugged down the potion faster than she did, grinning, he tossed the potion bottle away and then exchanging a glance with Mikoto before jumping into the fray!

Against Ikaros who could fly, Kalas and the other two are in a bind. They can achieve momentary flight by expending dou qi but it’s clear that they wouldn’t be able to make agile maneuvers like Ikaros can.

Ikaros who could make rapid and dynamic moves in the air is very troubling for them. Othe rthan tier 7 magicians who could use flying magic and barring other items, who else could fly as she can?

Maybe if it were the demigods who could fly with the same ease as walking perhaps even the tier 9 supers can’t achieve the same deftness she exhibits…

Wu Yan didn’t think that free flight would confer such a big edge placing Ikaros in such an obvious advantage. Combine that with her impressive arsenal, maybe she really didn’t need to drink Resplendent Breath like Wu Yan and Mikoto after all.

Shattering the missiles with their armaments, their faces are dark as still water, they are as upset as they are frustrated.

“That flying ability of hers is very hard to deal with, and these iron lumps. Damn it! Who is that woman? Those wings, is it a demonic beast? That can’t be, I’ve never heard of a humanoid beast, except maybe it’s a demigod tier demonic beast that has taken on human form, well that certainly can’t be possible. If she’s a demigod why bother using iron lumps, she could just end this with a slap!”

Rendered dizzy by the barrage of missiles, Kalas cursed while swing around his armament to get rid of the countless missile bombarding him but every time he did, new ones would replace those destroyed immediately.

Jared jumped to Kalas’ side, same goes for Momiri, the three gathered before Jared continued.

“We can’t continue like this! One of us will stop these flying metals, and another one will open a path and the last one will attack her!”

Kalas and Momiri thought for a bit and then nodded. There’s no choice, if they didn’t do these then they would sooner or later be exhausted of their dou qi and get scratched to death by the missiles.

Jared swung his double axe and smashed all the missiles to bits, Jared and Momiri leaped at Ikaros.

Widening her eyes, Ikaros shot another round of perpetual homing missiles. Due to the close proximity, the barrage approached the two in an instant!

Hurricane flash!!!” (Tl: 大爆风闪动)

Momiri thrusted his pike and a big amount of dou qi gathered at the tip of the pike. Channeling the qi, a burst of light shot out from the pike and destroyed the missiles!

Jared smirked and leaped upwards and down towards Ikaros, and slashed his giant sword down!

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