Skyroad — Table of Contents

‘Within the wind, within the rain—I will wait for you in the world of Skyroad.’



Author: 失落叶/Shi’Luo’Ye

Synopsis: Crowned as the ‘Legendary Horseman of the Polaris’, the gifted player created his own tactics – Herding Calvary Assault Spread – and bested the number one archer in the nation, Bei Mingxue. He was thus praised as the number one knight on the rankings of Skywarp. However, he was pushed aside by bad people, and eventually left the Silverfox club he had served for a long time.

Will he sink, or will he rise again?

Coincidentally, Yueheng corporation’s fourth game, ‘Skyroad’, has been officially released. Perhaps—perhaps the world will be shaken into turmoil once again.


Description: Brought to you by the same author of Zhan Long,  天行 is among the leading novels on 17k. Despite still being in the works, it has over 16,365,723 views and a sizeable amount of readers. As of late, it has 539 chapters (5/5/18), 16,734,539 characters and is the third on the male’s weekly subscription rankings.

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