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Unlimited Anime Works 97: The start of the end

The resource war’s end meant the end of a bitter struggle for the players. What started out as a 100-players game turned into a cruel elimination battle where only less than 10 people made it to the end. Feng Yu Chen, Suzumiya Haruna, Zi Yue Ling, and the other players who wisely chose to return are the only ones who survived.


It’s a survival game where players kill each other. A friend can turn into an enemy in the next moment. The point of this game is to crown the Guilty player who will don the crown of the king at the end.


Feng Yu Chen is a solid candidate for the title of the king. Feng Yu Chen started out at the same level as the other players and he clawed his way to the top. This was back in the [Highschool of the Dead], with his experience and abilities he gained in that world, he started getting compounded returns in the Guilty Crown. Now, it looks like the Guilty Crown will fall on his head.


In the third world, barring extraordinary circumstances, Feng Yu Chen had a higher chance of coming out on top with the items and benefits he earned from winning the game of survival in the two worlds. At least, new players won’t be a challenge for him.


Feng Yu Chen reckons the System won’t give him such an easy time. There are bound to be more trials ahead. Or the rules of the game can change. Either way, he can only guess but the answer will only reveal itself in the future.


“Shu, did you guys do it?”


Inori glomped Shu with a worried look.


“Nn, I returned after completing my mission. Don’t worry, with your prayers, I feel invincible. You’re the reason why I can keep fighting. Inori, you gave me everything in this world. For that, I will fight the world to protect you until the very end. Believe in me and don’t leave my side, got that?”


Feng Yu Chen hugged Inori’s lithe body tight.


He is very powerful right now but he’s not sure if he can beat the final boss, the Da’ath organization. He might be able to protect himself against the organization but what about Inori? They apparently have the ability to make holes in space. If they wanted to, they can abduct Inori.


Feng Yu Chen believes he can temporarily neutralize all opponents around him by taking away the void in the surrounding power. But, can his Void Extraction ability really absorb all the Void in the world? That’s the only way to end the end of the world, taking away all the Void in the world.


At the end of the original work, Ouma Shu took all the Apocalypse virus in the world into himself. That amount of dosage was enough to evaporate him but Inori gave her life to save Ouma Shu so Ouma survived.


To bring this world to an end, he must let Mana do her work, namely, spreading the Apocalypse virus to the whole world.


He is currently at the ninth stage of evolution for his Void. He can faintly feel the last stage of evolution dawning upon him, maybe that’s the zenith of Void’s power. Maybe, it’s the power he needs to save Inori. Bandit’s Hand, is this an ability arranged by the world through some weird twist of fate?


“Shu, are you okay?”


Inori looked at Shu (Feng Yu Chen) who was zoning out.


Feng Yu Chen returned to his senses.


He lifted Inori’s chin.


“Nothing much. I was thinking about life together with Inori after this whole thing ends. Taking you by the hand, joined together as husband and wife in a nuptial ceremony inside the church. I feel like there’s a brighter future waiting for us at the end of this. This is why we must fight so we can create a blue sky that belongs to us…”


Inori started imagining the scene where Feng Yu Chen slowly put on a wedding band on her finger at the height of the wedding ceremony. Then, they will consummate their marriage and bring the crystallization of their love into this world…


“It just seems too good to be true, Shu, I wonder what the future holds for us?”


Feng Yu Chen and Inori looked into each other’s eyes. He continued with a firm look.


“Believe me, I will make it happen. Don’t lose hope, I will force open a bright path for us all with my hands. Just promise me you won’t give up until then. I just can’t live without you. I will always be by your side. Promise me you will never let go of my hands, okay?”


“Nn, I believe in you. I will never let go, I want to live on and witness the radiant future ahead of us!”


Inori made up her mind.


At night, Feng Yu Chen was the chef and he served a delicious course with egg soup as the main focus of the dinner.


Soon a disturbance came in the form of a ripple in space. The envoy of Da’ath intruded upon them.


“What are you doing here?! Leave Inori out of this, I am the one you want!”


Feng Yu Chen said with a cold look.


“That’s not for you to decide. But, I must give it to you, your growth far surpassed our estimates. I have no confidence in a fight with you, that’s just how much you have grown. Too bad, you just won’t change with the time. What’s so bad about ruling the world as the king? Stand with me, I can revive Gai and make you the king, how about it? Not a bad offer, right?”


Da’ath teased him.


“I will never join you! Since you’re here, let’s fight! We are gonna have to duke it out at the end, let’s just do it now!”


Feng Yu Chen put down the egg soup and he materialized Inori’s Void Sword in his right arm and a silver-rimmed sunglass in his left hand.


“Ahaha, let me witness your power…”


Da’ath’s envoy lashed out at him without a warning. It was a blindingly fast right hook from a standing position.


Feng Yu Chen activated his Sharingan and the Envoy’s movement slowed down tremendously in his vision. Feng Yu Chen also attacked with his void sword…




Gasping at the angle of the slash, he retreated. That strike was aimed at an almost impeccable trajectory that would catch him should he continue. If that slash connected with his body, it wouldn’t end with just a bit of hurt.


“Why did you back away? Aren’t you going to show me your powers? Ahaha, come,  I don’t think I can taste your powers if you run away like that though?”


Feng Yu Chen rushed the Envoy. He has no reason to fear the Envoy, he only needs to watch out for that weird spatial distortion power.


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