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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 24: EMP : start of the apocalypse

“You. Everyone all at once now, he is only one person there’s no way he can beat us…”

“We can’t let someone this deranged stay here…”


“Yea, those who do not submit to authority must be driven out…”


When Feng Yu Chen smacked down white suit the surrounding bodyguards started leering holes into him.


He broke 2 of white suit’s ribs by putting strength into his leg.


White suit yelped as blood started streaming down the corner of his mouth.

“Yu Chen…”

Saeko stopped him from continuing with her hands.

“That’s enough, we won’t be staying here for long let’s not fight with them. If not for their sake at least do it to save Saya’s face…”


He kicked white suit out while threatening them.

“Scram fuckers, don’t let me see you again. Also, don’t give that eye, I hate that kind of hateful glare, don’t make me cut you up like I did the zombies!!”

“You little…”

The bodyguards could do nothing against him while being furious.

“Let’s go, forget about them, since it’s the mistress’s friend, this matter is not worth pursuing…”

White suit motioned for his man to back down before leaving with his hand on his trauma. He can’t deal with him at this point, he’s just too powerful and he’s not hesitant to show it. In that instant, the killing intention pouring out of him made white suit think  he’s going to die. This is just an if… what if Saeko didn’t stop him in time…

Seeing that the group of dudes left Saeko can’t help patting his shoulder.

“You seriously need to learn the time and place for doing stuff like that. If we really fought with them then it would be very troublesome…”

He smirked.

“Clashing? You think I’m someone who’s afraid of those chicken shits? Can’t you see that they were planning to drive us out in the first place? Our abilities are beyond their scope of control and thus we as a group are isolated from their managament. Oh this place is under management alright and we’re a big threat to them. This is a situation where 2 tigers can’t occupy the same mountain.”

“Hmm, you have a point there,it seems our days here are numbered. Living here in peace and harmony I almost forgot the fact that the word peace has been erased from this world at this time, there’s no safe haven, sooner or later this place will also…”

She nodded while musing.


At the same time, a bright glow appeared in the sky and a weird ripple started spreading…

Observing the sky he pursed his lips.

“It has begun, the apocalypse, EMP this place is fucked, about time we skedaddle. Let’s hurry up and regroup with takashi & co befor edeparting here…”


Surprised by this sudden detonation of EMP missile she wondered if this really is a portent of the end of days.

EMP : Electromagnetic pulses are caused by nuclear and non nuclear EMP weapon (microwave weapon). Nuclear explosions induced EMPs are known as NEMP, any surface nuclear explosions can cause EMPs, its energy is roughly equivalent to 1/1’000’000 of said weapon yield, the frequency may range from a few hundred hertz to a few mega hertz. NNEMP uses firepowder or chemical induced combustion to achieve energy blast, via using microwave machine to channel it as a microwave weapon one can fire at a peak value power a microwave burst output of a few watt, frequency at 1 Ghz ~ 300 Ghz. Any exposed or inadequately protected conductor (like exposed wires, printed circuit board) will experience a sudden voltage change of thousands of volt and result in an irreparable damage. (Tl: in other words, ermigahd no internet!!! NOOoooooo, motherboard-san, my For Academic Purposes materialzzz!!! Oh look my car died, wait handphone-chan!!! I will avenge you!!!)

Basically, almost all electronic device will be rendered useless, phones, pcs, televisions, vehicles etc. An extensive damage to all devices that has electric running through them. It’s a gigantic stick up the ass especially in an age where almost every vehicle are vulnerable to this attack…

Plus, now that the electric stations are down there’s no electricity, and since this estate relies a lot on electricity for safety and security purposes with electricity out…

Very soon, Feng Yu Chen found Takashi & co or rather, Takashi found them.

“Senpai, it’s the emp…”

“Yeah, this place is so screwed, you guys done with mobilization preparations? Of course if anyone wants to stay then they’re free to do so, only the brave can go along with me as my comrades…”

Saya pushed her glasses.

“What’s more is there to say? We are all done with the arrangements to leave. No, it would be more accurate to say we have made the resolve since long ago in Fujimi high school, isn’t that right?”

Takashi, Kohta, Rei, Shizuka nodded.

“Alice wants to go along as well…”

She raised her hands with all her might albeit looking strained in so doing.

“well then… let’s go….”


Souichiro and Yuriko came walking with white suit tagging behind them.

He raised his eyebrows.

“What’s the matter? Want to redeem your dignity? Fine I still have the time, I will gladly join you in any matter you wish to start…”

Yuriko smiled.

“Feng, we are not here to pick a fight, instead we are here to request something of you guys, we do apologize for our subordinate’s impertinence before…”

Souichiro nodded.

“Nn, I don’t know what exactly transpired but our subordinates were the first ones to be rude, I have already chastised them for their behaviour. We know all about the EMP already, can we entrust our daughter to your care?”

He curled his lips.

“Che, I only protect my lady, in addition your daughter has a lot of protectors looking after her, in fact Kohta has always been looking after her. Naturally I will extend a helping hand when the situation calls for it since protecting a comrade is a must.”

“No no, I didn’t do anything like that…”

Kohta is slightly flushed.

“Then she’s in your hands, she might act like a spoiled brat at times but she’s by nature a person that one can get along with, maa, I just hope you guys will treat her nicely…”

Souichiro guffawed as he slapped Kohta’s shoulder.

“Your humvee are still in repair but it should be operational, a modified vehicle like these usually have anti-Emp measures…”

“Alright then everything’s settled, pack your bags everyone we are heading out. These past 2 days had been carefree but don’t forget how to fight now!”


Everyone nodded.

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