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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 31: The light of hope of a new dawn

“Alright… I’m finished.. hurry up and put on your clothes…”

Feng Yu Chen wiped the sweat off his head while releasing a breath of relief. The fragrant bandaging is now done, it’s his first time doing something of that sort.

“Thank you….”

Nakaoka Asami blushed as she put on her clothes. Her heart sped up when she saw the tent being pitched up by him. Her face is so red one could almost see water dripping out.

“Okay, let’s leave and join up with Saeko’s group.”

She nodded before continuing with an apologetic manner.

“Sorry, I have taken up so much of your time…”

“Nn, it’s nothing. If I hadn’t saved you, I wouldn’t have knew about my blood having anti viral properties that can neutralize zombie virus. This news is very important for all of mankind.”

He jestingly said while shaking his head.

“Nn yeah, who would have thought. This is really amazing, now everyone can be saved…”

She said in an excited way.

“The ones inside the supermarket are doomed. If we go back now what we will see is those surrounded by zombies having already turned to zombies. Those that have turned can no longer be cured because they are no longer humans!”

Feng Yu Chen grabbed his Xuan Yang sword and walked outside.

Reluctant, she inherently understood what he said to be true. She grabbed the medic kit and followed after him in quick steps thinking that the box would be of help somewhere down the road.

Under the guidance of Asami, after they departed the resident area they made it to East police station (Tl: following wikia on this one). She’s a patrol woman so Asami is familiar with the various buildings around here. With her help, the burden on him has lightened a lot.

Saeko & co walked out at the same time they approached.


Takashi yelled out loud.

“I knew senpai would be fine, Asami’s here as well, that’s awesome. Anyway, we found a message left behind by Rei’s father. There is a search and rescue quad waiting at Shintoko Third Elementary School for survivors like us. J-alert which being suported by backup batteries are working and it is telling anyone in the vicinity to head there for aid, the time is the day after tomorrow!”

Feng Yu Chen grinned.

“Yeah? Well that’s wonderful. And guess what, you guys had a good news, we also have a good news to tell. I have found an antiserum to the zombie virus, in other words those people that are bitten don’t have to turn into zombies anymore!”


“Senpai? What are you going on about?”

“Is that true?”

“How come?”

They are surprised when they heard him saying there’s a solution to the zombie virus.

Asami elatedly nodded.

“It’s true, when i was escaping with him I got bit by a zombie accidentally but he didn’t kill me on the spot and in the rush of the moment the blood from a cut on his arm fell in my mouth and all negative sensation disappeared. Even now, an hour past the bite and I have yet to turn into one of them. My body is normal as it can get! What do you guys think is going on?

“So basically Feng Yu Chen’s blood has zombie virus antibodies!”

Takagi Saya pushed up the bridge of her eyeglasses.

“Given this, one could venture to say that humanity’s dawn light of hope has descended. If we don’t have to look out for zombie bites then there is nothing to fear during battle. In this manner, zombie extermination is only a matter of time and soon enough the vaccine for this could be spread throughout the whole world. That would mean…”

Shizuka did a check up on Asami and reported her findings.

“There are no abnormal reactions. Her temperature, heart rate, breathing and eye colour are all normal. If she really was bitten before then…”

Saeko examined the wrecked clothes at Asami’s shoulder.

‘This is definitely the sign of being bitten, this isn’t artificial in any way…”

“So in other words… we are saved, the whole world is saved!!”

Miyamoto Rei cheered but a little bit of disappointment remained in her heart. If they found this out beforehand they could have saved Hisashi, too bad they didn’t…

Zi Yue Ling’s eyes shined. The timing of when he found out about his antibodies are too closely timed. It seems he got the zombie ruler title before right? Quite possibly the immunity to zombie virus is granted by this title!

Everything has been revealed, she needn’t be afraid of anything anymore. Just follow him and there won’t be anything else to be wary of.

“Now that the hope of surviving this crisis is there, very soon the world will be redeemed. Oh yes, Rei, your father should be at the Third Elementary school, but where’s your mother?”

He stretched his back while saying so.

“Probably at home, let’s go to my house and search…”

“And you, Takashi?”

Feng Yu Chen turned to him.

“My mom’s at the school so we only have to go and rescue Rei’s mother.”

“Nn, let’s roll out. Time is of the essence, one minute we waste is one more minute she’s in danger.”

Feng Yu Chen declared.

“Mhmm, let’s go…”

With hope ignited within them, the group rode the humvee and headed for Rei’s home. There are no longer terrified because they do not fear the zombies any longer!

As they got closer to Rei’s residence, the doubt of whether or not her mother is still alive kept everyone on their toes…

“How can you people do this, you asked me to gather food and I gave the food to you guys and now you people won’t let me in, seriously…”

Still driving, Feng Yu Chen&co heard this angered voice coming from a woman.


Moved by this familiar sound, she looked outside the window at the woman in policewomen uniform. Who else but her mother?


She turned when she heard the sound of the engine and saw a very familiar figure on the humvee. She waved in excitement


Shizuka stopped the car and everyone got out from the humvee.

“Amazing, you’re still alive Rei. Takashi as well, looks like you’re a very reliable man, I hope you will be taking care of Rei from now on. Wow, that’s a lot of people. Are you all from Fujimi Academy? Has to be tough coming here…”

The woman and Rei hugged each other.

“Alright, leave the reminiscences for another time. The zombies will be here any moment now and it’s raining so let’s leave this area.”

Feng Yu Chen said while gazing up at the dark sky above.

“Hmm, and you are?”

Perplexed by his appearance she asked him, why can’t she recall seeing this friend before?

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