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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 34: To stay or to leave

After a night of rest, Feng Yu Chen & co set out for Third Elementary School.

Arriving at the school, they saw a lot of police standing guard and there are many surviviors within the school.

“Are you survivors as well?”

“Hey.. isn’t that Rei? Your father is here as well you know…”

“Haha, I’ll be damned, they drove a humvee to come here…”

The police standing guard waved at them and they also identified Rei.

“Hurry up and enter, it wasn’t easy coming here no doubt. Rei, go see your father now, he missed you so much. Yo, Kiriko, you’re still alive…”

A patrol walked over and urged them to enter.

A round faced cop with glasses walked over. When he saw Rei and Kiriko he elatedly ran over to hug them.

“This is great, I knew you girls would be alright. Yo, Takashi is here as well. Your mother is here as well, hahaha, it’s a big ol family reunion.”

Takashi nodded and joined them.

“Now this group’s objective of finding their relatives is done..”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“What now?”

Saeko asked him.

He shook his head and continued.

“Don’t know. Whatever comes next I guess, maybe join the JMSDF’s fleet and go towards Hokkaido, or maybe stay here. I don’t know what’s going on inside there but don’t you feel like that the climate has been abnormal?”

“climate?Are you talking about extratopical cyclones we learnt about in geographical climate (Tl: 地理气候) terms?”

Saeko seemed to have understood something.

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“We have learnt about this is geography class, extratopical cyclones are active weather system in the tropical mid latitude area. It’s also known as extratropical depressions or frontal cyclone. In contrast to tropical cyclones, it is a cold core system (Tl: in the troposphere), its appearance are always accompanied by weather fronts, its scale is usually greater than a tropical cyclone and can reach hundred if not thousands of kilometers.
(Tl: , and this for more information, take it with a pinch of salt because this is probably something the author half-assed-ly interpreted from wiki, recall the absurd thing about getting antibodies by putting it through the digestive system.)

The weather lately looks stable but if you were to closely you would find that there’s not much wind, no clouds, and sometimes even when the sun is shining the sea would be rumbling. This is probably the signs that the eye of the storm of extratropical cyclone forming, the extratopical cyclone probably also has something to do with the overcast we have. Soon, Tokyo will see a drastic change in weather.

The JMSDF is probably anchored at Yokosuka anchorage. Since it’s the tropical storm season, the helicopters probably couldn’t take off or land smoothly. I estimate that the rescue squad will only do one rescue op and take as many people as they can. Not sure about those left behind but there should still be many survivors inside Tokyo. The survivors here is probably the biggest group of them all since there are cops on guard here. But even so, it’s impossible to save everyone.”

Takagi Saya pushed up her glasses before continuing.

“Then it’s time to decide. If it’s based on our fighting abilities, the JSDF will probably give us preferential treatment and take us away first. Plus, senpai has a very important role to play as the saviour of this world. We have the right to choose to leave here. To put it bluntly, everyone can die but senpai cannot die.”

Zi yue ling hugged her own arms before saying,

“Maybe it’s better to stay here and continue fighting. The whole world is like this anyway it doesn’t matter where it is. Furthermore, when we go inside the army we will most likely be separated from each other. Excellent individuals like Yu Chen, Saeko and Hiirano will become prime cultivation targets. I don’t know about the other but Marikawa Shizuka’s medical skills could probably bring her some luck.”

“That’s why, it’s like the situation with Takagi’s family. We are faced with the same dilemma as before. Do we join a stronger military group or stay as we are a tight group. That is the question. If we merge into a bigger military group, our freedom will be restricted and we will have to take orders.

However if we were to stay like this, we will most likely face food shortage, operational tools, medicines and the like. The pro being we get to keep our current lifestyle. We also get to save as many people as we want.”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“I think I am gonna go with staying the way we are. The world has already become like this, and we have got this far as well. I chose this route back at my home and I won’t look back now.”

Saya said before turning over to Feng Yu Chen. She guessed that this is what he thought as well, he seemed like a guy that prefers a free live style.

“Then we stay.”

Zi Yue Ling said.

“Everyone has the same thought. Rather than handing our life over to someone else we might as well treasure it ourselves. We can exchange Yu Chen’s blood serum for food and ammos. We will fight our own battles and they will continue with the world rescuing efforts, developing and mass producing the vaccine and then distributing it all over the world.”

“This would be the best method. I don’t want to bow my head down to those big groups. Zi Yue Ling has a point, they can go about their own business and we will attend to our own little business. It would be a shame to disband our group. Besides, it doesn’t matter where we fight, the zombies will have to be eliminated don’t they? It doesn’t matter where we wipe them out!”

Feng Yu Chen said.

“I say we stay and fight!”

Asami voiced outher thoughts.

“I don’t want to keep living timidly. I have chosen to become stronger.”

“Aiya, teacher will stay here as well, the group can’t do without a doctor now can it.”

Shizuka said.

“I want to stay and fight as well.”

Hirano said.

“Alice wants to stay as well..”

Alice raised her hand as she said so. Though she doesn’t understand exactly what staying means, she feels that it would only be safe here. That’s right, only the place where Feng Yu Chen & co is would she feel safe being with.

“Then that would leave Takashi and Miyamoto wouldn’t it? Will they go with their parents and leave or stay and continue the fight?”

Saya pushed her glasses.

Feng Yu Chen nodded.

“Nn, no matter what, as long as everybody is safe. Remember what we said when we first established this group, we would survive along with those that is brave enough to keep living. It matters not what Takashi and the others choose as long as they are still living then that is all I need to know. At worst, it’s only a parting from here on out isn’t it?”

“Nn, but I think Takashi and Miyamoto might just stay. They have been fighting for so long and now that they have confirmed their relatives’ safety they can fight without reserve now!”

Saeko said.

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