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Unlimited Anime Works Chapter 47: Kuhouin Arisa

To say Feng Yu Chen pissed the teacher right the fuck off would be an understatement, the teacher almost collapsed from extreme anger.

“You… very well, Student Feng you are hereby free to walk out of the classroom, I don’t want you disturbing my class any more than this…”

The teacher told him while pointing at the door.

“Should have done this in the first place, we are civilized human beings so we should talk to each other like one, ya know?”

Feng Yu Chen adjusted his tie and snickered before promptly making his exit.


“Get the fuck out of my classroom! I don’t want to see you ever again! You best take a day off whenever my class is in session ya hear!”

The teacher snapped and he slammed the textbook on the table before roaring so hard his voice echoed in the classroom.

“Oh, lucky me. Ah, is your hand okay by the way?”

Feng Yu Chen stopped and jabbed at the teacher with the most annoying grin the teacher had ever seen. He then walked out again.

This feels so liberating, wait, do I actually have something against authority?

Feng Yu Chen rubbed his nose and left the classroom. Currently, he’s downstairs enjoying the sunlight of a nice day.

“You and your antics. This might be the other world but if you keep butting heads with the teachers, you’re not going to get very far in this school, you do realize that right?”

Busujima Saeko said.

Feng Yu Chen shook his head.

“By the way, what are you doing here?”

Saeko shrugged and replied.

“After you left, the teacher got so fed up with it all that he lost all the motivation to teach, he left us to study on our own so I sneaked out to check up on you.”

A blonde girl with a few boys as her entourage walked in Feng Yu Chen’s direction. She had an air of being dignified, not those of a well-trained personnel but that of one who had been born into such an environment. She had an aura that was like that of Takagi Saaya, albeit this girl won in terms of elegance and wisdom. Her blonde locks exuded an alluring charm.

Feng Yu Chen whispered in a barely audible tone.

“Oh fuck, it seems the teacher is getting me back, Saeko, you better head back. We will meet up again during lunch. I am going to mess with the student body president, Kuhouin Arisa, I believe, was the name?”

“Well, you do you, I will see you at lunch…”

Saeko nodded before she returned to the school building.

The blonde girl and her escorts arrived in front of him. She frowned and continued.

“You’re Feng Yu Chen-senpai yes? I heard you have been rowdy during lectures, butting heads with a teacher, as the student body president, I cannot stand idly by and ignore this. I think we should have a nice talk. It’s common to find a year 3 student facing high school final exams to be mentally disturbed but you make them look small in comparison!”

“Oh, it’s the student council president. Well, I’ve got time for a sweet exchange of words but not much time for anything else. Also, I will have you know that I didn’t walk out just like that, it’s the teacher who told me to go get some sun, and I tend to be very obedient…”

Feng Yu Chen brushed her off.

“You asshole, how dare you talk to the president like this…”

“We should give him some time to think, preferably in isolation, in a locked room…”

“This kind of individual shouldn’t be at Tennoz…”

“Just contact his parents and terminate his status here as a student…”


The boys behind Kuhouin wouldn’t shut up. The president is like an idol to them, a goddess in their perceptions. Feng Yu Chen’s harsh manner of talking irked them very much. Plus, there’s also the matter of fighting with a teacher…

“Feng-senpai, I think you should think about this carefully. You are at risk of being expelled after we make the report to the school’s board. Think about our role in this school to keep the student environment balanced and in order! I will not shirk this important duty!”

Kuhouin had pretty much deemed Feng Yu Chen as a bad apple at this point.

Feng Yu Chen shrugged and continued.

“Fine by me, I don’t want to stay caged here like a dumbass, see ya~”

And Feng Yu Chen walked towards the school exit. He had expected this to some extent. This temporary identity is disposable to him because he would soon replace it with Ouma Shu’s, by killing the guy. If he got rid of it now when it’s fresh in everybody’s mind, they probably won’t remember him down the road…

Feng Yu Chen isn’t doing this exclusively for shit and giggles. He’s going to use their negative thoughts about him as a way to sort of fade out into the background. The next time he appears, he won’t be Feng Yu Chen anymore, he is going to become Ouma Shu. He’s sure that by successfully pulling off such a subterfuge, no one is going to catch him, not even the other Players. They probably wouldn’t bet their furry ass that the protagonist of this anime is actually a Player.

At this stage, it’s something from a silver card in the lucky draw section of the shop. It costs a whooping 50YBB, to get this amount, one would have to kill 5000 zombies in the first anime they went to, excluding additional missions. According to the intel network he had built up in the first anime, he hadn’t heard of anyone else who possessed so much YBB.

The slight advantage he had at the beginning had been slowly molded into a bigger leverage over the other players. It’s a bit like finding a legendary weapon at the start of the game, completely leaving everyone else in the dust in terms of grinding and boss fights.


Feng Yu Chen walked his merry butt right out the gates as Kuhouin almost choked to death on her on anger. She lost all resemblance of elegance, her horrid expression spoke volumes about her experience of dealing with this kind of people. Never had she been so dealt with, everyone would let her lead them since when she was young. Out of nowhere, some guy snubbed her and suddenly her world’s not that simple anymore.

The president is angry and you just know her lackeys are not going to let their master be shamed like this.

A male student walked up to Feng Yu Chen and reached for his ankle before…



Fighting for such an extended period in [Highschool of the Dead] had instilled in him a situational awareness that allows him to detect whenever an enemy approaches him. He uttered a hmph and threw him over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes, onto the ground with a loud crash.


Feng Yu Chen had power behind those arms. His basic strength is 17, +50 from the zombie annihilator title and that makes his strength 67. An arm strength that can put out 335kg worth of force in any one arm. He’s basically a monster in human form.

The guy passed out with blood coming out of his mouth. Feng Yu Chen only slammed him with the bit of strength he could muster, if he were to exert more of it, this student would have been lucky to come out with only multiple fractures.

“You dickweed, let’s show him that he shouldn’t mess with us…”

The other male students rushed at him like cyka bylats to site B with timer down to the last 3 seconds. They didn’t know what a terrifying existence Feng Yu Chen can be.

Kuhouin seemed to be the only one who picked up the hint. She had seen her fair share of people in this whole wide world and among them, she had seen bodyguards before. His technique and execution were impeccable. He had seen the guy approaching without turning back and countered the guy with margins to spare. They were dealing with a mixed martial art expert.

“Wait, you guys…”

Kuhouin called out to them but she’s too late, the guys had already reached Feng Yu Chen.

“Tsk, barking assholes…”

Feng Yu Chen uttered a hmph and grabbed one of the male students by his arm before whipping the guy out towards his other friends.

“Oh shittt!”



In just a few moments, the male students found themselves laid out on the ground in various positions, their bodies in agonizing pain. The guy who had his arm grabbed by Feng Yu Chen suffered a dislocated joint. He is currently pale and panicking with sweat coming down his face.

“Just who are you?!”

Kuhouin frowned.

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