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Unlimited anime works chapter 79: Segai’s death

With his invisibility suit on, Feng Yu Chen made an art out of phasing pass the bullet storm that fell upon him.


With his phasing ability, only by engaging with him in close-quarter combat will one stand a chance of defeating him. That is easier said than done, there are none here who can defeat him in fistfights.


“Come, you can see me but what good is it doing for you? Hah, sit tight and wait for your death.”


Feng Yu Chen snorted as he cut down another mecha with his void sword.


Boom boom boom


He took down GHQ personnel and mechas until Segai was the only one left.


“Oh dear, it seems I have miscalculated. However, this isn’t such a bad end. Hahaha, to think Keido, Tsutsugami, and GHQ, are just existences you will eliminate in time. It matters little whether or not you’re Ouma Shu, I can see that you will surely become the lord of this world.”


Segai isn’t afraid of his own impending death.


Feng Yu Chen canceled his invisibility suit and he grinned at him.


“Well, you’re right for the most part. You’re a genius, that much is a given. However, you lacked the mindset of a protagonist and that’s why you’re only a side-character. Smart people have a tendency to die early, after all.”


Segai nodded.


“Haha, it does not matter. This world is heading towards its end, my death is just a small ripple when viewed from a larger perspective. I am content with dying while seeing how the world ends. After observing the birth of you, the king, I have already seen the world’s end. I have no regrets going out this way.”


“Is that so? Well, you’re interesting, to say the least. If you weren’t so intent on living and dying by your own will, I would have tried recruiting you. I am treating you as a threat and as such, you will die here. You’re a small threat but a threat nonetheless, do you have any last words?”


Feng Yu Chen placed his blade at Segai’s throat.


Segai asked.


“If I may be so bold, what’s your endgame?”


Feng Yu Chen


“Of course, it’s saving the world. A crystalline world has no meaning to me.”




Segai laughed out loud.


“I see, I see. Okay, I am good…”




Segai’s head fell to the floor.


Feng Yu Chen couldn’t guess what he meant. Maybe he’s ecstatic over knowing the truth. It could also be that he finds the whole thing funny, for a world that is ending to return to the starting state, after all the conflicts. Segai might also be laughing at this hypocrite who talked about saving the world. It’s also quite possible that Segai is honestly just satisfied with how his life ended.


Segai had the brains and the wits, he might even outsmart Gai. But, this man lacked the will of a protagonist so his fate was sealed.


Clap clap


From a dark corner nearby, “Gai” walked out.


Feng Yu Chen felt like this is going to be problematic. He’s probably seen the whole thing. What now? Kill or let the guy live?


“Shu, you’re looking very grave, are you thinking of killing me?”


Gai snickered.


“Or is that not your name? Are you even Ouma Shu?”


Feng Yu Chen raised his guard. If he’s exposed then Gai must die here.


“Tsk, did I get it right? I thought something was wrong. Yeah, Shu would never kill a classmate who snitched on him. He’s too soft and weak for that. He’s not someone who can kill without making a big fuss. Plus, your skills are way too good. Your ability to copy voids are also very weird, that doesn’t look normal to me.”


Gai approached him.


Clap clap clap


“You got me. I am not Ouma Shu, Now that you’ve exposed me, I hope you’re prepared for the consequences. I was going to let you live just a bit longer and you just had to seal your own death like this. Very well, I will grant you death. Seriously, why throw away the remaining days of your life, you’re being a serious pain to my plans right now. With my current power, there is almost no one who can stop me.”


“True, I’ve seen how strong you are. But, I rather die on my own terms than to be manipulated like a doll.”


Gai shrugged like he’s prepared to fight one last fight before dying.


Feng Yu Chen sneered.


“You don’t want to be manipulated? Okay, get ready to die then. I was wondering when I should dispose of you. You’re getting in the way of me taking Inori’s heart all for myself. Your death will allow a smooth sailing between Inori and me.”


Gai waved his hands.


“Let me see your true face before I die, that’s the least you can do right?”


Feng Yu Chen snickered in a cold manner.


“You, haha, drop the crap. You were convincing when you came out but you have shown too many blunders. Hmm, you’re an Infinity Player with shape-shifting abilities huh? Do you have any idea what happens to people who know about my secrets?”


“Oh my, I didn’t expect you to see through my act this easily. But, do you really think you can kill me so easily?”


Gai laughed out loud. His behavior also turned feminine.


Feng Yu Chen is disgusted with him.


“What’s your intention, grossing my to death by using Gai’s body and act like a woman?”


“Heh, Gai is the most popular male in Guilty Crown, for good reasons too, he’s handsome and cool…”


Gai pouted.


“What are you? If you want to piss in excitement over turning into your idol I suggest finding a toilet to go screw yourself. I am done with this tiring conversation, I am going to wipe the floor with you.”


Feng Yu Chen wanted to vomit, it’s like finding out someone threw a trap into his lap.


“Hehe, bring it, I am an Judo expert…”


Gai grinned and he tried to grab Feng Yu Chen.


An over-the-shoulders throwdown?


Feng Yu Chen recognized her attack pattern. Judo practitioners are very good at disabling and throwing their foes off their feet. If they are serious, they can maim their opponents by injuring their joints. It’s the only event in the Olympics where choking and joint-locks are permitted.


Judo stresses technique and finesses over strength when compared to Mixed Martial Art. It’s also very disorientating to be slammed into the ground if caution isn’t exercised.

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