BAHRO Chapter 1

Translator: Fallen
Editor: Ebisu

The annual double eleven (November 11th, the date looks like four “1”s so it is also known as Single’s day. Most stores in China will organize a sale and there will be a maddening online shopping spree) was here. This was a big holiday for Pei Bu Fan.
He was a man, a penniless man to be exact.
On top of that he was a shut-in who could only go digging around the internet in the hopes of finding some odd jobs, occasionally being a ghostwriter.
His daily life assets consisted of instant noodles, clothes, figurines, and even toilet paper, all bought through online shopping.
However, the double eleven not only brought him happiness, but at the same time, it also brought him pain.
To hell full storage! To hell lost my item!
He had finally managed to buy the Sesshōmaru figurine…
Yet it was now gone.
The express company’s attitude was quite good, they kept apologizing as he talked to them on the phone. The seller’s attitude was also quite good, not only did they promise a full refund, they also promised that no matter what he bought in the shop, they would definitely give him a discount…
Indeed, it is a refund, not a replacement.
This is due to the fact that the Sesshōmaru figurine was a limited edition, and hence was sold out.
He didn’t want anything, only the Sesshōmaru figurine!
His sorrow had overflowed and become a river.
Seeing that many people in the anime group were showing off their new babies, Pei uncharacteristically thought that he would love to slice all these people to death.
No one understood his pain!
However, in life, the way things develop are always the road twists and turns, and the dense willow tress and bright flowers are an enchanting sight in spring time.
(TN: The whole thing basically means that after going through pitfalls and suffering, life will take a turn for the better and good things will start happening.)
Pei Bu Fan who was nesting in his blankets fir three day suddenly received a call from the express company. They had an express mail for him!
Express mail!
The only thing he didn’t receive from the double eleven’s express mail was… the Sesshōmaru figurine!
It was only that the package he received appeared to be a little too big. Pei looked carefully at the name and address on the receipt – an uncommon occurrence for him, and it was all in order.
However, the delivery address was completely blank.
The company would dare to send this kind of express mail?
Raising his head, he realized that the delivery boy was long gone.
When he reached home, he picked up a knife, eager to open the package.
……Was there a ticking sound?
An illusion?
The next moment after he opened the package, all he could hear was the deafening sound of an explosion. The quiet alley erupted with noise.
That night, on the internet, the news ‘Otaku received a bomb through express delivery, died a tragic death at home’ occupied the first place on the internet with the most number of clicks.
Pei Bu Fan was pissed after he died……
He could be considered to have been living quietly, but dying in chaos.
The whole country was mourning and discussing about the credibility of express delivery mail security checks.
When Pei Bu Fan regained consciousness, he was within a mass expanse of darkness. Feeling muddleheaded, he thought for a long time before he could finally react. He was probably, at least it seemed like he was dead?
How did he die?
Who will explain it to him?
He could make no sound or hear a response.
Everything happened too fast. The last thing he could recall was opening the package?
Then a split second of heat gushing through his body.
After that… After that there was nothing, then he was here.
He did not know where he was, or what time it was.
Curling himself into a ball, he was surprised to realize he had a body! It seemed that right now he was a…… fetus?
It was just that… The position of the head and hand wasn’t quite right……
There was also a long thing between his legs.
…… Umbilical cord?
Fuck me! This is the first time seeing… Hey……
He couldn’t open his eyes!
Who was going to tell him what exactly was happening?
So frustrating.
He isn’t going to be here for a lifetime, right….

Ten months pregnant, but his body was already formed. Following this timing, it seemed that he would still have to lie here for another month.
Fortunately, he wasn’t Naga (In the tale of War of the Gods by …, Naga is the third son of a general, Li Jing. He was said to have stayed in the womb for three years. Naga was later killed by the Dragon God and was reincarnated using parts of lotuses for his body). Three years, he could actually stand it. Was that baby a recluse too? Other people cling onto their home, but he clung onto the womb.
Not knowing how much more time had passed, he felt his surroundings begin to rotate, in fact, it was a rather huge rotation.
Just who on earth was this mother who didn’t see things properly and actually did such a risky movement? What if he ends up being born premature!?
Who will take responsibility?
It’s a life!
He reached out with his hand and touched a hard edge.
Slowing stroking his surroundings, his finds out that his surroundings are all hard!
……. An egg, what the fuck!
No wonder he had the feeling that he wasn’t growing quite right. It was all because it turned out he wasn’t even a human!
He must have had done many horrible things to have Yama throw him down into the Animal Path.
(TN: Yama is the King of Hell in Chinese mythology. The Animal Path is one of the realms people can be reborn into after they die (Buddhism) Read more about it here.)
King Yama, you better come out for me! I want to talk with you!
(TN: He’s crying)
Almost as though he had been picked up, Pei Bu Fan felt his surroundings become even more and more turbulent. Due to a moment of carelessness, his head smashed against the shell in one of the directions.
He squinted, his claws frantically scrabbling around for somewhere to hold onto. Some time ago, he had heard the sound of something breaking. Great! It was time for him to break out of his shell! He was suffocating.
The place which he had hit against cracked open slightly, biting cold winds entering from the small gap. Little Pei Bu Fan followed the wind, poking out his claws, he extended his head outwards.
The wind became even stronger, causing Pei Bu Fan to shiver. From his half-opened eyes, a few tears emerged involuntarily. Slowly opening his gold, amber pupils, he saw a pair of cold beautiful eyes.
Pei Bu Fan, who had just emerged from his shell, found himself in the hands of a very handsome youth. When Pei Bu Fan looked the youth, he noticed the youth was looking at him with eyes filled with dislike and puzzlement.
…So, so handsome.
Pei Bu Fan opened his small mouth, emitting a soft humming noise as his mouth began dripping saliva.
The youth became even more disdainful. Using his other hand, he pinched the back of Pei Bu Fan’s neck and lifted him upwards. He then used his remaining hand to throw the egg shells away. “Return.” He said.
Pei Bu Fan looked at the direction the youth was bringing him towards. There, a bearded man stood at a stall selling eggs.
His whole person, no, his whole cattiness became bewildered.
It was not only because he suddenly realized is current situation, but mostly because when he saw the youth, his mind suddenly emitted a mechanical sound.
“Owner found, system activated, starting up…… 1%… 17%… 69%… 100%”
‘Owner, what owner?’ Pei Bu Fan opened his mouth to ask but all that came out were a few soft meows.
Pei Bu Fan, “……”
The system did not cheat him. The first task was issued right after the restart.
“Please follow your owner
Completion reward: EXP 1000, Gold 10, cute bell collar ¼
Failure punishment: death”

It was like a game, just that he had never seen such a terrible punishment for a game. Why on earth was he here?
“Do you want to turn on Beginner’s Helper?”
“Meow!” Of course I want to turn it on!
Zi Che who was currently in an argument with the peddler of the familiar egg was shocked as he was cut off. Looking down at what he originally thought was a listless chai cat, he noticed the cat baring its teeth at him. The cat did not look like it had a weak constitution like he had thought earlier.
“Look here sir. The eggs I have here are definitely all healthy, good eggs. Although your luck isn’t quite good, getting a low-leveled chai cat… this kitten is actually quite cute. Many female trainers like it, you can always give it to your beloved. After all, even though the level of this chai cat isn’t quite high, it is still quite rare. You don’t have to use it, having it as a pet is also fine.”
Zi Che frowned. He had not spent three thousand low quality spirit stones just to buy a kitten.
“Do you really not have anymore pure black eggs here?” asked relentlessly, repeating his question again.
“Really isn’t anymore, just that one!” The egg seller vowed.
Turning away, long white slender fingers stroked the chai cat’s black fur as Zi Che finally gave up.
After being born again, everything was different from his past. The egg that was supposed to hatch into a nether bird actually ended up giving him a stupid cat. It really was unexpected.
Could it be that he did not have this fate?
Zi Che laughed coldly; he does not believe in fate!

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