BAHRO – Chapter 12

It seemed that Pei Bu Fan was more afraid of the punishment of ‘hair loss’ than ‘killing.’ Therefore, presently the system was threatening Pei Bu Fan, hanging on the mouth was habitually ‘shaving’. Pei Bu Fan, who was angry, wanted to shave the system with a razor, if the pitted goods were hairy…


Pei Bu Fan molars. The man would enter the Sword Valley. This was what was written in the original book, what’s this sudden task?


I wonder if he was trying brushing the man’s affection now? Were you going let him pull the man to walk the magic?


Wait! The system allowed you to join the Tian Wu faction instead of the male owner…


Let him look at it once and knowing it wasn’t going to let the Chai Cat to the Tian Wu school?


Was it asking for the cultivator, or was it being kept as a pet?


Let them raised their husbands! At least this golden thigh was strong!


Ziche Duan Yuan, who has a golden thick thigh, pokes the stupid Pei Bu Fan, allow him to follow the sword Fairy Valley, was it so unacceptable?


Aware of the unpleasant look on the man’s face, Pei Bu Fan immediately jumped up, tail rolled up a brush and wrote: ‘Can I practice?’


Ziche Duan Yuan thought it was Pei Bu Fan because of his current status. Pei Bu Fan was also depressed, whoever turned from a person to a cat. If you can’t talk, can’t change. Of course, you would be depressed. But the chai cats go to the apprentices? That picture was too beautiful for him to imagine it.


“Tian Wu School is the only one of the seven willing sects to accept the demon, but.” Ziche Duan Yuan wants to stop talking, and eventually still tell the truth: “Zhen beasts can go naturally. But the requirement to enter the selection is to change into a human form, even if it is half-human.”

“The so-called half-human shape, referred to the human form on the basis of the characteristics of the animal shape, like horn, tails or scales, and so on.” No form wasn’t considered, not to mention you can’t talk. Couldn’t always allowed the other martial arts guests to come, bear sweeping the floor, cat delivered the tea, sat in the owner’s position was the fox. Is this a martial art? Or the zoo?


Sunny day, A heartwarming blow. Pei Bu Fan blood tank has been emptied. _(:зゝ∠)_


It seems that this time hair was really gone…


Do you have to be this abusive?!


It felt the task was slightly more difficult, the system opening: You can take the task reward in advance. 】


Task rewards? Pei Bu Fan glanced at the mission book and found out that the reward was a deformed card.


Deformed card: Could be turned into any creature and any appearance. Usage time is 24 hours. The usage time can be accumulated.


“What does it signify the usage time can be accumulated?”


【The first use was less than 24 hours to change back to the original shape. The next time to utilize superimposed from the time when the previous deformation stopped. The original form wasn’t always counted. 】


Good thing! The system finally had a little conscience!


【Friendly reminder: Pre-take away the task reward means that the task of getting this item must be completed! Otherwise…】


“Never mind! Anyway, if not accomplishing the task is also punishment! I want to replace the card! Hurry up and give it to me!”


System: You’re not listening to the instructions first… Don’t rely on me if you are dead. The card was inserted into the package of Pei Bu Fan, and the system then go ‘invisible’, didn’t want to see this thing second time.


Pei Bu Fan, who got the card, happily rolled in the male’s arms.


Ziche Duan Yuan: Clearly, it’s bad news to tell him. Why were you so happy? Or were you in a hurry?


Three days later, the elder brother of the most diligent You Ran men(?) sent a visit to the post. Then arrived as scheduled and came to the Ziche family in the name of drinking tea.


Xu Ran once again shook his head.


Pei Bu Fan whisker was twitching, and when he wrote it, he said that these two informal characters who acted loose are free to act. But now look at it, a few hundred people were still the elder and they already acted disrespectful ah! Especially that Xing Yuan, old urchin! Where’s Xian Qi’er? Did you eat it?


These two people were also considered to be the wonders of cultivation realm.


Xu Ran age was less than ten years old has already been built(?). It could be stated to be a unique genius in tens of thousands of years. At the age of 30 has become the elder of You Ran men. And now only 100 years in the realm has entered the stage of integration, soaring in front of the eyes of the others.

Although Xing Yuan real person was the same as the combination period, it’s already over 800 years old, and it’s completely unnecessary to call the vain ‘small kid. At the beginning, there was also a credit for entering the realm of cultivating. Although the two often swear, the relationship was still very good.


“Are you coming to receive an apprentice?” Xing Yuan looked at Xu Ran and asked: “Speaking of your kid, is there no apprentice yet?”


Xu Ran shake his head: “I came to the reception, but it’s not for me.”


“Nothing.” Xing Yuan hummed.


When the Ziche family saw the words of the two people, so they went to the front and said hello. They introduced the main people of their own family. Then initiated a feast and talked while eating. The dishes and fruit drinks at the banquet are all with aura, which was beneficial to those who cultivate.


“I heard the Ziche family had a very talented single child?” Xu Ran didn’t eat much, just sipping a glass of wine from time to time.


“Yes.” and Duan Yuan, who at the, was called out: “This is Ziche Duan Yuan, my nephew. Single water root.”


When Duan Yuan came out, everyone’s were on him; especially Xing, and the heart was. Brother don’t talk nonsense!


Ziche Duan Yuan smiled and bowed to the two elders, and he was a gentle and courteous child.


Ziche Liang Xing heart’s loose, but at the same time was puzzled to see the big change of Ziche Duan Yuan. The black cat who didn’t know when to follow him.


Xu Ran nodded. It is not the same as the rumor that Zhang Wei was in the same way, if you think about the other’s roots, you would be relieved. The intentional slander wasn’t without a smoke. It was even more excessive for the person who had slandered him to break him.


Xing Yuan and Xu Ran attitude were different, his eyes are shining. Looking at Ziche Duan Yuan, he glanced at the black cat Pei Bu Fan. At long last, his eyes were staring at the black cat until he was almost squinting.


Could it be possible to be discovered?!


The author has something to say:


Xing Yuan Zhenren(?): I look at the stars in the night, do not to go out today~


Xing Yuan Zhenren: Huang Li Zichai, today is not visible in daylight~


Xing Yuan Zhenren: There’s vision in the sky, but today isn’t dusty~


Xing Yuan Zhenren: Guijia sui…


Zhan Yan gege zhu: Brother~


Xing Yuan Zhenren: En?


Zhan Yan gege zhu: Your special house’s dead!

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