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BAHRO Chapter 2 (Part 1)

I’m exhausted so I’ll only be putting up a part…. I’m sorry for being really late… On the bright side, the rest of the chapter is nearly translated… So it should be up tomorrow… hopefully… And if you use NUF, can you support me by donating some nuffies here. I really want that 55k item… Anyway, here’s the chapter…

Translator: Fallen

Upon opening the help menu, Pei Bu Fan couldn’t help but feel rather unhappy.

All the help menu contained was the history of the world he was in along with his current tasks.

However, there was something that seemed extremely familiar.

Wasn’t this the Revenge after Rebirth Novel?

In the story, the male companion had someone who was to become his Dao-companion. However, the companion was complete scum, whenever he saw a female, he would kick the male lead aside, stealing the male lead’s property many times. Actually, the to be Dao-companion of him only favoured woman, but for the sake of sharing the male lead’s resources, he became the male lead’s Dao companion.

What was even worst was that the way the scummy companion searched for woman was extremely wonderful. With the male lead’s property in hand, he disdained the male lead, taking the opportunity to slander him. The companion had even spread rumours saying that the male lead had been with many men, all for the sake of harming the male lead.

He died really miserably!


Even though he was reborn, later managing to oppress all who harmed him.


In short, this was a very stereotypical story about taking revenge after rebirth, extremely exaggerated and filled with nonsense.


The problem was… this novel was written by him!


Moreover, he had been trolling!


He definitely couldn’t let the male lead find out!

The task which the system had given him was to finish the story, ensuring a happy ending.

It seemed that the reason he had transmigrated was because he had left this novel on a cliffhanger!

Actually, the number of words he cut off at were a lot, however, the cliffhanger was extremely serious, causing his readers to scream in frustration as it was about the revenge.

As to why he as a male would write that, it was obviously because his sexual orientation was the same as the male lead. He had no feelings towards females, but rather, whenever he saw a male’s body-

Keke, he had nothing more to say about this matter.

Sigh… This year, the readers were becoming even more brutal.


The readers actually sent a bomb to his home……


The figurine was probably more expensive than the bomb.


It seemed that the reader was really in love with my text, yet hated him, the author a lot.


Right now was being an author also a high-risk job?


Had he known earlier, he would definitely have switched jobs!

At home, not only could he farm words, he could also make beaded flowers!

Unfortunately he hadn’t found this out earlier.

At least the final reward was quite good, allowing him to make a single wish with no restrictions at all.


Naturally, his wish to return home, being a man again and not a black cat!

Pei Bu Fan was lying on the bed licking his claws when his body suddenly tensed up.

Really, the instincts of this animal was too good!


Burying his head in his paws, he was unable to see anyone.

Standing outside the door, ZiChe Duan Yuan noticed the small cat’s silly look. Unexpectedly, it was really meng.

It felt as though he was being stabbed inside, ZiChe Duan Yuan bent forward, picking up the cat and cradling it to his chest. The cat was really small, and soft.


When ZiChe Duan Yuan stroked Pei Bu Fan’s body, Pei Bu Fan couldn’t help but start to stiffen up. Then, realising that ZiChe Duan Yuan wasn’t doing anything to him, he slowly began to relax his body, trying to find a comfortable position to rest, his small tail swinging from side to side.


ZiChe Duan Yuan chuckled as he playfully chased Pei BU Fan’s tail, saying, “Since you’re accompanying me, in the future, you will be my cat. If you ever run away with another master……” His voice lowered, bringing with it a trace of danger, “I will skin you.”

Fuck! Since when had he written the male lead to be so brutal?

“As long as you do not betray me, I will raise you very well.” ZiChe Duan Yuan used his fingers to pinch Pei Bu Fan’s hind paw before flipping him over. Using another two fingers he stroked the area below Pei Bu Fan’s belly several times before nodding his head and saying, “Male.”


Pei Bu Fan was stunned witless. This… This… This rogue! Immediately, he quickly turned over, proceeding to flee from ZiChe Duan Yuan’s embrace. Shrinking in the farthest corner of the bed, he hid under the sheets trembling.


This little and he got scared? ZiChe Duan Yuan couldn’t help but feel rather suspicious.


Yet since he finally knew the gender of this little rascal, it was time he got around to naming him.


Looking at Pei Bu Fan’s shrunken, curled up form, ZiChe Duan Yuan spoke. “In that case, we’ll just call you Yuan.” The name was quite appropriate and rather pleasing to the ear. ZiChe Duan Yuan felt satisfied with himself. Just as he stretched out his hand, preparing to pull one of the cat’s hind paws, he heard the voice of one of the maidservants outside speak. “Young, young master Chong has arrived.”


ZiChe Duan Yuan’s face immediately changed, the trace of a smile on his face vanishing as he became livid. His chest heaved violently up and down, forcing down his words, he abruptly turned around and left.


It was then did Pei Bu Fan cautiously poke his head out from underneath the blankets. Seeing that that rogue owner of his had left, he exhaled in relief.


Earlier, he was not trembling because he was afraid, but rather, it was because he was excited and a bit shy.

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