BAHRO – Chapter 3

As a gay man, he fantasised about becoming the world’s best gong1; among the thousands of flower petals that surround him, not a single one stuck to his body2. Reaching the peak of his career and finding the perfect shou3 was his ultimate dream.


But for a NEET like him, it was something he could only think about.


Therefore, he poured all of his fantasies into text form, dedicated to the large amount of rotten women in the world.


Obscenity was not a crime!!


He was blown into his own text by a bomb, this situation was definitely not something he’d considered before.


How could he be so unlucky…


Really. An unlucky man. Pei BuFan turned around his kitten face and licked ZiChe DuanYuan’s face that showed a melancholic expression.


He was not attempting to eat tofu!4


ZiChe DuanYuan let out a low chuckle, he did not get a high level magical beast, but a small kitten wasn’t bad either. At least he was no longer lonely.


“It would be nice if you could speak,” ZiChe DuanYuan whispered, “then you could have a conversation with me.” After a tragic past life, he was still a person after death. And now that the kitten was carrying the label of ‘ZiChe DuanYuan’s companion’, he felt happy from the bottom of his heart.


Pei BuFan felt like weeping but shed no tears, this was also what he hoped for. Being unable to speak and only spit out a few cat sounds was also annoying for him.


“Today, that guy said he was going to the Secret Void Territory and find the Vermilion Fruit to prove his strength and his feelings for me.” ZiChe DuanYuan softly rubbed Pei BuFan’s ears and said quietly, “let’s secretly follow him, are you afraid?”


Pei BuFan shivered and instantly ran out of ZiChe Duan Yuan’s embrace. Am I afraid? How would I not be afraid? In the Secret Territory, ZiChe DuanYuan encountered a powerful BOSS and was barely hanging in there. In the end, he was saved by the Nether Bird and it was that life that allowed him to meet his first little shou.


What the f*ck! He almost forgot, isn’t he replacing the Nether Bird’s position right now!?


What to do, will the protagonist die?


[Task:Please follow the protagonist to the Secret Void Territory

Completion reward:1000 experience

10 Gold coins

1/4 Cute meow meow bell collar

Failure penalty: Obliteration]


He watched the kitten run away after he finished his words then suddenly run back as if accepting death. It desperately tugged on his sleeve yet showed a stupid expression that seemed to say ‘don’t abandon me, wherever you go i’ll follow’.


ZiChe DuanYuan: “……”


This chai cat had a somewhat strange personality.


Don’t tell me that this cat was not supposed to be born at this time, but was accidentally forced out by him? So that’s why the brain became a little useless.


Pei BuFan, whose IQ was just questioned by the protagonist lit a candle for himself. 5


If he could transport back, the first thing he would do was to fix the plot holes.


The most dangerous group of people to provoke in this world would be the readers and fans.


Next would be the women on that time of the month. (Was there anything wrong?)


A loud noise came from outside the door. Pei BuFan, who was lying on the bed, jumped up and his small body landed in the protagonist’s arms. ZiChe DuanYuan furrowed his eyebrows and carried the black kitten outside.


“What is it now?” His tone was impatient.


A gentle looking maid dressed in elegant colors came over and put a large fur coat over ZiChe DuanYuan. Cultivators were not afraid of the cold, but it was important to keep up appearances.


When the fiery red fox skin was worn on the body, no matter how vulgar a person was, they would instantly look noble. Even more so for the protagonist of a rebirth novel! His temperament was one in a thousand.


Without waiting for the maid to answer, a man rushed past the maid and stumbled in front of ZiChe DuanYuan. With a look of anxiety and wrong on his face: “DuYuan? What’s with you? Was it my confession that angered you? But… No matter how you look at me, my feelings for you are real!”


If it weren’t for the fact that Pei BuFan was the author, he would have also believed the words of the man in front of him. Even the maid standing at the side seemed to be moved.


ZiChe did not look at him and only said, “Talk again when you have the Vermilion Fruit.” His displeasure was hidden by his calm face.


In his past life, he also answered men like this, but his mentality now was different to that of the past.


Zhong YangQing happily smiled, “Yes! You must wait for me! I will become a qualified partner!” He quickly ran off.


The maid looked at ZiChe DuanYuan. If she had a lover like that, her life would be good enough.


ZiChe DuanYuan noticed the maid’s expression; his heart went cold.


In his past life, Zhong YangQing was supported by his family. All of them were envious that he had a great lover. But they didn’t know…


Past life! Past life!


Blood surged through ZiChe DuanYuan’s body and he noticed that his heart unstable. He hurried into the house and meditated.


He was already in the middle-stage, although it was far from reaching the Golden Core. However, Internal Demons might be formed during the Core Formation. Rebirth was his greatest fortune, he cannot afford to waste this life, not only did he want to ascend immortality, he was going to become a god! Zhong YanQing must not become a hindrance to him.


Find a chance and get rid of him!


It as a pity that he had a hypocritical kind cover and earned the trust of his family; he couldn’t boldly make a move against him. He himself was only reborn a few days ago, his rude character would be deeply rooted in their hearts.


He was not in a hurry, he was patient. Those who made in suffer in his past life were going to be repaid slowly.


Pei BuFan shrunk to the corner of the room, he shivered at the protagonist’s meditating figure. He didn’t know why the protagonist had a frightening air around him like a fierce wolf; he would be swallowed up if he was a little closer. Was this the instinct of a small animal’s body?


How scary. I want to go home qaq.


Day 2, Pei BuFan the black kitten was packed up by the protagonist and taken to the Lower Realm.


The so-called secret territories were caves left by predecessors, pocket dimensions or the uncanny workmanship of nature. There were often numerous cheats there: thousand years of medicinal herbs, ailments, refinement books and even rare magical beast eggs.


One could say that the most but least valuable were the magical beast eggs.


This was because there were many interspecies marriages between spirit beast and divine beasts that pure blooded magical beasts were almost non-existent. Furthermore, the size, shape and colour of the eggs were all different, which made it impossible to guess what magical beast would hatch out of it.


Buying a magical beast egg was like a gamble.


You could spend a fortune to buy a nice-looking egg that could belong to a high-level spirit beast, only to hatch a low-level spirit beast of no value. On the contrary, you could pick up a dilapidated egg and hatch a divine beast.


Just like a small chai cat such as Pei BuFan would only be able to act cute and play with girls.


The Nether Bird in the original story was an intelligent beast that could speak human language. It was also a dark attribute beast with high attack power.


The two were worlds apart.


Knowing the story wasn’t worth shit if he didn’t have any of the skills.


The protagonist is in danger, pet skills that can be selected are: Roll, Show belly, Make meowing sounds…




Why was he such a useless cat!


He could completely let go of his pride to become a bird and save the protagonist. There wasn’t much difference in being a black kitten anyways _(:3∠)_.


This was broken!


He recalled that in the original text, the Nether Bird died because of the protagonist. It gathered up it’s Qi and shot out a large dark flame. Pei BuFan tried to learned the skill for a long time and finally he shot out… bubbles…


The protagonist coldly took a handkerchief and wiped Pei BuFan’s kitten mouth with disdain.


Pei BuFan: … How was he supposed to complete this?? System come out!!


System: ……


  1. Chinese BL (boys love) term for dominant (top).
  2. Surrounded by beautiful women, but not in a relationship with any of them.
  3. Chinese BL term for submissive (bottom).
  4. Flirt, take advantage of someone sexually.
  5. Sulked, felt pity for himself.

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