BAHRO – Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Initially, Pei Bu Fan thought it was the giant eight headed boss spider that had appeared. He suddenly realized there was something off about where the cold air was coming from. In the original story,

“Zhong Yan Qing and the white masked man fought against each other intensely. Until a large dark figure emerged from the depths of the cave and broke them apart. The nearly hit Zhong Yan Qing…” The spider was meant to appear from inside the cave, but now the cold wind was clearly blowing from the outside.

Pei Bu Fan and Ziche Duan Yuan heightened their awareness and carefully listened for any movement outside.

The sound of tired and shaky footsteps came through.

Pei Bu Fan’s black hair stood up. What the f***! This was definitely Zhong Yan Qing! Ziche Duan Yuan naturally came to this conclusion too and his expression darkened. He swiftly left the treasure room through another route. He hid in the corner, secretly keeping an eye on the intruder’s movements.

The shameful looking Zhong Yan Qing stumbled in. His body covered in wounds. It merely took one look to know he had just been through a fierce battle.

He pushed opened the last set of doors, the corners of his mouth lifted, and he ultimately entered. Who knew that the moment he stepped in, a pile round white objects rolled out?If it weren’t for Zhong Yan Qing’s quick reflexes, he would have been buried under them.

In the darkness watching in shock was Pei Bu Fan. Those white, soft looking, pulsating things… Wasn’t this an egg?

Even the ‘task complete’ sound was completely ignored by Pei Bu Fa. The sole thing in his eyes comprised those white objects.

Within the pale translucent membrane of the eggs; he could barely make out the blurry silhouettes of baby spiders. Ah! Fuck! That eight-headed spider was a female and even gave birth to a bunch of babies. As the original author, why didn’t he know about this??

God must be toying with me! In the original it was one big one, now it’s a bunch of small ones…

Milky white mucus seeped out and slowly dripped down, Zhong Yan Qing tilted his head. Tens of thousands of gigantic spiders sat eerily on the ceiling above, staring down at him and Ziche Duan Yuan

The black cat silently included the latter part of his previous statement to the first half: It was one big one, plus a bunch of small ones.

The heavens wanted to eliminate me!

Even the sound of his breathing was kept down. For the first time he, Pei Bu Fan, carefully moved his claws.

Big Brother don’t look silly, run QAQ. If you remember correctly, this spider was the Golden Age! You will die!

After being smacked by Pei Bu Fan’s paws, Ziche Duan Yuan returned to his senses. Simultaneously, concealing his own relaxed attitude. After pulling out from the darkness, held the black cat and turned around. He didn’t care about what Zhong Yan Qing found. At this time; Zhong Yan Qing, who was scared, also returned to God. Only to turn around and perceived a familiar figure in front of him: “… Duan Yuan?”
How could he be over here? But now things couldn’t support him to think more. He could temporarily suppress the doubts in his heart and escape.

Pei Bu Fan shrank in the Ziche Duan Yuan’s arms. He looked down from the man’s shoulder, and looking at a small head, scared almost incontinence.

The eight-headed spider represented the owner’s cave pet. The so-called pet was unusual from the pet that ratified the contract. It wouldn’t die with the death of the owner, but would stay in the place before the main life gone for a long time; looked after the death of Dongfu. Over time, the spider managed that place as its nest. It’s actually invaded during its spawning period; it couldn’t be bigger!

Pei Bu Fan knew the joints when he thought about it. Lying in the through, if it’s delayed to wait for the little spiders to hatch; it’d be a disaster!

Ziche Duan Yuan stopped after not far away. Pei Bu Fan turned his kitten’s face. A scorpion at least three meters stopped on the way…

“…when I came.” Zhong Yan Qing muttered: “I inadvertently stepped on the trap when get out…”

…Ha! Ha!

Pei Bu Fan didn’t even remember there were so many things on the original. His Majesty’s own family and a group of little nephews who had been born unrushed to the two men with a meow. The sole thing to feel fortunate, the scorpion was just a foundation… The peak was lying? (WTH?)

Zhong Yan Qing in the early days of Zhuji; Ziche Duan Yuan was in the middle of the foundation. Plus a black scorpion that could be unsold, but also met a scorpion of the foundation and the eight spiders of the Golden Age.

Q: How is this copy going?

Pei Bu Fan A: Where’s the resurrection point?

There’s no other possibility except this group!

“System! You come out and explain it to the master! There’s no such thing in the script!” Pei Bu Fan’s roar became a miserable scream in the eyes of the two.

Was it going to end here today? Ziche Duan Yuan calmed his face. Even if he died, Zhong Yan Qing died in front of him. Thinking about it, I gathered water arrows in my hand and rushed straight to Zhong Yan Qing. Zhong Yan Qing was startled, not to mention why Ziche Duan Yuan will suddenly. (I don’t know why it suddenly stopped here, sorry.)

He did it, even if there was any misunderstanding; he shouldn’t do it this time. It’s just baffling.

It wasn’t only Zhong Yan Qing but also Pei Bu Fan. Frightened by Ziche Duan Yuan’s sudden action. He’s scared. He’s going crying, okay?

Brother, what are you doing? At this time, you couldn’t help but stare at the scum man. Was this true love? You want to die together? Pei Bu Fan can’t remember labeling his own label on the ‘Taste of Love!’! Brother, wake up!

Seeing I couldn’t endure the three renewed lives, I absolutely wanted to hang here. The system that has been pretending to be dumb has finally opened the gold mouth: 【Package】

“Hey!” Pei Bu Fan screamed. The silk that the spider had just spit out almost touched his tail! It’s corrosive, scared me to death meow!
Pei Bu Fan panicked and opened the package, originally a few pieces of satin were automatically combined into a blue bell collar. ‘Cute Meow Bell Collar’, the original attribute was a growth of +10. The finished product added hidden attributes, can lead to unique talents.

Was this that something he must wear?!

This hidden attribute was absolutely merely added to the system. Swear to it!

Put differently, was it necessary for him to be the Savior and save the man and the scum?
It’s terrible, he didn’t want to…

Zhong Yan Qing, surrounded by two gigantic spiders and scorpions, was already somewhat unstoppable. Now, there’s another Ziche Duan Yuan step by step. Zhong Yan Qing was even more angry with his heart. They all regarded him as how you slaughter ants when they want to kill. The corner of the eye aimed at the eight-headed spider.

Glared at Ziche Duan Yuan to avoid the gap between the giant scorpion. He knocked the foot to the bottom of the eight-headed spider. The spider was also scared. Stop, Zhong Yan Qing looked at the gap and turned to run. Ziche Duan Yuan and Pei Bu Fan were in the air. What makes people relieved was that the scorpion chased Zhong Yan Qing and ran. It seems that the hate value was all on the head of Zhong Yan Qing, completely forgetting Ziche Duan Yuan disappeared without a trace.

Therefore, both of them were due to Zhong Yan Qing. The angry Ziche Duan Yuan had equally given Zhong Yan Qing a note. He looked up at the eight-headed spider and was extremely furious, he coughed up a blood.

Pei Bu Fan looked silly at the brightly lit Ziche Duan Yuan, jumping out of the arms of Ziche Duan Yuan with a tragic feeling of no return.

Ziche Duan Yuan practically exhausted all of his strength in the melee. He couldn’t prevent the black scorpion from stepping away from him. He sneered, but the next second he stopped. Standing in the middle of Ziche Duan Yuan and the eight spiders, the black scorpion screamed in black hair and screamed at the eight spiders. It seemed to be provocative. The small head was high, and the neck was unknown when to wear it. The bell collar made a crackling sound, and the four cramped short legs were constantly trembled. Ziche Duan Yuan’s face gradually softened, with a warm smile on his lips.

Pei Bu Fan: He hates spiders the most… it’s, nevertheless, a zoom in! !

Looking back at Ziche Duan Yuan’s last look, Pei Bu Fan said sadly: “Big brother, you may have been here today. When you drag it, you will run as soon as possible. If you still remember you have passed the Golden Age, you will receive the corpse and the memorial. Remember not to place the chrysanthemums, put the pickled cucumbers on the line, but the general attack…” A burst of cat’s voice became a little choked.

System: … this second good!

Although I couldn’t understand what Pei Bu Fan was saying, Ziche Duan Yuan could equally distinguish his meaning from the face with a small nose. Was this to allow him escape?

Regardless of whether Ziche Duan Yuan comprehended it or not, Pei Bu Fan turned his head and rushed up. With the cat’s nature and the slightly weaker claw tip, he climbed up the spider’s long, thick black hair and went up there. A few heads of the head, and then clawed on the claws. This woman’s stunt of ‘one tearing clothes and two scratching people’ was now mastered! If it wasn’t without teeth, and the huge compound eyes look terrible, he would bite his teeth!

“Men, what are you doing? The Lord has sacrificed so much, why are you still stupidly standing there?” Seeing Ziche Duan Yuan staring at himself. Pei Bu Fan hated the iron and shouted at him, of course. Zhong Yan Qing knows to run, are you stupid than him? Although Pei Bu Fan’s claws weren’t so much damage to the big spider, anyone who finds his head and even something on his face would be uncomfortable. The spider was the same, but there was no hand, and he had to climb all over the place. He ultimately ran to the roof and wanted to shake Pei Bu Fan away.

Pei Bu Fan: Gosh, no… I must vomit every night…

Hanging in the air, the small claws that hooked the spider’s head slowly loosened as the spider swayed, and Pei Bu Fan eventually fell.

Without the pain of imagination, Pei Bu Fan opened his eyes and saw the smiling face of Ziche Duan Yuan. He was taken in the arms of Ziche Duan Yuan.

“How can I leave you?” Ziche Duan Yuan was in a good mood pinching the small paws of Pei Bu Fan.

“Hey?” Pei Bu Fan, who was fascinated by the handsome face, made a silly sound. After the call, I reacted and turned over and buried my face in the arms of Ziche Duan Yuan. So shameful!

System judgement: it’s futile.

【Special Skills】. The system reluctantly reminded.

Pei Bu Fan lift his face, and he almost forgot, but how do you use that?

System felt desperate for Pei Bu Fan IQ: 【Fire】

Pei Bu Fan’s eyes were bright. The fire was the unique skill of the lyrics in the text, and it’s also the nemesis of the eight spiders. Saved!

He got out of Ziche Duan Yuan’s arms and raised his head with a sigh of relief: “Smelly spider! Come down! Let’s fight again! Authorize you, kneel and call Grandpa!!”

System: …

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