BAHRO – Chapter 7

Reality was always crueler than he had imagined.


His imagination: Pei Bu Fan stepped on the deceased body of the eight-headed spider.

Looked towards Ziche Duan Yuan, who was looking up at him admiringly: “I’ll protect you; you have nothing to fear!”


In reality: Pei Bu Fan was thrown with a huge crash as the eight-headed spider climbed down. He then flew back to Ziche Duan Yuan’s side.


Pei Bu Fan’s point of view: You damn system. How could you do this to me again?


Ziche Duan Yuan grabbed the black cat as he evaded the attack from the spider. The black cat’s behavior just promptly made Ziche Duan Yuan a little breathless. Snapping out of his daze, Ziche Duan Yuan and the little black cat engaged in a game of chase with the eight-headed spider. He didn’t want to leave the little black cat behind and escape alone, since the black cat didn’t have the ability to escape anyways.


It really was hard to come by to a little brat that was stubborn to die; with this cat that was afraid of everything. But it made the reborn Ziche Duan Yuan’s ice-cold heart to experienced something for the first time.


From that moment on, they were to ‘wear the same clothes when they’re alive and buried together in the same grave.’ Although these words weren’t very suitable given the situation now, the meaning was still sent across, nonetheless.


*basically something like one for all and all for one


Pei Bu Fan still couldn’t advance an inch. If he was still barely capable to make, it would be back alive. He should just go ahead and carry out the contract.


Ziche Duan Yuan thought about it and discovered the situation to be quite funny. In this life and death situation, he was nevertheless fit to think about things like these. As well as the contract and that he had no hope in this useless cat.


He thought he probably went crazy at this point. But in his heart, he didn’t feel the least bit hesitant about it. There was even a faint expectation for it to happen.


Carrying out the contract with the little black cat means that they’re going to be intertwining their lives together. If he’s still alive, the little black cat shouldn’t be capable to secure itself in a tight spot. That would be great then.


After Ziche Duan Yuan’s decision for both human and the cat’s lives to be intertwined together after that desperate escape. Pei Bu Fan nestled into the protagonist’s chest, but of course this amazing feeling didn’t last long. qaq


From a certain system that couldn’t be seen: …this is annoying.


Pei Bu Fan: “What’s annoying? Why can’t I feel anything annoying at all?”


Coagulating from the belly button to the Guan Yuan point


“Speak human please!”


System: My words aren’t human enough for him?


Lower abdomen. Heat flow is detected from there.


“It seems like there’s no limit to your abilities.” Pei Bu Fan’s face then burst into a bright red color. Fortunately, he had black fur concealing his face, so it wasn’t that apparent. “Now’s not the time to consider things like these.” He didn’t know what to do; he was vulnerable to do anything. qaq


System: Just who was it that set a limit in the first place?! Aren’t you just cursing him?!


At this time, the very capable system bit back its anger: Three inches below your navel. Gather your breath there and cough it out!


Until the vernacular was out, if you don’t understand then there’s no chance of being saved. He’d rather go back now and have his salary cut. This was too tiring; this tired out his heart.


“You should have said this earlier.” Pei Bu Fan complained as he tried to do as the system said; to gather his breath and try to cough it out.


Suddenly, black flames appeared from the protagonist’s shoulder. The silk clothes that he wore were also burnt by a considerable piece, showing his honey skin underneath with slight traces of it being burnt.


What was that smell? The black cat took in a breath as he looked towards the male lead’s right shoulder and became stunned. No wonder there was a burnt smell, he accidentally cooked a bit of the protagonist’s right shoulder!


Ziche Duan Yuan turned his head; his black pupils stared straight at him. Pei Bu Fan shrunk back in guilt. He merely wanted to test it out if it was useful or not so that he can defend them in case the spider comes back.


But I really messed up this time! The male lead’s expression was so dark that it can be used as ink to write!


Pei Bu Fan let out a gentle meow but seeing the protagonist’s expression was still dark. He climbed and rested upon the protagonist’s shoulder.


The skin that was burnt now felt hard…


qaq. It’s my fault!


It’s great that during this time that spider came over. Pei Bu Fan next discovered a chance to slip out of the protagonist’s embrace. Gathered his breath, turned towards the spider and released a breath of black fire towards the direction of the spider. The spider couldn’t do anything but scream.


If it weren’t for the mucus and spider silk used by the spider to counter the attack, it would’ve died right away. However, the fire was different from any other ordinary flame. The flame burned the spider silk and mucus the spider used to defend itself. That attack itself was quite deadly towards the eight-headed spider.


An azoth stage spider was easily taken down by a breath of fire. This was what they called a one in a million chances.


In this world, only a few extremely rare beasts could breathe fire. For example, the nether bird or the god beasts, that’s why these spiders were high on demand in breeding. In the original book, Ziche Duan Yuan was able to gain an azoth stage ring from this incident. If he were to run into others during his journey here, then this incident would never have happened at all.


Ziche Duan Yuan’s view of Pei Bu Fan changed. Could it be this being wasn’t a Chai Cat? Could it be a god beast?


Pei Bu Fan went back towards the protagonist’s side and lifted his small head to look at Ziche Duan Yuan’s burnt shoulder. How could this be a god beast?


Ziche Duan Yuan, however, knew it was seeking forgiveness. In fact, he wasn’t infuriated about it in the first place. This kind of injury would be healed with some ointment; there was no need to bear a grudge about this matter at all.


However, in the eyes of Pei Bu Fan, it wasn’t so simple. He came from a very peaceful era where he needed to consider going to the hospital to get a tetanus shot if ever got a cut. This burnt shoulder can be qualified to be sending to the emergency ward, yet he still fed him every day and even thought about him when escaping…


He only felt more ashamed.


Seeing Pei Bu Fan’s expression, Ziche Duan Yuan began laughing and rubbed the black cat’s head: “I’m not furious.” Looking around at the burnt cave; “Let’s head out first.”


Pei Bu Fan was stunned.


After leaving the Dong Courtyard, he discovered a quiet place to tend to his wounds. Ziche Duan Yuan then grabbed the black cat and pressed it to the ground. He shifted the body over as he examined its claws and its tail, no matter how you look at it. It’s just an ordinary cat.


The beasts of this world were separated into tiers, spirit beasts, immortal beasts and god beasts. Only these three ranks were acknowledged among cultivators. Only those in the Lower and Middle Realms could take down spirit beasts.


Immortal beasts could only be found in the Upper Realm; only those immortals were capable of meeting and taming these beasts. If those in the Middle Realm had a certain relationship with the immortals. They could only see those beasts, or even in the rare occasion, they were to find the beasts abandoned in immortal courtyards. Besides that, there’s no other way to see or get those beasts. Even the spirit beasts wouldn’t run to this realm to lay its eggs.


For god beasts, Ziche Duan Yuan had only read some descriptions of them in an ancient book. But the books were very old so he doesn’t know to what extent that he could believe the contents.


However, the flesh of the spirit beasts was naturally delicious, but they could shapeshift. For god beasts, even the spirit beasts and the immortal beasts couldn’t compare to them.


Can he even make an exception towards the one right in front of him? If it was dumb, then it could merely be said that its fate but it’s obvious that this black cat could communicate.


Next, was the problem lying with its IQ? Thinking about it like this, it seemed like this was the only conclusion that makes sense.


Pei Bu Fan upon realizing his IQ was being questioned: “You asshole, this grandfather is still alive and kicking. If you’re finished, then let this grandfather go!”


Ziche Duan Yuan snapped towards Pei Bu Fan’s pitiful cry and let him go. Suddenly, he thought of something and asked: “Who are you?”


At this, Pei Bu Fan went stiff, and his mind went vacant. One look at its reaction and Ziche Duan Yuan knew this wasn’t an ordinary cat.


‘What should I do? System? Should I tell him?’ Pei Bu Fan unconsciously turned to the system for aid but what replied him was dead silence.


“What’s your name? Is it because you couldn’t speak?” Ziche Duan Yuan questioned:“Or is it because you don’t want to tell me?”


‘I also want to comprehend why I can’t talk!’


Poking Pei Bu Fan, Ziche Duan Yuan continued questioning: “If you can’t speak meow once, if you don’t want to speak meow twice.”


‘…’ Is there even any difference between the two choices at all? ‘System! Come out, what should I do?!’


The system finally came out: Frankly speaking, he estimated it.


Pei Bu Fan didn’t seem too shocked. Besides confessing, there was little choice for him. The protagonist made it clear to him. After rebirth, Ziche Duan Yuan had to be careful with his words and actions in fear he’d go back to the path he took in his previous life. He’s not an actor and can’t lie. He was seen through by the male lead and was afraid that he’d be pinched to death.


“If you’re done thinking about it, briefly say.” Ziche Duan Yuan narrowed his eyes.


Pei Bu Fan knew the protagonist’s patience was getting shorter and more limited, so he softly meowed once.


As a result it turns out that he can’t speak. Ziche Duan Yuan nodded his head before asking another question: “Next were you a practitioner before this or were you just an ordinary person?”

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