TTKWQ Chapter 17

On a certain day, several days after Kotori-san and the others’ lesson, I called Hiroto to the classroom in the old school building on break time. As usual, it seems like a lot of stress was piling up, so the complaints didn’t stop.

“I really want to quit being an idol already!”

“If I want to quit, I should quit!”

He went on and on complaining, throwing everything out, and saying how he wants to quit, but I think it’ll be good if he quits if he doesn’t like it. Hiroto’s still a child, so he doesn’t need to continue and endure.

“Eh? Is quitting okay?”

“Well, I think you can quit if you’re prepared to throw away everything. So, it’s impossible to stop being an idol and return to being a child actor.”


“Hiro is being looked after by your current office. Hiro’s also the heart of your group, so you influence them much more than people and money. Even if Hiro suddenly quits, you still can’t return to be a thing like a child actor.”

Hiroto’s current office is an industry giant in the area of male idols. A scene where he quits there and transfers to somewhere else, causes a disturbance, and then not being able to become an action child actor came to mind. If he quits, all the work that he piled up until now will be thrown aside, and he’ll have no choice but to return to being a normal person and quit the world of show business.

“Then, isn’t that the same as not quitting…?”

“It’s not like that. Always wanting to quit is completely different from only thinking of quitting. It’ll have become really unpleasant if you quit.”

“I… Still, I want to co-star together with Nana…”

Saying that, Hiroto bit his lip and hung his head down in shame. What the heck, I’ve already stopped looking after him, but Hiroto has basically no problems in acting skillfully. I don’t get his persistence.

“If so, don’t you have no choice other than to continue being an idol? Because, sooner or later, it’s possible for us to be able to co-star.”


“If you didn’t get what I said before, the chance of co-starring will be zero if Hiro quits being an idol. Besides, Hiro is a scholarship student, so, if you retire, you’ll be treated like an ordinary student and will have to pay school tuition. At worst, there’s a chance for you to have to transfer schools.”

He’s in a private school, but the Sakuranagi Academy’s tuition and donation fees are high. Hiroto makes money, so I don’t think he will transfer immediately, but the possibility is likely.

“I don’t want that…”

“Then, endure and continue being an idol. Occasionally, I’ll listen to your complaints, okay?”

Saying that, I patted his head.

…And, when I noticed it, Hiroto was becoming tall. Before, we were around the same height, but he’s already having a growth spurt. Going like this, sooner or later, he’ll be looking down at me, and I’ll be jealous.

“Ow! What are you doing!”

“Oh, sorry. Hiro’s growing, so it was a mistake.”

When I noticed it, I was doing an Iron Claw to him. A tall ikemen, and an elementary schooler with a high income. It makes me sick.

“Well, if we do not return soon third session will start.”

“Hey, what way are you taking back?”

“I will get down from the window, I won’t be able to make it back on time to third session otherwise.”

This is the third floor of the old school building. The cultural club has its club room on the first floor, so we were talking in a corner room on the third floor which was deserted except for us. It is written in the school regulations that one is not allowed to run in the hallway, but nowhere is it written that you cannot jump from a window. Besides, the window cannot be seen from the new school building, and there is no need to be worried about people from outside the school seeing me because there is a dense line of trees besides the building.

I jump down after checking there are no people about, land on the ground and walk towards the new school building. Let’s go back to the class room before Hiroto catches up.

Even so, it is good that it is a deserted classroom, one bad thing is that it is far away from the new school building. It is difficult to have a conversation within break time, it isn’t clean and is dusty, I wonder if I should do some cleaning during lunch break?

Part 2 (Now translated by Hentai Senpai)

“And so, I will clean during lunch break.”

“I will help.”

“I will also help!”

“No, no, that would be seriously bad, I will clean it by myself.”

Sayuri-chan, Ayano-chan and I are sitting down at desks in the classroom eating lunch. I told them I met with Daisuke last break. Both of them offered to help clean, but the school hires professional cleaners to clean the school building, such chores as cleaning are unrelated to children of the upper echelons of society so it would make me feel awkward to accept their help.

“It’s okay. I think it would be better to eat our bentos in a place that has no people… All of us can clean the old school building, besides don’t you think it would be nice to eat lunch there from now on?”

Sayuri-chan proposes in a quiet voice. Many students use the cafeteria, so even though the classroom is available for people to have lunch, few people take advantage of it. We always speak in quite voices to avoid being heard by others. Besides, when students come back from the cafeteria it is hard to hear each other conversing, and sometimes Ichinomiya-san’s group will gaze at us, making us feel uncomfortable.

It might be nice to eat in the deserted old school building. However…

“Have students that don’t have a proper reason to go to the old school building been prohibited from entering?”

Although it would be okay occasionally, I have a feeling that it would not be good if we always ate there.

“How about we create a new club and register a room in the old school building as our clubroom?”

“eh, you can do that?”

“I think we can, but…”

There is no SOS brigade, but can we really register a club so easily? (TN: That is a Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya reference I think.)

“Um, about that, I am actually a member of the book club, though there are no other members due to them graduating to middle school… But the club room still exists…”

“Is it in the old school building?”

“Yes! There were few people and it is a corner room on the second floor.”

“Okay, let’s head over there after we finish lunch.”

This is the first I have heard of Ayano-chan being in the book club. Well, she does look like a literature girl, I think that she would look nice with a book.

When we finished eating lunch, we headed to the old school building. On the way, we saw students on the first floor eating lunch from the Shogi and Go clubs. It seems that it is okay to eat at the old school building during lunch.

The main clubs seem to be concentrated on the first floor, with no one on the second floor. The book club was in an obscure corner of the second floor where there was poor sunlight.

“This is good! You do not have to worry about the surroundings when you eat lunch and it might be alright to play with Hiroto.”

“I used to eat lunch here with a senior until they graduated, but when it was only me, even though there was no one around I heard sounds. I heard a strange voice, causing me to be scared and as a result I have tried to avoid coming here…”

When I heard that, the atmosphere seemed to change and become haunted like. Because this is an old building it wouldn’t be strange for there to be one or two ghosts.

“Well, even if there are ghosts it doesn’t mean they are vengeful, so there is no need to worry, right?”

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“I listen to scary stories often, but you don’t hear about many people getting cursed and dying from ghosts.”

If you look more closely it is more ordinary than it appears. While I find it scary, there few psychic phenomena. That’s why there can’t be ghosts. However, I reincarnated and retained my memories and soul. So, it could be that there is a soul without a body.

“Well, maybe. Let’s clean-up for the time being.”

I scared myself from thinking about frightening things.

When we started cleaning up while signing, for some reason Ayano-chan was scared.

We cleaned up using division of labour. The second floor of the old school building seems to be outside of their cleaning area so, it was originally cleaned by club members, I heard this from Ayano-chan who is quite skilled in cleaning.

“Well then, I request that Sayuri-chan and I become club members. Ayano buchou!”

“Eh? I am Buchou?”

“Well, Ayano-chan is our senpai in book club, so please take care of us Buchou!”

*pachi pachi* Sayuri-chan and I applauded, Ayano-chan quickly felt embarrassed. I wonder if it is fine to report to the staff room later to tell them?

My smartphone vibrated after I put away the cleaning tools into the locker and went back to the classroom. As I examined it, “I am waiting in front of the main gate. When will you come out?” A message came from Shinosaki-san. Which reminds me, once I finished lunch I had to leave early because I was going to work. I forgot, my bad.

“I’m sorry, I have a job to go to, so I will return to the class room ahead of time and get home.”

I tell the two of them and jump off the window again. I run back to the classroom, before changing to a brisk walk and telling the teacher I was leaving in advance. I hurried to the front gate with my school bag. The car had stopped at the roundabout with Shinozaki-san standing frustrated in front of it.

“Sorry, I was late!”

“Your late, I want to scold you, but we do not have much time so hurry.”

I was glared at over her glasses and prompted to get in with her chin. Seems she will be giving me a sermon in the car…

Part 3

“Cure Cure♪ If you have a Miracle☆Musket, nothing is scary!”

I say cheerfully as I pose, I change pose over and over as the takes pile up, waiting for them to make a decision.

We are filming a commercial for a young girl’s toy.

I was dressed in a pink frilly costume and pose while waving a toy that resembles “Miracle☆Musket” which is the weapon of the MC in this year’s new anime.

The commercial photographing is abundant in sponsors, so it takes time to shoot. The guarantee is also higher than dramas and movies and there are strict time restraints, so it is all smiles. So, such a shameful public display is not a problem. To accumulate money, I will push through and wear a mini skirt magical girl cosplay.

Besides, I have done this since elementary school. This is my fourth time doing it, so I have become accustomed to it.

“Yes, it is okay. This is the end, thank you ~!”

Finally, we have finished taking all the cuts, it is already 6 o’clock in the evening. It took half a day to shoot a commercial that went for only tens of seconds.

I greeted the director and staff members, changed cloths in the waiting room, left the studio then I was driven to Shindou-sensei’s dojo by Shinosaki-san. I finished early today, so I only sweated lightly before going home.

When sitting in the front passenger seat I grabbed a novel from my bag and started to read it.

“Oh, have you yet to finish reading ‘To you in the future, goodbye”

“I am currently in the middle of the 7th volume.”

“There is a drama meeting scheduled for next week, so finish reading ahead of time.”

Shinosaki-san gave me the original of the drama, ‘To you in the future, goodbye’ that is going to appear next, but I am finding it rather difficult to find the time to read it. Since the book has yet to be released, I could not read it at school or where people could see it, so I read it before going to bed.

“But, the drama is only up to the 6th volume, the 7th is scheduled to be a movie and it isn’t going to be filmed anytime, soon right?”

“Yes, but the 7th volume is hot. You must absolutely read it.”

The plot is about romantic comedy about students facing obstacles to their future, so they must come together to best these obstacles to have a bright future. I play one of the three heroines whom are in love with the protagonist.

The last even is a Christmas drama, in the film the protagonist is to meet the parents that abandoned him ‘Wayside grass volume’. I was going to read it anyway, but Shinosaki-san still passionately recommended it.

However, I am struggling to understand the original work.

“Shinosaki-san ‘To you in the future, goodbye’ is a high school story, right?”

“That’s right, is there something wrong with that?”

“No there is not, it’s just that I am an elementary student would it not be unreasonable?”

“It has been changed to a middle school setting instead, so there is no problem.”


The hope of the protagonist is ‘To go to a good university’ I think. I feel that it is a large problem, but if Shinosaki-san says so, is it okay?”

“Well then that’s fine but the character I play ‘Kashiwagi Haruka’-chan, is a first-year high schooler with outstanding proportions can I really play someone like that well?”

Her large chest certainly left an impression. Even with the change in setting to middle school, you will not necessarily be able to change the reader’s image of the character.

However, I am a 10-year-old. While my development is not bad, I still have a childish figure. I will have outstanding proportions after 6 years. Take a look at my mother, she has had two children but still retains an outstanding figure. So, I should be fine…”

“… We will manage one way or another with your acting skills.”

“You’re being unreasonable.”

I will consult milk.

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